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Short:Shadow Warrior
Author:3D Realms, JonoF, port by Szilard Biro
Uploader:col lawrence gmail com (Szilard Biro)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
Kurz:Shadow Warrior
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Strap on your combat sandals...Lo Wang is coming to the Land of the Rising Sun
to turn out the lights. Experience total blood immersion. If you can't touch,
kill or drive something...then blow it away! Whether you're wielding shurikens,
an Uzi, or a freshly plundered Guardian've got your work cut out for
you. Enter the world's most interactive 3D environment...and cut yourself some

- 68060 processor with FPU
- Kickstart 3.0
- AGA chipset or RTG card
- 16 MB Fast RAM
- 50 MB disk space (+ more for the audio tracks)

Unsupported features:
- voxels
- multiplayer

Game data:
Visit this site for links to the Registered and Shareware versions:
The only file you need is SW.GRP, do not copy SW.CFG from the DOS version!
It's incompatible if JFSW, and will prevent you from properly saving your
Shadow Warrior Classic Complete on GOG includes two expansions for the game.
As these replace the original levels it's recommended to keep them in separate
drawers. For Wanton Destruction remove SW.GRP, and put WT.GRP into the drawer.
For Twin Dragon, keep SW.GRP and copy the contents of the "dragon" folder,
except SW.CFG.

Performance considerations:
FFS is quite slow at seeking in large files which can lead to pauses in-game
when new data has to be loaded from the GRP file. It can be improved by adding
more buffers, but it's recommended to run the game from a PFS or SFS volume.
The texture/sound cache is also sensitive to memory fragmentation, so if you
have 32 MB or less memory, it's best to start the game after a clean reboot.
To enable the framerate counter in-game press [T], type "swloc", then press

Vampire V2 users:
If the 060 executables don't work, please use the 040 executables.

The game defaults to stereo Paula DMA audio, but AHI is also supported for
sound card users.
To use AHI, after the first start open SW.CFG in a text editor, and in the
[Sound Setup] section set FXDevice = 8 and ReverseStereo = 1. The game will
use the Music Unit for sound playback, make sure it's properly configured in
the AHI prefs. To switch back to Paula, change both values back to 0.

The Shareware version of the game uses MIDI music which is not supported.
For the Registered version PCM WAV files are supported. I recommend 22 KHz
8-bit mono, which is a good balance between sound quality and size. The music
is streamed from memory, so it might not fit if you have less than 32 MB RAM.
Modern releases of the game come with the music tracks in Ogg Vorbis format,
which can be converted to WAV using various tools like FFmpeg, SoX or Audacity.
I have also uploaded a converted WAV music pack to my site:

Keyboard and mouse controls:
In the menu open Options / Input menu, and pick Apply Modern Defaults.
Warning: this will reset all of the customized controls.
To enable Mouse Aiming, press the [U] key in-game.

Controller or keyboard-only controls:
In the menu open Options / Input menu, and pick Apply Classic Defaults.
Warning: this will reset all of the customized controls.
The game supports 7-button CD32-compatible controllers.

The game asks the OS for the best Mode ID for a given resolution, but this
can lead to unexpected results if there are unused monitor drivers in
Devs:Monitors. I recommend putting these away into Storage:Monitors, but if
this is not possible, you can use these tooltypes to force specific modes:
- FORCEMODE: filters the available modes via the mode name. possible values:
- FORCEID: forces a specific mode, the value is a Mode ID in hexadecimal format

Windowed mode:
You can play the game in window on high color (15-bit) or better RTG screens.
The game will still render in 8-bit color, the higher color depth is required
to avoid the expensive color remapping necessary on paletted screens. This is
not a issue in fullscreen, as the game can freely change the palette of its
custom screen.
To release the mouse pointer bring up the in-game console. This is bound to
the Tilde [~] key by default. To override which public screen the window opens
on, you can set the "PUBSCREEN" tooltype.

Level editor:
The Shadow Warrior-specific version of Build Editor is also included, but it
requires a 640x480 screen, so it's best used with RTG cards.

Source code:

Special thanks:
- Shadow Warrior: 3D Realms
- Build Engine: Ken Silverman
- JFShadowWarrior, JFBuild, JFAudioLib, JFMACT: Jonathon Fowler
- 68030+ assembly: Dante/Oxyron
- 68060 optimizations: Cosmos
- 8-bit C2P routines: Kalms

- the 040 executables no longer use FPU emulation in the game code
- Caps Lock now only shifts alphabet characters
- synchronized the palette updates with screen updates

- initial release

Contents of game/shoot/jfsw.lha
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[unknown]                 3698   18202  20.3% -lh5- b0bf Jan  9 11:28 ShadowWarrior/NAMES.H
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[unknown]                 2480    3063  81.0% -lh5- bcd2 Apr 21 21:14 ShadowWarrior/
[unknown]                 1409    3087  45.6% -lh5- a1b3 Dec  3  2018 ShadowWarrior/buildlic.txt
[unknown]                 5612   14969  37.5% -lh5- c1e5 Aug 25  2019 ShadowWarrior/GPL.TXT
[unknown]                37383   62910  59.4% -lh5- 30e9 Jan 30 20:20 ShadowWarrior/readme.html
[unknown]                 2814    3595  78.3% -lh5- dd6e Apr 26 06:41 ShadowWarrior/
[unknown]                 2814    3595  78.3% -lh5- dd6e Apr 26 06:41 ShadowWarrior/
[unknown]                  389     576  67.5% -lh5- 07a8 Apr 26 08:11
[unknown]                  673     964  69.8% -lh5- 2ea9 May 27  2017 ShadowWarrior/
[unknown]               202343  382688  52.9% -lh5- 9bea May 21 05:39 ShadowWarrior/build.040
[unknown]               202535  381316  53.1% -lh5- f879 May 21 05:38 ShadowWarrior/build.060
[unknown]               625418 1270312  49.2% -lh5- c48d May 21 05:39 ShadowWarrior/sw.040
[unknown]               624479 1265748  49.3% -lh5- ff73 May 21 05:38 ShadowWarrior/sw.060
[unknown]                 2654    5166  51.4% -lh5- 1ed4 May 21 05:53 ShadowWarrior/jfsw.readme
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