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Short:Add addrs to GetMail cfg in Thor (V1.5)
Author:roy at (Roy E Brown)
Requires:GetMail by Philip Stokes
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BounceSpam © 1997 Roy E Brown

GetMail is © 1996-97 Philip Stokes

This script will add the current message 'from address' to either the 'Kill
Addresses' or the 'Allowed Addresses' section of GetMail's configuration file.

The 'Kill' option is useful for automatically adding spammers to your kill list,
as any mail from these addresses is automatically bounced back to the sender
without being downloaded to your system.

The 'Allowed' option allows GetMail to receive EMail from the specified
addresses without asking the user for confirmation first. This option is
configurable within GetMail - you should read the GetMail documentation
carefully. You should manually delete the word 'any' from this section if you
add new addresses.

The script assumes that you have the following 3 lines at the end of your
existing 'Kill Addresses';

   <Blank Line>
   #  ===============================================================
   #  Allowed Addresses

... and these 2 lines at the end of the file:

   <Blank Line>
   # EOF

If you haven't touched these lines at all, then the script should work OK.

This script will work from within any conference in Thor.

Any suggestions or comments, please email me.


V1.5      Added the option of editing the email address before adding to the
(9.8.97)  configuration file. Thanks to Ian Deaville for reminding me to do it!

V1.4.1    Scripts now handles Conference names of more than one word. Oops!

V1.4      Scripts now checks if current msg has been deleted. If so, it exits
(16.5.97) gracefully.

V1.3.1    Missed a UULib: back in V1.2. Thanks again Chris Malin for letting me
(25.3.97) know.

V1.3      Removed the EMail conference only limitation. You can now add an
(18.3.97) address from any conference in Thor. Thanks to Paul Gooch for the

V1.2      Added a new variable, UULibPath, which is the full file pathname to
(23.2.97) SMTP.conf. This has changed because the assignment to UULIB: may not
	  be available when the user is reading mail off-line. Thanks to Chris
	  Malin for the suggestion.

V1.1      Added support for adding 'Allowed Addresses'

V1.0      Private release

			 GetMail version 2.1

GetMail is an ARexx SMTP Daemon for AmiTCP and Miami. It is called by
inetd whenever it receives an incoming call to port 25.

GetMail handles all of the dialogue between your machine and the server.
Incoming mail is passed to a temporary file in T: which is then passed
to rmail for local delivery. GetMail does not acknowledge receipt of the
mail item to the server until rmail has successfully delivered the mail
to the destination mailbox. Additionally, the temporary file will not be
deleted unless rmail reports a successful local delivery of the file. If
an error condition occurs, GetMail will send an appropriate response to
the server and shut down its connection.

All mail transactions are logged to a file. The filename is determined
by GetMail but the path to the logfile can be set in the config file
UULib:SMTP.conf. The default is T:

Basic rejection of unwanted mail is enabled and works on the sender's
address. There must be an entry in UULib:SMTP.conf for each person whose
mail you wish to reject, consisting of their email address or a string
to match against that address. For example, mail from fred at
would be killed by the entries:

      fred at

The first entry will only kill mail from fred at, whereas the
second will kill all mail sent from the machine and the
third will kill all mail from anyone on any machines in the domain

Mail from anyone included in that list is bounced back to them by the
server for the reason "Access denied" and never actually downloaded to
your machine.

Another new feature for version 2 is the ability to actively accept or
bounce any item of mail at the time of delivery, unless the mail item
matches an entry in the kill list (see above) or a list of allowed
addresses. This is a list similar in format to the kill list, which
allows you to define addresses or strings to match against addresses
from which mail will be automatically and silently accepted. You can
include in this list the addresses of mailing lists and people from whom
you regularly receive mail, and which you don't want to be asked whether
you wish to accept or bounce the mail every time an item is delivered.
Any mail from a sender not matched in either the kill list or allowed
list triggers a requester allowing you the option to either accept or
bounce the mail item without downloading it to your machine. As with the
user list, an entry "ALL" in the allowed address list will disable the
requester and cause all mail not matched to the kill list to be silently


GetMail V2.1 is available from

Any problems with GetMail, email Phil <phil at>


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