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Short:Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
Author:Various Authors
Uploader:hnl_dk amigaos dk (Henning Nielsen Lund)
Replaces: AND
Architecture:ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0
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Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell (Bourne/POSIX shell)

Just unpack it to SDK: and it is ready to run.

If You have any questions, ideas or bugfixes, then contact us - - or me private - hnl_dk()
- thanks for Your support.

hnl_dk - 0.1.16
please check this site for what is new:

hnl_dk - 0.1.08
spot (Johan Samuelsson) reported a problem with the color in the new builtin
command "contact"... it should be fixed now... big thanks to Johan :-)

hnl_dk - 0.1.07 Prerelease
I have changed the path of the environmental settings file, as I have got a
request from Nicolas and from Philippe... SDK:Data/abc-shell/variables

The same goes for the historyfile... SDK:Data/abc-shell/history

I have also updated the new "contact" command, so please check it ;-)

hnl_dk - 0.1.06 Prerelease
a few fixes and updates

hnl_dk - 0.1.05 Prerelease
Jörg Strohmayer reported that abc-shell was writing to its Read Only Data...
with this version should the problem have been solved :-)

hnl_dk - 0.1.04 Prerelease
spotUP (Johan Samuelsson) discovered a problem with config.sub I have fixed it.

I have also made a new builtin command "contact"... please test that command :-)

hnl_dk - 0.1.03 Prerelease
Frak (Jonny Högsten) discovered a problem with 'sh -n' and I have for now
disabled that...

I have also set the environmental variable MAKE to 'gmake', so the created
makefiles should not be using 'make'

hnl_dk - 0.1.02 Prerelease
if you use your own environmental settings, then do you need to know that I have
changed the name of the file... S:variables.ksh

and abc-shell is now saving a historyfile when you exit the shell (if you keep
forgetting what variables you have used for configure scripts is this very
usefull)... S:history.ksh

if enough people complain about the files being in the global S: directory, will
I find another place to put it...

hnl_dk - 0.1.00
updates for SDK 51.22 (has only been released in the SDK)

hnl_dk - 0.0.38:
abc-shell is now able to handle absolute Amiga style paths
- You should still be using tools that understand *nix paths though!
Some other fixes to make it more easy to use

hnl_dk - 0.0.37:
You should now without much trouble be able to run configure scripts created by
newer versions of autoconf.

hnl_dk - 0.0.36:
fixed bugs
Is now showing the current directory

hnl_dk - 0.0.34:
Updated with the latest bug-fixes from Debian and OpenBSD pdksh
Add /SDK/Local/C to the default path

Steven Solie - 0.0.33-1:
This is a patched version of abc-shell included with the
OS4 SDK 51.15 which fixes the following issues:
- memory leaks in environ handling
- premature process exiting

The following enhancements were made:
- added a modernized makefile with no dependencies on sh itself
- removed all compile warnings
- optimized and stripped binary
- uses process ID for unique file names
- updated to use clib2 from CVS dated 2005-10-26

Contents of util/shell/abc-shell.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  502     920  54.6% -lh5- 4667 Oct 29 16:10 Documentation/Tools/abc-shell/README
[generic]                 4087    6515  62.7% -lh5- f512 Sep 13 20:13 Documentation/Tools/abc-shell/
[generic]                 1330    1683  79.0% -lh5- 06f2 Sep 13 20:13 Data/
[generic]                  224     397  56.4% -lh5- 416d Sep 13 20:13 Data/abc-shell/placeholder
[generic]               312010  792150  39.4% -lh5- 0172 Oct 29 16:53 C/sh
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         5 files  318153  801665  39.7%            Oct 29 18:42

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