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Short:ArcsPack-15 *LITE* version. Workbench/MUI System Enhancer!
Author:bjp at (Bowie J. Poag)
Uploader:bjp interaccess com (Bowie J Poag)
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Note: This version is actually a re-issue of the original ArcsPack-15,
      but with one of the features stripped. Part of ArcsPack-15
      inadvertently violated the Aminet's rules for copyrighted material
      (specifically, the usage of sampled audio from a CD)..So, this
      part of ArcsPack-15 has been removed, and the archive re-uploaded.

                                                Bowie J. Poag

   I. Introduction

  II. System Requirements

 III. Startup-Pix (Images for your Amiga to display while booting)

  IV. Preview-Pix (Images which give a brief overview of whats new!)

   V. Patterns (Tile patterns for Workbench, MUI & LightWave 3D users)

  VI. Palletes (A fine array of color sets to apply to these graphics)

VII. Other Stuff

I. Introduction

    Welcome to the wonderful wiggly-world of ArcsPack! ArcsPack represents a
incredibly wide array of ways which you, or anyone, can drastically improve
the look and appearance of their systems. With ArcsPack, anyone can give
their Workbench and/or MUI applications a makeover with a choice of nearly
7,000 possible combinations of hand-drawn tiles, patterns, and colors..
Also, dozens of beautiful startup screens for all Amiga models! ArcsPack
is for those who want their system to have a sleek, guilded, polished
appearance both inside and out. In addition to other system enhancement
packages like Magic Workbench and MUI, ArcsPack is a fast and easy way
to make your system absolutely shine.

    In this document, you'll learn about what it takes to make any Mac
or lowly PC user's chin drop straight through the floor by giving your
system an eye-popping facelift which will set it miles above other
platforms. You're lucky you have an Amiga! ArcsPack is only available for
the Amiga community's consumption only! ArcsPack is also freeware. Its
a gift from me to you. I charge no money for it, and will accept no money
for it. However, if on the other hand you have an opening in your company
for a brilliant and incredibly modest young artist, well then... ;)

    In any event, enjoy it. Its yours--So are the other 14 VOLUMES of
ArcsPack which are available worldwide via the Aminet. If you like it,
fab--Drop me a line in E-Mail, and I'll make sure you LOVE the next one.
My E-Mail address is listed at the bottom of this document. If you are
blind, stupid, horribly ignorant, or for some reason dissatisfied with the
level of quality contained in this package, please take the time to bite me.

II. System Requirements

    ArcsPack generally has no specific requirements--But for those without
    an Amiga, or a hard disk, or at least a 16 color Workbench, you won't
    get nearly the same amount out of this package as you could. A system
    I would reccomend would be:

    A) An A2000/3000 w/Graphics card (or preferably A1200/4000)

    B) Workbench 3.0 or greater (For those with 2.x..UPGRADE! Its worth it!)

    C) ~10MB free HD space to install this volume, or, about 50MB free space
       to install this, and all previous versions of ArcsPack

    D) ADPro, ImageFX, Brilliance or some image processing/paint program.

    E) MagicWB and/or MUI installed.

    Dont let my suggestion decieve you--You will still get a great deal
    out of ArcsPack with just an 8-color Workbench on an ECS machine. :)
    Infact, I dont even own an AGA machine, or a graphics card. My own
    system is a "lowly" A2500HD/030 :)

    Future versions of ArcsPack may require ~3-5MB free hard disk space
    in order to install.

III. Startup-Pix

    What are Startup-Pix? Startup-Pix are standard (usually high-res) .IFF
pictures which your Amiga displays while booting. Kinda like the "smile
screen" on newer Macs or the boring clouds you see on Windows '95..Startup
Pix are a good way to add a little color to normally dull, blank screens
while booting. There are specific screens for ALL Amiga models available
in previous versions of ArcsPack, as well as specific screens for all
common AmigaDOS versions. Instead of staring like an idiot at a blank
screen while your system boots, now you can have a glorious "AmigaDOS 3.1"
or "A2000HD/030/882" screen fade in from the darkness instead. :)

There are plenty of new utilities on the Aminet (like BootPic, StartScreen
and others) which perform the task of quietly displaying graphics during
boot-ups without disturbing other programs in your Amiga's startup-sequence.
Check them out! Most are written by skilled, reputable programmers who
know what they're doing. :)

Future version of ArcsPack will have the ability to "install" this feature
directly into the startup-sequence of your machine. For the time being,
this task must be performed by you, manually. I merely supply the graphics.
Simple show programs like Mostra or ViewTek can also fulfill this purpose..

In this paticular volume, special attention has been payed to those of us
who will be purchasing the new A4000 Towers from Amiga Tech! Special
A4000T/040 Startup-Pix are included for these guys. The other 10 images
are for everyone.

IV. Preview-Pix

    Too impatient to sift through the patterns to find the one you like?
Then this is the place for you--In this drawer you will find several
images to preview, to give you a rough idea of whats contained in this
archive. There's also an interesting Workbench snapshot provided by
a friend of mine who used just 2 of the nearly 2 DOZEN patterns available
in this volume for his Workbench display!

Just double-click on the icons, and MultiView will bring up a window on
your Workbench to show you.

Keep in mind, you can also tell MultiView to use its own screen when
bringing up the graphics you tell it to--Just go to its pull-down menu
and select "Use Seperate Screen" from the Window menu.

 V. Patterns!

    Patterns are what makes ArcsPack so popular--Everything from the trippy
and psychedelic to the sublime and corporate are available here. There
are patterns and tiles of every humanly imaginable style to be found
both in this volume, as well as the 14 volumes of ArcsPack which came before
this one. The Patterns are meant to give a variety of variations on a theme;
Usually, if you like one, you'll like almost all of them. I try not to
sqeeze too much out of one paticular style, so usually several are

    All of these patterns and tiles were painted by hand, by me. How did
I paint them? Well, if I told you, then I'd be out of a job. :) I take
a great deal of pleasure in painting these..Theyre fun to create and
polish off, and they look stunning in actual use. Whenever I paint,
I almost ALWAYS plugged into my stereo with my headphones on, either
listening to mods, or listening to my fabled collection of Human League,
Devo, and Kraftwerk CD's..which can often explain the bizzare filenames
these patterns and tiles have. :)

    Why are they all GREY, do you ask? No, I didn't forget to color them.
The reason why they're all grey, is because it would be pointless (not to
mention incredibly stupid) for me to include 20 DIFFERENT COPIES of the
same little tile or pattern, just with different colors. ArcsPack would
be gigantic if I did it this way. Instead, the raw graphics AND the Pallete
files are ALSO given to you separately, so that you can apply the color
of your choosing to the tiles & patterns which you like best. You can
apply the colors to the graphics with any paint program, or image processing
utility such as ADPro, ImageFX, PhotoGenics, PersonalPaint, etc. Consult
the manual for the package which you have for instructions on how to
apply a color pallete to these graphics. Don't worry, its easy. :)

Future versions of ArcsPack will automate this process. Stay tuned.

 VI. Palletes

A wide selection of possibilities for colorizing your favorite patterns
and tiles finds its home in this drawer. Inside the Palletes drawer,
are a whole bunch of IFF/ILBM Pallete files. These tiny little files
contain all the color register information for a picture. If you load
in one of my normally-grey patterns or tiles, and then tell the program
you're using to do this to load in the Pallete file, the colors will
instantly snap themselves into place, and the screen/tile/pattern will
come alive with vibrant color. Its more fun than a barrel of Sea-Monkeys! :)

Everything from Clockwork-Orange to Pink-Panther and Grapeity-Grape Purple
are included, in every shade, of every color of the rainbow sparing the
ugly ones.

Once you've applied the Pallete to the graphics, you can save the graphics
back out again, which will now have aquired the new color scheme.

Groovy, eh? :)

VII. Other Stuff

    Well, that about wraps it up--If you're having unforseen problems with
ArcsPack which you cant account for here in the documentation, drop me
a line at my email address below. Or, if you'de just like to drop me a
line and say what you'de like to see in future ArcsPacks, that would be
pretty cool too. In any event, ENJOY my work. Spread it around--make
people happy with it. If anybody charges you money for it, steal it.

                                                        Bowie J. Poag

E-Mail: bjp at

 My life,
 I'm a fool for you..
 You take no advice,
 You think evil doesn't exist
 Just because you deny it is true.

 You're lucky I care..
 For fools like you.

 You're lucky I'm there
 To stop people from doing
 The things that you know
 They are dying to do...

 You know, I am no stranger..
 I know rules are a bore..
 But just to keep you from danger,
 I am the Law.

 AP15-??? 12:16:95 03:32A

Contents of pix/icon/ArcsPack-15-Lt.lha
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[generic]                 4236    9607  44.1% -lh5- c237 Dec 18  1995 Arctangent's Notes
[generic]                 4806    7328  65.6% -lh5- 1edd Dec 18  1995 Arctangent's
[generic]                  745    1243  59.9% -lh5- 50cf Dec 18  1995 Palletes!.info
[generic]                  172     176  97.7% -lh5- ef4a Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Amber Haze-Pallete
[generic]                  172     176  97.7% -lh5- 8319 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Aquamarine-Pallete
[generic]                  172     176  97.7% -lh5- 8319 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Boo-Berry-Bloo-Pallete
[generic]                  171     176  97.2% -lh5- 7471 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Chocolate Gold-Pallete
[generic]                  166     176  94.3% -lh5- 35b7 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Chrome Money Green-Pallete
[generic]                  168     176  95.5% -lh5- b41d Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Clockwork Orange-Pallete
[generic]                  173     176  98.3% -lh5- 6854 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Corrected Cobalt Pallete
[generic]                  165     176  93.8% -lh5- 1340 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Electric Cinnamon-Pallete
[generic]                  167     176  94.9% -lh5- b354 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Electric-Lime-Pallete
[generic]                  171     176  97.2% -lh5- 8346 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Frostbite-Pallete
[generic]                  170     176  96.6% -lh5- dffb Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Grapity Grape Purple-Pallete
[generic]                  166     176  94.3% -lh5- ee4e Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Heavy Stain Blue-Pallete
[generic]                  170     176  96.6% -lh5- 5522 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Pink Panther-Pallete
[generic]                  171     176  97.2% -lh5- 03c9 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Raindrop-Pallete
[generic]                  169     176  96.0% -lh5- e736 Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Shiny Copper-Pallete
[generic]                  172     176  97.7% -lh5- 22ac Dec 12  1995 Palletes!/Soylent Green-Pallete
[generic]                  733    1233  59.4% -lh5- becc Dec 18  1995 Patterns!.info
[generic]                 5811    6840  85.0% -lh5- 59ff Dec  6  1995 Patterns!/4-3-1-2-4-3-1-2-4
[generic]                27090   33048  82.0% -lh5- fbfa Dec  6  1995 Patterns!/Buddha's Waiting
[generic]                61095   69776  87.6% -lh5- c0c3 Dec  5  1995 Patterns!/Bulkhead
[generic]                56086   61518  91.2% -lh5- c772 Dec  2  1995 Patterns!/Close Encounters
[generic]                29704   35692  83.2% -lh5- aa0c Nov 30  1995 Patterns!/Electric Man
[generic]                40320   46648  86.4% -lh5- b19b Dec  5  1995 Patterns!/Fade To Bars
[generic]                59682   67814  88.0% -lh5- 7fc8 Dec  5  1995 Patterns!/False Mars
[generic]                38600   51738  74.6% -lh5- 0c27 Dec  2  1995 Patterns!/I Understaayaaundd
[generic]                41172   46986  87.6% -lh5- cd5b Dec  5  1995 Patterns!/I'm Exiting!
[generic]                52512   55962  93.8% -lh5- 87be Dec  6  1995 Patterns!/In-Out! In-Out-In
[generic]                13827   14470  95.6% -lh5- cac3 Dec  6  1995 Patterns!/Maddening, isnt it.
[generic]                57995   72862  79.6% -lh5- b8b4 Nov 30  1995 Patterns!/Mechanical Way
[generic]                16972   18374  92.4% -lh5- c3bd Dec  6  1995 Patterns!/No Room
[generic]                28029   30440  92.1% -lh5- e785 Dec  2  1995 Patterns!/P-Model
[generic]                53885   64510  83.5% -lh5- 87f2 Dec  6  1995 Patterns!/Sericulture
[generic]                34018   38674  88.0% -lh5- 4bbb Nov 30  1995 Patterns!/Silver Apples
[generic]                 7963    9760  81.6% -lh5- df6b Nov 30  1995 Patterns!/Stop-Go!
[generic]                31733   37516  84.6% -lh5- c8d3 Dec  6  1995 Patterns!/The Face On Your Wall
[generic]                19375   23576  82.2% -lh5- 7470 Dec  6  1995 Patterns!/Veeeeeesta Veeeeeeesta
[generic]                52717   60858  86.6% -lh5- 13a3 Dec  2  1995 Patterns!/Vitaaaamiiiins!
[generic]                  654    1524  42.9% -lh5- 7942 Dec 18  1995 Preview-Pix!.info
[generic]               113122  128466  88.1% -lh5- 3724 Dec 16  1995 Preview-Pix!/Preview-1
[generic]                 1024    1371  74.7% -lh5- 7b9b Dec 16  1995 Preview-Pix!/
[generic]               109823  132328  83.0% -lh5- dfac Dec 16  1995 Preview-Pix!/Preview-2
[generic]                 1024    1371  74.7% -lh5- 1a50 Dec 16  1995 Preview-Pix!/
[generic]               118086  179218  65.9% -lh5- 4a9c Dec 12  1995 Preview-Pix!/Yappo's WB!
[generic]                 1017    1360  74.8% -lh5- b5fc Dec 16  1995 Preview-Pix!/Yappo's WB!.info
[generic]                  772    1233  62.6% -lh5- 3ed9 Dec 18  1995 Startup-Pix!.info
[generic]                48508   69066  70.2% -lh5- 254f Dec 16  1995 Startup-Pix!/A4000T-040-2.IFF
[generic]                97652  129028  75.7% -lh5- cbab Dec 12  1995 Startup-Pix!/A4000T-040.IFF
[generic]               129775  144912  89.6% -lh5- e88a Dec  2  1995 Startup-Pix!/AmigaDOS-1.IFF
[generic]               125792  140362  89.6% -lh5- da58 Dec  6  1995 Startup-Pix!/AmigaDOS-2.IFF
[generic]               122424  141328  86.6% -lh5- 0e7f Dec  5  1995 Startup-Pix!/AmigaDOS-3.IFF
[generic]                32477   37214  87.3% -lh5- f5f9 Dec  5  1995 Startup-Pix!/AmigaDOS-4.IFF
[generic]               116279  131446  88.5% -lh5- 7210 Dec  6  1995 Startup-Pix!/AmigaDOS-5.IFF
[generic]                 6982   14748  47.3% -lh5- c5f7 Dec  6  1995 Startup-Pix!/AmigaDOS-6.IFF
[generic]               144125  149862  96.2% -lh5- 6f78 Dec  6  1995 Startup-Pix!/AmigaDOS-7.IFF
[generic]                43917   54426  80.7% -lh5- f6b1 Dec 16  1995 Startup-Pix!/AmigaDOS-8.IFF
[generic]                  780    1188  65.7% -lh5- 85cb Dec 18  1995 Arctangent's Pack
[generic]                 4389    9538  46.0% -lh5- 5fad Dec 18  1995 ArcsPack-15-LITE.readme
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