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Short:Animation.datatype V41.6
Author:GISBURN at (Roland Mainz)
Uploader:GISBURN w-specht rhein-ruhr de (Roland Mainz)
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New since V41.5:
      - Fixed the bug that STM_LOCATE did not work properly. The
        DTA_TriggerMethods info says that "Locate" is
        (STM_LOCATE | STMD_ULONG), but the trigger command dispatcher
        checked the old STM_LOCATE (without the STMD_#? flag).
        Now the trigger command dispatcher masks the trigger method
        using ((trigger_method) & ~STMF_DATA_MASK) to get rid of the
        STMD_#? info...

      - Added SHARECHIP / NOSHARECHIP options. Before V41.6, the
        animation.datatype tests incoming planar bitmaps of they lie in
        chipmem can can be passed to BltBitMapRastport directly without
        using a copy to a chipmem buffer.
        Now this test is avoided unless the SHARECHIP option is on
        again. The prefs docs about this option explains why this may be
        good in certain cases...

      - tapedeck.gadget's special GM_RENDER mode 100 (GREDRAW_SLIDER, e.g.
        only update embedded slider) is never more treated as an hack.

      - Small speedup because tapedeck's rastport using for
        GM_RENDER/GREDRAW_SLIDER is now set up at GM_LAYOUT time
        instead of a once-pre-draw setup.

      - The 8-bit-chunkypixel remapping code has been re-written.
        It now remaps RPL8 / remap / WPL8 instead using a RPA8 / remap /
        WPA8 cycle (the line-by-line should be more cache-friendly and
        therefore faster...).
        The memory needed for this remapping is also reduced

      - The 8-bit-chunkypixel remapping code never more checks
        for the return codes of RPL8/RPA8 nor WPL8/WPA8.
        It seems that the GFX-Card driver software sometimes returns
        rubbish here...
        Should fix some reported blank displays...

      - Added support for FIF_ABILITIES (bit 31, (0x80000000UL)).
        This flag indicates that animation.datatype supports the
        FIF_#? flags. "GMultiView" for example now looks on this
        flag and is able to show a HAM/EHB animation on a public
        screen if we support the remapping for it.

      - Fixed the bug that DTM_TRIGGER did not send
        DTERROR_COULDNT_SEND_MESSAGE in the case of no receiver.

      - Now SAS/C's build-in math functions are used instead of
        the C macros...

      - Changed the default value of ADTA_NumPrefetchFrames.
        Instead of 10 frames to prefetch now (1/2 fps) number of
        frames will be pre-fetched during loading.
        Setting ADTA_NumPrefetchFrames explicitly by OM_SET or
        by the prefs-file will turn this automatic selection off
        This may give a more reasonable default value for
        mpegvideo.datatype's NOLOADALL mode...

      - Fixed the bug in OM_NEW that if realtime.libary/CreatePlayerA
        failed with an PLAYER_ErrorCode error not of RTE_NOMEMORY or
        RTE_NOCONDUCTOR Result2 (IoErr) was set to 0.
        Due lack of a good dos.library error code if've set the
        code to 1234L for now.

      - Small modifications in the code which may caused problems with
        animations with more than 16384 pixel width and/or height.
        These dimensions are currently therorectical, but:

      - DTM_REMOVEOBJECT now causes that all queuing frames in the
        display queue are disposed (e.g. moved to the dispose queue).
        This avoids the bug that removing the object from a window
        and re-attaching it again may cause that next play cycle will
        display these frames first.

      - The priority of the display and load processes are now set up
        based on the parent process priority (e.g. the process which
        executes OM_NEW).
        The display process gets parent process priority, the load
        process gets "parent priority - 1".
        This allows to run the playback at higher priorities.

      - { GA_Immediate, TRUE } is not set any more for the
        tapedeck.gadget. This seems to fix some problems with input
        processing from tapedeck.gadgets.

      - Fixed the bug that tapedeck.gadget's TDECK_CurrentFrame attribute
        wasn't updated if DTA_ControlPanel is set to TRUE.

      - ADTM_START now clears the load queue explicitly if the first
        frame in the queue matches not the given "asa_Frame".


    animation.datatype is the datatypes base class for all animation
    and movie subclasses. It is responsible for remapping, sound,
    scronisation, creating the controls and misc. other things

    - Supports now the full animation.datatype interface like defined
      in include31:datatypes/animationclass.h:
      - Supports palette-per-frame, e.g. each frame can have it's own

      - Dynamic timing. A frame can have a variable duration until
        the next frame occurs.

    - Fully compatible to the original animation.datatype V40.7

    - Configurable througth a preferences file.

    - Includes a CPU blitter for planar screens. If enabled by the prefs
      file, animation.datatype uses a CPU blitter instead of the OS

    - CyberGFX compatible:
      - Now animation.datatype V41 can handle non-planar bitmaps, e.g.
        chunkypixel bitmaps, as input.
        (Currently they cannot be remapped, the bitmaps are displayed
        unchanged on the destination screen).

      - Supports HAM/EHB -> 24-bit remapping. (TEMPORARY DISABLED).

    - No skipping anymore. The aniation.datatype V41 introduces
      a new feature called "adaptive frame rate selection". Instead
      of skipping frames when they cannot be displayed in real-time,
      the FPS rate is now adapted to fit (e.g. the maximum available
      playback speed without skipping).

    - You need at least Kick/WB 3.0.

    - "realtime.library", >= V39              - for timing
    - "gadgets/tapedeck.gadget" (any version) - for the controls

       You need "sound.datatype" >= V40 for sound support.

    Usage is very simply: If you  have loaded an animation, you can
    control the animation using the tapedeck gadget at the bottom:
    "<<" skips some frames back
    ">"  starts playing
    ">>" skips some frames forward.
    The slider part can be used to move manually to a specific
    postion in the animation/movie.

    Note that there is also a prefs-file where you can set various
    options. See "preferences" section for details.

    After unpacking this archive:
    Because this version does not include an Installer script, you have
    to do the installation manually through the shell:

      - Unpack this archive and copy the "animation.datatype" to

        Copy CLONE FROM "animation.datatype" TO

    If you want to blame me, report any bugs, or wants a new version
    send your letter to:
                    Roland Mainz
                    Hohenstaufenstraße 8
                    52388 Nörvenich

    Phone: (+49)(0)2426/901568
    Fax:   (+49)(0)2426/901569

    EMAIL is also available (if you want to send me attachments
    larger than 1MB (up to 5MB, more with my permission):

    GISBURN at

    Up to August 1998 I'm reachable using this email address, too:
    Reinhold.A.Mainz at KBV.DE

    | Please put your name and address in your mails !
    | German mailers should add their phone numbers.
    | See BUGS section above when submitting bug reports.

    Sorry, but I can only look once a week for mails.
    If you don't hear something from me within three weeks, please
    send your mail again (but watch about new releases) (problems with
    this email port are caused by reconfigurations, hackers, network
    problems etc.).

    The  entire  "animation.datatype"  package  may  be  noncommercially
    redistributed, provided  that  the package  is always  distributed
    in it's complete  form (including it's documentation). A small
    copy fee  for media costs is okay but any kind of commercial
    distribution is strictly forbidden without my permission !
    Comments and suggestions how to improve this program are
    generally appreciated!



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