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Short:VirusZ III 1.02 - Antivirus Software
Author:ghoermann at (Georg Hörmann)
Uploader:ghoermann gmx de (Georg Hörmann)
Requires:AmigaOS 2.04 or better
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          util/arc/xadmaster.lha (recommended)
          util/libs/DisLib.lha (optional)

                                 VirusZ III
              Copyright © 1991-1999/2002-2004 by Georg Hörmann
                   Copyright © 1999-2001 by Dirk Stöcker

VirusZ is the last one of the classic antivirus programs for Amiga computers
that still gets updated (from time to time;-).

This archive no longer contains any of the required libraries, so please get
them from Aminet (locations are mentioned in the header of this textfile).

To  ensure  that you have downloaded an original version of VirusZ and not a
fake, you can use my PGP key (attached to the VirusZ.doc file) together with
the  signatures  included  in  the  archive  for verification.  You can also
download a 100% safe copy of my PGP key from the following homepages:

Virus Help Team Denmark homepage:
Dirk Stöcker's homepage:  

Additionally,  you should compare the file size of your VirusZ copy with the
one  displayed  in the programs 'About' information.  They MUST match if you
didn't modify VirusZ yourself (eg.  with a file compressor).

For  any  comments, bug reports, snapshots and/or if you have found some new
virus, contact the author at the following addresses:

snail-mail: Georg Hörmann
            Martinswinkelstraße 16c
            82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

e-mail:     ghoermann at


 1.02  Changes/Additions since 1.01:
	- Changed back to FREEWARE, that MAILWARE thing just ended up in too
	  many emails :-) Thanks to all who gave me feedback and sorry if
	  I didn't reply to everybody!
	- Added dozens of snapshots sent by Fabian Siesmayer, Jonny Högsten,
	  Stellan, Micheal Evans, Maurizio Callegarin, Michael Malychev,
	  DMX and Michael Domoney. Thanks for all the testing, guys.
	- Added really nice MorphOS icon created by Christian Rosentreter to
	  the package.
	- Added SegTracker 45.1 to the package. You should add it with the
	  FULLPATH option to your startup-sequence right after SetPatch for
	  best results in the vector check.
	- Enhanced SegTracker support in the vector check. If a filename is
	  too long to fit in one line because of path information, it will
	  be split and displayed in two lines instead.
	- Enhanced Snapshot function in the vector check. I noticed that
	  sometimes patches of different vectors point to the same address
	  (esp. Audio_0 - Audio_3 IntVecs). Whenever you tried to save such
	  snapshots, the first ones would have been overwritten because of
	  identical filenames. VirusZ now creates up to 10 different names
	  for such cases.
	- Improved support of suspicious process fields in the vector check.
	  The tc_Switch, tc_Launch and pr_PktWait entries will be reported
	  separately now if necessary and therefore can be monitored too.
	  To clear all entries of one type, select the respective headline
	  and then press the 'Clear' button.
	- Spent some nights reviewing the sourcecode (over 25.000 lines!)
	  and did lots of small optimizations, rearrangements and fixes
	  mostly to the startup-code, vector check and memory monitor for
	  a better and safer program execution.
	- The 'Install' function in the bootblock lab can write a standard
	  Kick 1.3 bootblock again.
	- Enhanced the 'Line -' and 'Page -' functions in the memory monitor
	  when displaying assembler instructions. Both functions will now
	  additionally call FindStartPosition() from disassembler.library
	  for the most sensible results.
	- Fixed bug in the 'Address' function of the memory monitor that
	  might have caused accesses to non-existent memory areas.
	- Removed the 'Show...' and 'Technical Info' menu items and added
	  that information to the new 'About' window.
	- Did several changes/fixes to the internal GUI support code:
	  a. All windows share one single IDCMP port now, VirusZ therefore
	  will no longer run out of task signals if you try to open all its
	  windows at one time.
	  b. Window flags, IDCMP flags and several other essential stuff
	  gets compiled during window creation automatically now and thus
	  reduces the possibility of bugs caused by badly filled structures.
	  c. Fixed bug in the window resizing code that lead to ugly results
	  if you changed system fonts from smaller to bigger ones.
	  d. No longer uses NOCAREREFRESH windows but, as stated in the RKM,
	  calls GT_BeginRefresh()/GT_EndRefresh(). [It's actually funny that
	  there obviously didn't appear any problems during years with the
	  old method even though it is said not to work in the RKM.]

Contents of util/virus/VirusZ.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 1848    2811  65.7% -lh5- 96d9 Aug 14  2004
[generic]                 2425    5126  47.3% -lh5- 26d3 Aug 14  2004 VirusZ.readme
[generic]                 1709    5841  29.3% -lh5- 3556 Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/Install
[generic]                 3533    6187  57.1% -lh5- c58c Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/
[generic]                 4346    4346 100.0% -lh0- ef7e Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/MorphOS_Icon/
[generic]                 6852    6852 100.0% -lh0- 966e Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/SegTracker.lha
[generic]                69598   82236  84.6% -lh5- bb95 Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/VirusZ
[generic]                11674   31676  36.9% -lh5- 5b49 Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/VirusZ.doc
[generic]                  680    1091  62.3% -lh5- 1202 Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/
[generic]                11910   30233  39.4% -lh5- 82ae Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/VirusZ.history
[generic]                  680    1091  62.3% -lh5- 76f8 Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/
[generic]                 1762    2341  75.3% -lh5- 4283 Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/
[generic]                  152     152 100.0% -lh0- 7d1c Aug 14  2004 VirusZ/VirusZ.sig
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        13 files  117169  179983  65.1%            Aug 15  2004

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