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Short:BibTeX bibliographies editor.
Author:Dominic Tristram
Uploader:Diego Casorran <dcr8520 amiga org>
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Bibcursed is a simple program to make life a little easier when using
BibTeX bibliographies. It currently provides these main functions:

  - Adding references to your bibliography. This is done with prompts so
    templates for the different entries (article, proceedings, etc) do
    not have to be remembered. Error checking is used so that the required
    fields have to be supplied, and incorrect fields cannot be entered.
    New entries are inserted into the 'correct' place in the BibTeX file
  - Clean and easy removal of entries
  - Viewing of entries and changing of fields
  - Easy searching of entries, including search by field

This project used to be called 'Bibtool', but the name has been changed
to avoid a clash with a previous BibTeX tool with the same name.

Wish list for future versions:

  - Beautification and error checking of BibTeX files
  - Distributed servers enabling many users to use the same BibTeX file,
    either locally or on a remote machine. Multi-user security and
    protection is provided
  - Configurable preferences


    Please see the included INSTALL file


To start the program, simply specify your BibTeX file on the command line,
like so:

    bibcursed thesis.bib

The main screen will appear. This will show the number of entries in the
BibTeX database in the to right corner. Selectable options will be listed
near the middle of the screen.

To select an option, press the key highlighted in the option line. For
example, the line 'Delete an entry' features the first 'd' in bold. Pressing
the 'd' key will select that option.

The search and query option enables you to select one of several fields to
search in. To find all references written by 'Jones' for example, you would
press 'a' to choose 'Author', then type in 'Jones'. This procedure is
similar for all other fields. All of the references containing the chosen
author name will then be listed. The list is formed of the record name
followed by the entry for author. Remember that bibtool is *always* case
sensitive when searching!

Using the record name found with the search option, the entry can then be
deleted using the delete option, or changed with the change option (both
accessed from the main screen). Note that to use these options it is
necessary to remember the record name of the desired record, so keep a note
of it!

It is also possible to add a new entry to the database. To do this, press
'a' from the main screen. You must then choose the type of entry to add
(usually this is 'article' or 'conference') by entering the relevant
number or letter listed next to the reference type. When a reference type
has been selected the valid fields for that type are listed. You *must*
enter something for the fields in bold - the others are optional. Once
all of the required fields are entered, pressing Z will go to the next
screen. Here you must enter a name for the reference. This must be unique,
and it is a good idea to follow the same naming convention for all of your
reference (author and year is usually a good idea, eg 'jones1999'). The
entry will then be inserted into the BibTeX file in an alphabetically sorted
position, ie 'jones1999' would go between 'ike1993' and 'king1997'. If you
change your mind about adding the record, you can delete it with the delete
option from the main menu.

Note that alterations to the BibTeX file are made to a temporary file first.
If there is a problem (such as a crash or power failure) while the program
is running, the only data that could be lost is the current change. However,
it is always a good idea to keep several backups of important files in
different locations, just in case.


GNU GPL applies - see


Latest update of this package can be found at


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Copyright © 1998-2000 by Jim Cooper and David Tritscher.

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