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Short:V1.5. Finds typographic errors in LaTeX
Author:<jensthi at> (Jens T. Berger Thielemann)
Uploader:<jensthi ifi uio no> (Jens T Berger Thielemann)
Porting:<bjort at> (Bjørn Ove Thue) [MSDOS]
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          <fritsch at> (Wolfgang Fritsch) [OS/2]

             #####  ###       ###    ########     ###     ##
           ###   ##  ##        ##       ##          ##   #
          @ at          @ at  @@ at     @ at   @ at    @ at   #######  @ at   at 
          @ at          @@ at   @ at    @ at  @ at     @ at    ##   #   @ at 
          &&         &&   &&   &&&&     &&   @ at       & &&
           &&&   &&  &&   &&   && &&    &&   @@@ at    &   &&
             %%%%%  %%%   %%% %%%  %%%  %%   &&   %%%    %%% v1.5
                                             &&   &


   This program has been written in frustration because some constructs
   in LaTeX are sometimes non-intuitive, and easy to forget. It is _not_
   a replacement for the built-in checker in LaTeX; however it catches
   some typographic errors LaTeX oversees. In other words, it is Lint for
   LaTeX. Filters are also provided for checking the LaTeX parts of CWEB

   It is written in ANSI C and compiles silently under GCC using ``-Wall
   -ansi -pedantic'' and almost all warning flags. This means that you
   can compile & use the program on your favorite machine. Full source

   The program also supports output formats suitable for further
   processing by editors or other programs, making errors easy to cycle
   through. Software is provided for beautifully interfacing against the
   AUC-TeX Emacs mode, CygnusED, GoldEd and various Amiga message

   The program itself does not have any machine requirements; Amiga,
   MSDOS and OS/2 binaries are available. Of course, you'll need ARexx
   and ScMsg or VBrowse to benefit from the ARexx scripts.


   ChkTeX begins to get quite a few bells & whistles now. However, you
   should be aware of that in most cases, all this is transparent to the
   user. As you will see, ChkTeX offers the ability to adapt to many
   environments and configurations.

New features

   Modifications and additions since v1.4:


   Modifications to the executable itself:
     * As usual, a few more warnings:
          + No space or similar in front/after parenthesis.
          + Demands a consistent quote style.
          + Double spaces in input which will not be rendered as one.
          + Punctuation malplaced regarding to math mode.
          + Warns about TeX primitives.
          + Space in front of footnotes.
          + Bogus \left and \right commands.
     * The abbreviation recognizer has (for the last time?) been
       redesigned. We now produce far less false warnings, catch more
       cases and do all this faster than before. Seems like a win.
       Done much of the same with the italic correction detection part,
     * Some bugs have been silently fixed. Hot spots in the program have
       been optimized; in certain cases this in fact doubles the speed!
       Along with this goes more code elegance and utilization of macro
       processing and the C language. Take a look at ``Resource.[ch]''.
     * It's possible to specify separate output-formats depending on
       whether you are sending the output to a file/pipe or to a
     * Column positions are finally correct; we now expand tabs
     * ChkTeX will now recursively search for \input'ed files, both in
       the document and on the commandline. See the ``chktexrc'' file for
       more info.
     * The debug switch is now more intelligent; if you wish to hack a
       bit on ChkTeX for yourself, it is possible to produce selective
       debugging output. The feature can also be disabled altogether.
     * MS-DOS and OS/2 version of the program is now more flexible and
       well-behaved, thanks to Gerd Böhm.
     * You may now say ``-wall'' to make all messages warnings, and turn
       them on.
     * Uses termcap on UNIX boxes; this should ensure that ``-v2'' (or
       more precisely: ``%i'' and ``%I'') works regardless to what
       terminal you are using.

  Resource file

   New concepts introduced in the setup file:
     * You may now specify both case-sensitive and case-insensitive user
       patterns in the ``chktexrc'' file. In addition; it is now possible
       to reset/clear lists.
     * It is possible to specify how many arguments (optional/required)
       ``WIPEARG'' should wipe; it behaves also somewhat more intelligent
       when the arguments stretch over multiple lines.
     * Global files will be read _in addition_ to local ones. The
       searching order has also been reversed in order to make this more


   Various other stuff I've done to the product:

     * The documentation has been polished and should now be easier to
       use in practical situations.
     * ``check'' target in ``Makefile'', so you can check that the
       installation succeeded. In fact, the ``Makefile'' has been
       enhanced in several other ways too, amongst other it is now GNU
     * ``deweb'' is now documented; you may say ``man deweb'' to get a
       few words of advice. The support script (chkweb) does now behave
       as the remaining package (accepting stdin input and flags).
     * I've written an Emacs hack which magically adds ChkTeX to the list
       of AUC-TeX commands; thus making the use of the program even more
       For those of you who don't wish to mess with Emacs, I've included
       a trivial lacheck <-> ChkTeX interface.
       This means that you now can use ChkTeX just as easily as lacheck
       when you're running AUC-TeX.
     * Added an ARexx script which lets ChkTeX talk to VBrowse, the
       message browser of Volker Barthelmann's freely distributable ANSI
       C compiler. The browser itself is available on Aminet as

Feature list

     * Supports over 40 warnings. Warnings include:
          + Commands terminated with space. Ignores ``\tt'', etc.
          + Space in front of references instead of ``~''.
          + Forgetting to group parenthesis characters when
          + Italic correction (``\/'') mistakes (double, missing,
          + Parenthesis and environment matching.
          + Ellipsis detection; also checks whether to use ``\dots'',
            ``\cdots'' or ``\ldots''.
          + Enforcement of normal space after abbreviation. Detects most
            abbreviations automagically.
          + Enforcement of end-of-sentence space when the last sentence
            ended with capital letter.
          + Math-mode on/off detection.
          + Quote checking, both wrong types (``"'') and wrong direction.
          + Recommends splitting three quotes in a row.
          + Searching for user patterns.
          + Displays comments.
          + Space in front of ``\label'' and similar commands.
          + Use of ``x'' instead of ``$\times$'' between numbers.
          + Multiple spaces in input which will be rendered as one space
            (or multiple spaces, where that is undesirable).
          + Warns about text which may be ignored.
          + Mathematical operators typeset as variables.
          + No space in front of/after parenthesis.
          + Demands a consistent quote style.
          + Punctuation inside inner math mode/outside display math mode.
          + Use of TeX primitives where LaTeX equivalents are available.
          + Space in front of footnotes.
          + Bogus characters following commands.
     * Fully customizable. Intelligent resource format makes it possible
       to make ChkTeX respect your LaTeX setup. Even command-line options
       may be specified globally in the ``chktexrc'' file.
     * Supports ``\input'' command; both TeX and LaTeX version. Actually
       includes the files. ``TEXINPUTS''-equivalent search path.
     * Intelligent warning/error handling. The user may promote/mute
       warnings to suit his preferences. You may also mute warnings in
       the header of a file; thus killing much unwanted garbage.
     * Scripts included for checking CWEB files written in LaTeX.
       (Requires perl v5).
     * Supports both LaTeX 2.09 and LaTeX2e.
     * Flexible output handling. Has some predefined formats and lets the
       user specify his own format. Uses a ``printf()'' similar syntax.
       ``lacheck'' compatible mode included for interfacing with the
       AUC-TeX Emacs mode.
     * ARexx scripts for interfacing with ScMsg and VBrowse are included.
       Special scripts included for CygnusED/GoldED, for binding to
     * Amiga Workbench support. Parameters may be passed by
       shift-clicking the LaTeX files and setting the remaining options
       in the tooltypes.
     * Wildcard matching (Amiga only). Matches file patterns internally,
       thus saving a lot of work. This is, however, platform-specific
       code -- on UNIX boxes this is done by the shell.
     * Written in ANSI C. ``configure'' script included for easy setup
       and installation on UNIX systems.

   Still, it is important to realize that the output from ChkTeX is only
   intended as a _guide_ to fixing faults. However, it is by no means
   always correct. This means that correct LaTeX code may produce errors
   in ChkTeX, and vice versa: Incorrect LaTeX code may pass silently

                                  Legal stuff

   ChkTeX, documentation, installations scripts, CWEB filters and other
   materials provided are copyright © 1995-96 Jens T. Berger Thielemann,
   unless explicitly stated otherwise.

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at
   your option) any later version.

   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
   WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   General Public License for more details.

   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program; if not, write to:

     The Free Software Foundation, Inc.
     675 Mass Ave
     MA 02139


   `ChkTeX' is made available under the concept of Gift-Ware, which is a
   variant of Share-Ware. Share-Ware software authors often release
   `crippled' versions of their products, i.e. these programs do not
   support the same functionality as the registered versions you get when
   sending monetary contributions to the authors. It all comes down to
   `pay for the software you are using' in Share-Ware terms. With
   Gift-Ware registration it is different, you are not required to
   contribute money, but a gift will do. With `ChkTeX' you always get a
   fully functional program, there is no `crippled' test release which
   you can try for a limited time and then have to pay for in order to
   receive the working registered version.

   It may seem as if `ChkTeX' was free, but this is not the case.
   Although there is no need to pay the author in order to get a fully
   functional version of the program you should consider making a
   contribution. You don't need to feel guilty if you cannot or do not
   want to give me something in return for the work I have put into
   `ChkTeX'. Show me that it was worth spending so much time listening to
   users, updating, rewriting and enhancing this program. Your
   contributions will provide the motivation for me to keep developing
   the program.

   Send your contribution to the following address:

     Jens Berger
     Spektrumvn. 4
     N-0666 Oslo


   This program will be uploaded to AmiNet and CTAN; thus it can be found
   at any mirrors of those.

   Please note that earlier versions of ChkTeX have been uploaded to
   Aminet under the same archive name, to keep consistent with Aminet's
   policy of keeping versions out of filenames. Please read the file
   ``ChkTeX.readme'' (which is in the same directory as the archive) to
   find out the version number.

   I'm now uploading the archive uncompressed to CTAN; however, most of
   the ftpservers in that network allow you to retrieve a directory
   compressed in whatever way you prefer. Aminet will as usual receive a
   LhArc archive.

   Mirrors of both networks include:

Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN)

   Directory: support/chktex
     *, (Australia)
     *, (Australia)
       (California, USA)
     *, (Canada)
     *, (Deutschland)
     *, (Deutschland)
     *, (Deutschland)
     * /, (England)
     *, (England)
     *, (Estonia)
     *, (Finland)
     *, (France)
     *, (France)
     *, (Hong Kong)
     *, (Italia)
     *, (Italia)
     *, (Japan)
     *, (Missouri, USA)
     *, (New York, USA)
     *, (North Carolina, USA)
     *, (North Carolina, USA)
     *, (Poland)
     *, (Singapore)
     *, (South Africa)
     *, (Switzerland)
     *, (Taiwan)
     *, (Taiwan)
     *, (Taiwan)
     *, (Texas, USA)
     *, (The Czech Republic)
     *, (The Netherlands)
     *, (Virginia, USA)
     *, (West coast, USA)
     *, (\"Osterreich)


   I'm only uploading the Amiga version of the archive to Aminet (so that
   unsuspecting Amiga users won't have to download hundreds of unwanted
   kilobytes). If you wish to use ChkTeX on another machine, please refer
   to CTAN.

   Directory: text/tex/, filename: chktex.lha
     *, (USA (MO))
     *, (USA (WI))
     *, (USA (AZ))
     *, (Australia)
     *, (Australia)
     *, (Scandinavia)
     *, (Switzerland)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (Germany)
     *, (France)
     *, (France)
     *, (Austria)
     *, (Denmark)
     *, (Greece)
     *, (Italy)
     *, (Poland)
     *, (Portugal)
     *, (Spain)
     *, (UK)
     *, (UK)


   A few words on installation on various platforms:

          Use the supplied Installer script.

   _MS-DOS & OS/2:_
          Copy the binary (``ChkTeX.exe'') to somewhere in your path, and
          place the ``chktexrc'' file in the same directory.

          If you're running Emacs, you may wish to copy the file
          ``chktex.el'' to your elisp source directory, and add the
          following line to your ``.emacs'' file:

(require 'chktex)

          Type ``configure'', ``make'' and finally ``make install''. To
          make sure everything proceeded correctly, type ``make check''.
          If you don't have superuser privileges and thus access to the
          default system areas, you should type ``configure -help'' to
          help you set up correct paths.

          If you haven't installed any software like this before, that is
          distributed in source form, here are some guidelines to help
          you install it locally at your account. Please note that a mail
          to the system administrator may be less work for you. :-)

          We assume that you have put the archive (``chktex.tar.gz'') in
          a subdir of yours, with path ``~/tmp''. We further assume that
          your shell is ``csh'' or ``tcsh''. Do the following:

         1. First of all, unpack the archive contents.
> cd ~/tmp
> gunzip chktex.tar.gz
> tar xf chktex.tar
         2. Now, we can configure the program. There are some
            configuration options you should know about:

                      Install a small file which adds ChkTeX to the
                      command menu of AUC-TeX. This is to be considered
                      as a hack, and may break in future versions of
                      AUC-TeX. It works fine under AUC-TeX v2.9, though.

                      This option needs the path of your elisp directory
                      as argument, e.g.
                      ``-enable-emacs-hack=/home/myself/elisp'' or

                      You'll also have to add the following line to your
                      ``.emacs'' file:

(require 'chktex)

              You can now access ChkTeX from the ``Command'' menu in
                      AUC-TeX. To cycle through the messages, type C-x `.

                      This enables a quick hack for making the AUC-TeX
                      Emacs mode use ChkTeX instead of lacheck. This is
                      done by installing a stub script which
                      ``overrides'' the original lacheck executable.

                      While more stable than the previous solution, this
                      is also significantly less elegant -- in computing
                      terms, this is the ``brute force'' approach.

                      ChkTeX has an ability to spit out various
                      diagnostic messages using the ``-d'' flag. This
                      behaviour is on by default. By adding the flag
                      ``-disable-debug-info'' to the commandline, this
                      will not be compiled in.

                      This may be useful if you're running short of disk
                      space (the time savings are neglible).

            If you are installing the program on your local account, use
            the following command:
> configure --prefix ~/
            Add eventual extra flags as specified above. This command
            will generate a significant amount of output, this can
            usually be ignored.
         3. Finally, we can just build the program and install it.
> make
> make install
         4. Finished! The program is now installed and ready to use. You
            may now tell other people to put your bindir in their path in
            order to benefit from your work. All that remains is to make
            the shell aware of your installation.
> rehash
            To make the remaining parts of your system aware of this,
            you'll have to log out and re-log in, I'm afraid. However,
            you should delay this until you've completed this
            installation procedure.
         5. If you wish to make sure that everything is OK (you ought
            to), you may now ask ChkTeX to do a self-test:
> make check

   _Other platforms:_
          First of all, you have to copy the ``'' file to a
          file named ``config.h''. Then, edit it to reflect your system.
          Do the same with ``OpSys.h'' (this file has been reduced
          significantly). If you wish, you may define ``DATADIR'' to the
          path you want the global resource file to be put.

          Now, I would suggest that you take a peak at the ``OpSys.c''
          file, and edit it appropiately, for more comfort. This should
          not be necessary, though, at least not the first time.

          Finally, you may now compile and link all .cfiles. Define
          ``HAVE_CONFIG_H'' to 1 (on the command-line, for instance). If
          the ``config.h'' you wish to use has another name, define
          ``CONFIG_H_NAME'' to that (in that case, don't define

          Put the directory path of the ``chktexrc'' file in a
          environment variable named ``CHKTEXRC''. The files ``''
          and ``chkweb'' should be moved to a directory in your path.
          These files may need further setup, as they haven't got the
          location of perl initialized.

          If your compiler/the compiled program complains (or crashes!),
          you may try the hints listed below. Please note that it only
          makes sense to try these hints if your compiler fails to
          produce a working program.

         1. Increase the preprocessor buffers and line buffers. The
            ChkTeX sources define macros sized 3-4k (expanding to about
            the same), and passes arguments sized about 1k.
         2. Use the magic switch which lets us use large
            ``switch(...){...}'' statements; some of these statements
            have about 120 ``case'' entries.
         3. The sources require that at least the first 12 of each
            identifier is significant.

   _Note:_ You _must_ install the new ``chktexrc'' file; ChkTeX will fail
   to function unless!

   After doing this, you may enhance ChkTeX' behaviour by reading/editing
   the ``chktexrc'' file.

                             Contacting the author

   If you wish to contact me for any reason or would like to participate
   in the development of ChkTeX, please write to:

     Jens Berger
     Spektrumvn. 4
     N-0666 Oslo
     E-mail: <jensthi at>

   Any signs of intelligent life are welcomed; that should exclude

   Have fun.

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-rw-------  4972/14972    1808    4412  41.0% -lh5- 9fdc Oct  1  1996 chktex/amiga/getopt.h
-rw-------  4972/14972    1822    4507  40.4% -lh5- 1f47 Oct  1  1996 chktex/amiga/getopt1.c
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