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Short:Bielefeld Pix and (german) Text as printed in AS 11/92
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Hi, and welcome!

This package includes some scanned pictures from the Amiga Party V.92 in
Bielefeld, as well as the accompaning text that was printed in AS 11/92.
The text is only in german, as I don't see a great demand for a translated
version - and then I'm lazy, too.

First of all, I'll have to excuse myself for the quality of the pictures: I
had only a cheappocket camera available at the time, which had some
problems with the bad light available. Consequently, most of my pictures
suffer from the tunnel effect, where the center of the picture turns out
allright, while the borders fade to dark. Blame me for forgetting to buy
the proper 400 ASA films!

The images were scanned on a MacIntosh with Photolab, and as I only had PC
disks to transfer the images, they had to be converted to 256 colors. I
would have loved to save them a JPEG, but the best image manipulation
system for the Mac doesn't offer that! Since the *.gifs weren't that
amazing, I took the liberty to convert them to viewable Amiga IFF graphics
of acceptable size. Hope you can still make out your respective faces.

My sincerest thanks must go to Ill, who organized this event much better
than we in Baden-Baden have ever done. It was a great experience for me,
and it was good to meet all you nice people!

Ill: I've seen Crest in Bielefeld - as if he was easy to overlook! We
didn't get to talk, though. As you can see, I've survived it. Anyways, I've
already a VGA card on the PC side of my Amiga 2000, so why do I need a 
Domino anyways }:)

I've sent assorted pictures form the party to stargazer - maybe the
astronomer's advanced imaging technology can salvage some of them. Also, I
don't have a scanner at hand right now, so harass her if you want
better/other pictures. However, I'm willing to provide prints from the 
pictures I took. Contact me via email, so that we can see how we can work
this out. 
This excludes the Nessy shot - get your own, if you're able to ;-)

Have fun!

Thomas "Hi y'all!" Baetzler - BAETZLER at IRAV17.IRA.UKA.DE - thb at irc.amiga


* AmigaLady.iff 

  A daring shot of a fabled beast: Nessy herself. She's explaining DisKey
  to a stunned crowd, including Rob.

* Bielefeld.iff

  A shot of the crow watching the MUP contest, taken from the small
  handthrough to the kitchen. Center stage is Ill, acting as presentator.
  The original picture shows mlelstv and stargazer flanking the machine, as
  well as more spectators to the left and right. Due to the above mentioned
  lighting problems, they had to be cut off. (Pun: mlelstv turned out too
  bright ;-)

* KA_Crew.iff

  The "Best Sysop of All", Gio, shown together with Top and Milano in front
  of Top's "Amiga Classic". To tell truth, they're only half of the KA
  crew: One mustn't forget ZZA, Nessy and Jameson!

* Morph.iff

  The spectators of the famous Ill <-> Medusa Morph. mlelstv, I was sorely
  tempted to fix you with a red smurf hat in Photoshop!

* mup_price.iff

  The first prize of the MUP Contest, shown to the spectators. The A0 plot
  of the mandelbrot set was kindly donated by Nessy!

* thb.iff

  Whodunnit? Now you see... If you didn't like my review of the party, you
  can print this out and tear it to shreds. Crumbled to a small paper ball,
  it makes a good missile, and serves to reduce aggression. It's dedicated
  to a certain person who has always supported me with well thought out
  criticism on the publication I work for. Hrm!

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