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Short:A directory mirroring backup tool.
Author:Daniel Westerberg
Uploader:Daniel Westerberg (daniel onyxsoft se)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4
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This is a simple backup tool with a few useful features.
It simply copies files and links from one directory to another.
Of cource it only copies files that are different in some
way, like size or date etc. So the backup is incremental.

- Very easy to use GUI.
- Backup from one directory to another directory.
- Very fast and copies only what needs to be copied.
- Copies files and directories as they are, does not store in some custom backup
- Can be used from the boot shell without any libraries installed.
- Copy softlinks as softlinks by recreating the softlinks on the target.
- Copy softlinks by following the links and copy the files and directories.
- Ignore all links completly, including hardlinks.
- Specify sub-directories that should be excluded from the backup.
- Specify large individual files (over 512kB) that should be excluded from the
- Specify a maximum file size of files to be copied.
- Clean the backup from old, previously backed up files that have been removed
from the source.
- Can be paused or aborted.
- Can be executed from scripts including all features normally controlled
through the GUI.
- Can backup based only on the archive protection bit.
- Has a thorough verify byte-by-byte function.

 *** This program has been successfully tested on AmigaOS 4.1

* NEW * Returns a value depending on the success of operations.

* NEW * Added a requester when running verify without any log.

* FIX * Fixed wrong parameter to MakeLink() causing MakeLink errors on OS4.1.7

* FIX * Fixed logging to the stats window with/without "Don't clear stats

* FIX * Fixed logging of files that do not exist during verify.

* FIX * Fixed calculation of space required.

* FIX * Log file now records all processes that were run subsequentially, not
only the last process.

* FIX * Dived division by 0.

* FIX * Fixed WARN1 output when entering wrong parameters. Please report if you
see this!

1.90 (141022)
** Added a verify byte-by-byte function in the Misc menu.
   Useful to test if a backup is truly perfect, or if
   it has bit errors.

** Better and more accurate speed calculation that tries
   to only calculate the actual copy time.

** Added "Copy only newer" files as an option.

** Fixed some link recognition. It always found unresolvable
   links as different and recreated them, even if they were equal.

** Fixed not logging files in test mode.

** Human readable timestamps in the log and fixed printing
   of protection bits.

** Don't print data speed in cleaning mode. It is pointless.

** Don't clear the stats window when running more than one
   process in a row, like backup after cleaning.

1.80 (140606)
* Fixed crash when copying 2GB+ files.

* Added a menu item: "Target is FAT file system". Use this when
  backing up to a partition with FAT file system to prevent
  BackUp from copying existing files over and over. The reason
  is that FAT can only store even seconds (0,2,4,6,..) in the
  file timestamp so it will not match the Amiga file timestamp.

* Also added auto-detection of FAT file system when doing an
  incremental backup.

* Added a synchronize mode. When clicking Clean first you will be
  asked if it should automatically backup when finished. Saves
  you some time when synchronizing backups.

* BackUp will automatically skip the ".recycled" dir when present
  in the root of a SFS/2 or JXFS partition. No need to manually
  put it in the skiplist anymore.

* Fixed size calculation for big files (2-4GB). Files over 4GB
  will be correctly copied and calculated, except in test mode.
  The "N bytes extra space was needed" may be wrong with 4GB+ files.

* Made it possible to select files over 2GB for the skiplist.

* Fixed some menu text entries.

1.71 (110919)
* Added an average copying speed in kB or MB/s that will show after
  it is finished. Mostly interesting when you make the first complete
  backup since all time is considered, not just during actual copying.

1.70 (091103)
* Added file size limitation so that you can select that files over
  a given size should not be copied. The new option is in the Backup

* Added two options to prevent the setting of Amiga protection bits
  and Amiga file comments. Useful if you are backing up to a file
  system that cannot save these attributes, such as an USB memory
  or over Samba network.

* Restructured the menu a bit to be overviewable.

* Enabled multi-select to the skip file requester used when adding
  large files to be skipped.

* Fixed an exit failure if the CLI arguments were incorrect. Now
  BackUp should exit cleanly even if there was an error during
  startup, such as if incorrect CLI arguments were given.

* Fixed a bug with the file size filter in the ASL requester
  being left enabled some times when picking a log file name
  for example.

* Replaced the ever buggy AFC tasker class which was used for the backup
  sub process for custom code. People noticing an exit problem on OS4.1
  beta versions should be fine now.

* When creating a local relative softlink an additional slash was added
  to the path.

* Fix for reading softlinks on MorphOS which has a slightly different
  implementation of dos/ReadLink(). This problem could show itself
  when cleaning as BackUp thought everything was softlinks and cleaned
  away your entired backup everytime a clean was performed.

* Cleaning softlinks didn't work as they were incorrectly interpreted
  as directories.

* BackUp always set the archive bit on directories it had searched
  even if they already had the archive bit set when copying by the
  archive bit.

* If BackUp was interrupted using Ctrl-C when in shellmode and
  logging to a logfile was used, the file was not closed.

* If you did not have any config saved from the GUI, BackUp would not
  read the skipfile if you used BackUp from CLI with the SKIPFILE

* Changed the file date qualification to compare for whole seconds
  only, not ticks. This may help when backing up to USB sticks which
  don't use an Amiga file system and may return uneven ticks.

* Changed the log output in verbose/non verbose log mode. Now all files
  that were copied or deleted will always be displayed. No distinction
  between small and large files. In normal mode they will be displayed
  with complete path.
  In verbose mode, all directories BackUp enters will be logged and
  the files will not have a path but instead be displayed using an
  ASCII graphical tree. In verbose mode all changes to protection bits,
  file comments and file dates will also be logged.

* Changes in protection bits no longer qualifies for a backup of a file.
  Instead only the bits will be updated unless size or date also differs.

* BackUp didn't update file comments, date or protection bits on
  directories that was only searched, not created.

* A side effect of running BackUp from shell was that the task
  priority of the shell was raised by 1 for every run. This made
  BackUp behave strangely after a few runs when the priority got
  high enough.

* Better logging of various errors.

* Cleared up the paths switch for the skiplist to be more logical
  and informative.

* Now BackUp recreates real softlinks on the target instead of always
  copying the files and directories the files points to. Copy the link
  targets as real files and dirs is still available as an option though
  to make it possible to create link-less backups.

* Added an option to create emtpy directories for those directories
  that were put in the skiplist.

* BackUp is now able to replace an old file or softlink with a new
  directory when backing up a second time. In the same sense a
  file can be replaced by a softlink, and a softlink can be replaced
  by a file or directory.
  Even an (empty) directory can be replaced with a file or softlink
  without producing an error message.
  Replacing a non-empty directory with a file is not possible without
  performing a Clean operation first though.

* Clean is able to delete anything that is not exactly the same as
  on the source. For example if a backup contains a file, but
  the source now contains a link with the same name instead,
  the file will be deleted during a clean.

* Does not set the archive bit on directories that were copied unless
  "Backup by the archive bit" is selected.

* When picking large files and directories for the skiplist the file
  requester will keep opening automatically for selection of more
  files and directories to add to the skiplist until you are done
  and click Cancel in the file requester.

* Tried to reduce the graphics updates a bit by removing the
  printing of directory names when exiting directories.

* Now BackUp can follow and backup links, or ignore links completely.
  Note: Links will be copied as real files and directories!

* Added the argument SHELLMODE/S which will prevent the window
  from opening until the clean/backup has finished. If AUTOQUIT/S
  is used together with SHELLMODE the window will never open.

* Added FORCEDELETE/S and SKIPDELETE/S to prevent the requester
  from appearing during the clean process if any delete protected
  files are encountered.

* Corrected the bug which sometimes caused a Grim Reaper on
  startup when used on OS4.

- For a complete history, see the Guide.


Other programs by Deniil 715! can be found on OnyxSoft homepage at:

Feel free to mail me if you found bugs or have suggestions:

  daniel / onyxsoft se

NOTE: Please, NEVER publish this e-mail on a web page or similar
      unless spam-encrypted like above!

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[unknown]                40621  128528  31.6% -lh5- 8619 Nov 13 21:10 BackUp/BackUp
[unknown]                17099   52707  32.4% -lh5- 617d Nov 13 21:11 BackUp/
[unknown]                 2299    2924  78.6% -lh5- d255 May 27  2007 BackUp/
[unknown]                 1482    2311  64.1% -lh5- 10aa May 27  2007 BackUp/
[unknown]                 4228    9997  42.3% -lh5- 9f67 Nov 13 21:11 BackUp/BackUp.readme
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