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Short:Relics Of Deldroneye 2 FULL GAME
Author:lee at thegamecreators dot com (Lee Bamber)
Uploader:burnsflipper googlemail com (Rich Burke)
Requires:AGA, 2MB Chip RAM, hard disk
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
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Relics of Deldroneye was written in 1992 and sold through F1 Licenceware.
As F1 Licenceware is no more I have decided to release the three games
in the 'Relics of Deldroneye' series as Freeware on the Aminet.

Relics 1.5 was an intermediate story written in 1995, and Relics 2 was written
in 1996.

The game are provided in their original form, DMS files of the original master

Thanks to burns flipper of for compiling this release!

The games are traditional point'n'click graphic adventures, and were very
popular with the Amiga magazines.

If you enjoy these games, you may like to visit,
home of graphic adventure fans.

Enjoy the games!

Relics 1 (4 disks)
Relics 1.5: Return to Zantis (1 disk)
Relics 2: The Island of Debreen (5 disks)

The games will play on an A1200.

Lee Bamber
March 2005

Andy Kellet, owner of F1 Licenceware (, kindly made
the original master disks available for this game, so I have replaced the
previous Aminet version with this canonical edition.  The previous edition
had a few files missing which prevented the game from loading.

The game can only be run from a hard disk install, and also requires
2MB of free Chip RAM to play.  If you have less than 2MB of Chip RAM
when you start the game, it will quit after the intro sequence.

If you are running it from an Amiga emulator, simply use 4MB of Chip RAM.
If you are running it from a real A1200, boot with no startup-sequence,
 cd to the hard disk directory that you installed to, 
 and use the startup-sequence in the Relics II install directory to boot
 the game with 2MB of free Chip RAM.

Note also that if you are using MCP or another Workbench enhancer that
 changes the system fonts, you will need to diable this before you start
 the game otherwise the in-game fonts will appear incorrect.

May 2009

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