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Short:GIF anim Banner that trashes PCs (and supports Amiga!)
Author:Chris Covell (ccovell at
Uploader:Chris Covell
Requires:Program that views GIF anims (Ibrowse, Voyager,etc)
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This is an animating GIF that trashes Windows.  It is very simple, direct, and
to-the-point:  Windows is the worst OS on the face of the planet, yet millions
of people continue to use it.

I created the animation entirely in Deluxe Paint 5, in 16 colours, at 350x50,
using a dynamically changing palette.  If anybody wants me to send them the
original ANIM file, then e-mail me.

I then converted the individual frames to GIFs, and used WhirlGIF© to make the
animating GIF.  Only problem was, the file was around 67k!  You see, there are
differences between the IFF ANIM format and GIF-animations.  WhirlGIF saves
the 50 frames as 50 individual GIF files packed together, whereas ANIMs save
the deltas -- or changes -- between frames, for a smaller file size.  It's a
good thing that WhirlGIF can also save the dynamically-changing palette for
each frame!  But 67k for a GIF anim is way too big!  Sooo...

I then used GifBuilder© on the Macintosh (Using SS) to make the GIF animation
smaller.  The program optimizes the GIF by saving the smallest rectangular
portion where the changes are from the previous frame.  This really cuts down
on the file size!  The stupid thing is that the GIF no longer has a dynamic
palette; it uses the palette from the first frame.  So that looked cruddy!  I
was forced to make the program re-map the frames to a 32-colour static palette
in order for it to look "better".

So, there it is.  The final GIF is 28254 bytes big, has the right timing, and
looks pretty good.  The intermediate GIF is 67571 bytes big, has the wrong
timing, but looks perfect.  I'm uploading this GIF to AmiNet in the hopes that
EVERYBODY will put it on EVERY web page that they possibly can!  It's not to
make me famous, or anything; I just want to spread the gospel about the power
and enjoyment that is Amiga, and spit on the torture that is Windows!

If people want me to make more of these banners, then all of you should e-mail
me and I'll try to think of some more to make/animate.  I hope you enjoy what
I have here.

Other things of mine which you should check out are:

pix/boot/Win95BURN.lha     ;My Windows'95 trasher.  Burn, baby burn!!!
pix/boot/Win95BURN.jpg     ;A JPEG version of that pic.
pix/boot/WinBURN24.lha     ;A 24-bit IFF version of that pic.
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And of course, my webpage at
It has lots of stuff that you might enjoy exploring.

See ya!

Contents of pix/anim/AmiBanner.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                28254   28254 100.0% -lh0- 52bb Aug  9  1997 AmiBanner.GIF
[generic]                  217     327  66.4% -lh5- 3d4a Aug  9  1997 AmiBanner.html
[generic]                 1520    2965  51.3% -lh5- badd Aug  9  1997 AmiBanner.readme
[generic]                67571   67571 100.0% -lh0- e9c0 Aug  2  1997 AmiBannerNoOp.GIF
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         4 files   97562   99117  98.4%            Aug 15  1997

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