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Short:Mkisoft v2.0 - CD image builder for AmigaOS
Author:jcpearso at
Uploaded:louise at (LouiSe)
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Ported by LouiSe

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Notes for version 1.12

	Joliet support is now complete.  See the -J option.

	The file scanning code is much improved - mkisofs can use multiple
	sources of input files and merge them together to form the output
	image.  In addition, each source can be grafted at any point in the
	iso9660 image.

	The image writing code has been cleaned up to make it much easier
	to add custom extensions.

	The ADD_FILES feature has been removed as it didn't work well,
and it was hard to figure out.  The recent rearrangements in the
file scanning code would tend to solve these issues.

Notes for version 1.11

	There is a feature which can be optionally compiled into
mkisofs that allows you to merge arbitrary directory trees into the
image you are creating.  You need to compile with -DADD_FILES for my
changes to take effect.   Thanks to Ross Biro biro at

Notes for version 1.10b1

	Big news is that multi-session capability is very close to being
	done.  There is still a missing interface to cdwrite that is
	used to determine the next writable address and the sector number
	of the last existing session.  Until we get the interface to cdwrite
	done, this is a beta version.

	Bug involving DST fixed (dates are always calculated, since some
	files may be DST and other ones would not be).

	Unfortunately the notes on some of the small patches got lost.

Notes for version 1.06

	Jan-Piet Mens <jpm at> added support for the '-m' switch. This
	allows exclusion of shell-style globs from the CDROM.
	See manual mkisofs.8 for more information.

Notes for version 1.05

	Added support for '-r' switch.  This is very similar to -R for
Rock Ridge, but echos of the development environment are removed
(i.e. uid/gid set to 0, and permissions of the files are canonicalized).
Useful in applications where a distribution medium is being produced.

Notes for version 1.04

	No notes for 1.04.

Notes for version 1.03

	No notes for 1.03.

Notes for version 1.02.

	Minor bugfixes here and there.  Support for compiled in
defaults for many of the text fields in the volume header are now
present, and there is also support for a file ".mkisofsrc" that can
also read settings for these parameters.

	A short script "Configure" was added to allow us to set up special
compile options that depend upon the system that we are running on.
This should help stamp out the sphaghetti-isms that were starting to grow
up in various places in the code.

	You should get more meaningful error messages if you run out of

Notes for version 1.1.

	The big news is that SUSP CE entries are now generated for
extremely long filenames and symlink names.  This virtually guarantees
that there is no limit (OK, well, about 600Mb) for file name lengths.
I have tested this as well as I can, and it seems to work with linux.
This would only be used very rarely I suspect.

	Also, I believe that support for VMS is done.  You must be
careful, because only Stream-LF and FIxed length record files can be
recorded.  The rest are rejected with error messages.  Perhaps I am
being too severe here.

	There is a bugfix in the sorting of entries on the disc - we
need to stop comparing once we reach the ';' character.

	There are four new options -z -d -D -l -V.  Some of these tell
mkisofs to relax some of the iso9660 restrictions, and many systems
apparently do not really seem to mind.  Use these with caution.

	Some diagnostic programs to scan disc images are in the diag
directory.  These are not as portable as mkisofs, and may have some
bugs.  Still they are useful because they can check for bugs that I might
have introduced as I add new features.

Notes for version 1.0.

	In version 1.0, the date fields in the TF fields were fixed -
previously I was storing st_ctime as the file creation time instead of
the file attribute change time.  Thanks to Peter van der Veen for
pointing this out.  I have one slight concern with this change,
however.  The Young Minds software is definitely supplying 3 dates
(creation, modification and access), and I would strongly suspect that
they are incorrectly putting the file attribute change time in the
file creation slot.  I would be curious to see how the different RRIP
filesystems treat this.  Anyway, this is something to keep in the back
of your mind.

	The symlink handling was not quite correct in 0.99 - this is
now fixed.  Only some systems seemed to have been affected by this bug.

	A command line option is now present to allow you to
specifically exclude certain files from the distribution.

	The case where you do not have permissions to read a directory
is now handled better by mkisofs.  The directory that cannot be opened
is converted into a zero-length file, and processing continues normally.

	A few portability things have been fixed (hopefully).

Contents of dev/gg/mkisofs-2.0bin.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                17660   33484  52.7% -lh5- 6806 Jan  4  2003 mkisofs-2.0-bin/bin/devdump
[generic]                16685   31828  52.4% -lh5- a168 Jan  4  2003 mkisofs-2.0-bin/bin/isodebug
[generic]                19098   36148  52.8% -lh5- c14a Jan  4  2003 mkisofs-2.0-bin/bin/isodump
[generic]                36589  154872  23.6% -lh5- 895c Jan  4  2003 mkisofs-2.0-bin/bin/isoinfo
[generic]                19809   38200  51.9% -lh5- 2923 Jan  4  2003 mkisofs-2.0-bin/bin/isovfy
[generic]               186036  458132  40.6% -lh5- 4aef Jan  4  2003 mkisofs-2.0-bin/bin/mkisofs
[generic]                 2474    5464  45.3% -lh5- 3751 Nov 22  1999 mkisofs-2.0-bin/doc/mkisofs.readme
[generic]                  743    1334  55.7% -lh5- 41d6 Jun  9  1998 mkisofs-2.0-bin/man/man8/apple_driver.8
[generic]                 1736    4087  42.5% -lh5- fd5e Dec 24  2002 mkisofs-2.0-bin/man/man8/isoinfo.8
[generic]                   44      44 100.0% -lh0- fa78 Apr 30  2000 mkisofs-2.0-bin/man/man8/mkhybrid.8
[generic]                29618   84365  35.1% -lh5- 02c7 Dec 24  2002 mkisofs-2.0-bin/man/man8/mkisofs.8
[generic]                 2458    5382  45.7% -lh5- 922f Jan  4  2003 mkisofs-2.0-bin/mkisofs-2.0-bin.readme
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        12 files  332950  853340  39.0%            Jan  4  2003

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