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Short:V1.182 IRC client for TCP/IP or serial
Author:Brian J. Cerveny (brianc at
Uploader:brianc wwa com
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        Grapevine is an Amiga Internet Relay Chat client.  The IRC
    is a worldwide network on which users can participate in realtime
    conversation.  Grapevine is a means by which to communicate over
    this network using an attractive, easy to use graphic interface
    that befits the nature of the Amiga.
        Grapevine supports several methods of communication.  You
    may use one of the TCP/IP stacks:  Commodore's AS225r2 or the
    freely distributable AmiTCP.
        Grapevine also support any serial.device compatible device
    by means of a simple Unix network connection utility and a small
    terminal program to log in and connect to the server, and pass
    control to Grapevine.


    - AmigaDOS Release 2 (V36)
    - At least 1MB of RAM, 2MB recommended, with 1MB chip RAM
    - Hard drive recommended.
    - TCP/IP networking package optional.
    - A direct (TCP) or indirect (serial login) Internet connection.


    - Over 50 input line commands with online syntax help.
      Modular DCC programs allow users to write their own DCC
    - clients, including games.  DCC file transfer modules included.
    - Supports up to 10 different channel/message windows.
    - Ability to automatically join channels when first connecting
    - Attractive "Style Guide" compliant graphic user interface.
    - Fast scrollback, configurable buffer size.
    - Opens on any public screen.
    - Point-and-click user operations like op, ban, kick, whois.
    - Graphic icon toolbar for common operations.  8-color MagicWB
      style icons are optional.

VERSION  CHANGES / BUGS FIXED since V1.0 release
 1.182 - The op/voice status gadget is disabled for AmigaDOS 2, but I forgot
         to leave it enabled under V39.

 1.180 - Should now be compatible with AmigaDOS Release 2.  For the time
         being, custom screen support and the op/vocie status image in the
         lower left corner of channel windows have been disabled until
         compatibility problems can be fixed.

         DCC.Chat.AS225 is now included.  Also, DCC.Send and DCC.Move are no
         longer in the DCC directory, but are included in another archive
         with their own install script.

         Fixed up inconsistencies in message placement in query mode.
         Described commands received by someone you are querying now go to
         that query window.  If you are querying someone and do a /MSG or
         /DESCRIBE to them, that message will now be shown in that query
         window.  Furthermore, all other /DESCRIBE messages sent are now
         echoed in the message window instead of the crap window.

         Added /SAY command to send a public message to the channel while in
         /QUERY mode.

         Gadget resizing is now much cleaner after you resize a channel

         GV now exits friendly-like if default fonts could not be loaded,
         thus avoiding a nasty crash.  A requester is presented.

         Font size was sometimes messed up returning from the ASL font
         requester, especially if Mungwall was running.  57001 would be used.

         Messages to a channel will no longer be displayed between the time
         you /LEAVE a channel and the arrival of the "part" message from the

         If there was another nickname that was like yours but longer (e.g.,
         your nickname is "foo" and someone else's nickname is "foobar",
         then if the longer nick was channel operator or voiced, Grapevine
         would think you were op or voiced too.

         New commands: /SETMSGWINDOW and /SETCRAPWINDOW to set the msg/crap
         windows; /WINDOW to activate the specified project window number;
         /ISON to see if the specified users are online.

         Typing "/summon" with no arguments sent out a blank summon message
         anyway, which resulted in an Enforcer hit.

         Fixed a bunch of GUI layout quirks that happened if you changed the
         screen/gadget font to something other than the parent screen's font.

  1.40 - Ping and Kick menu items were being disabled when you were not a
         channel operator instead of Kick and Ban.

         Added an Op/Deop menu item with command key "O" to the Channel menu.

         DCC redirection in serial mode was looping if your nickname was the
         same as your DCC redirection nickname.

  1.38 - Fixed the port thing but broke the port for people without a settings
         file, which is what I was trying to fix when I broke it in the first
         place.  :)

  1.37 - Broke the port number setting recognition in the Network settings
         window in V1.33.  It is now recognized again.

         Hitting return in the "Default nickname" field of the User settings
         window was not causing the next gadget to be activated.

  1.36 - Ezy updated irclink to (hopefully) work with systems like NEXTSTEP
         and DYNIX that do not support termios.

         If socket setup fails, more useful information should now be
         displayed in the error requester.

         Added "Query" menu item to the Channel menu.  If a user is selected,
         a query will be initiated with that user.  If no user is selected
         and query is active for a user, then query will be disengaged.

         Messages from a person being queried were not going to the right
         window if it was different from the set message window.

         /CLEAR was resetting the buffer size to 64K, although it would not
         show up as such in the program settings window.

  1.33 - Dumb mistake in 1.32 disallowed User and Network settings from being

  1.32 - Channel mode windows were all using the same string, so if more
         than one was open they would all display the same title.

         The "Toggle Icon Window" menu item was moved to the "Reveal" submenu
         in the "Project" menu.  Also, it now only opens the window or brings
         it to the front, and does not toggle its opened status.

         Contents of keyword and user limit string gadgets were not being
         copied when "Use" was selected, so it was necesary to hit return
         before new values were recognized.

         Added font settings window.  Fonts can be defined for the screen
         (including gadget labels), the channel text display, the channel
         input gadget, and the channel namelist window.

         Fixed a problem with the /KILL command that rendered it useless.

         The style of the nickname field in the channel text display window
         was not that for sending a /MSG if QUERY mode was on.

         If the text gadget filter was turned on in the system IControl prefs
         inserting a style character would also overwrite the character under
         the cursor with a second style character.

   1.1 - /QUERY command implemented for continuous messaging of a single
         user without using "/msg nickname".

         If socket.library was successfully opened but socket setup failed,
         selecting "Cancel" in the error requester caused a software failure.

         Fixed enforcer hits that happened when "Use" was selected in the
         User and Network settings.

         Included a new DCC.Send that is hopefully stable again.  The one
         included in the first Grapevine release was very unreliable.

Contents of comm/irc/grapevine.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  737    1192  61.8% -lh5- 1460 Jan 29  1995
[generic]                51976   51976 100.0% -lh0- 79e4 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/DCC-Send-1.12.lha
[generic]                13010   21172  61.4% -lh5- 074d Sep 23  1994 Grapevine/dcc/DCC.Send.DNet
[generic]                  772    1233  62.6% -lh5- f12b Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/
[generic]                 1130    2666  42.4% -lh5- db48 Sep 20  1994 Grapevine/DockBrushes/GV.animbrush
[generic]                 1783    3318  53.7% -lh5- aa17 Sep 20  1994 Grapevine/DockBrushes/GV2.animbrush
[generic]                 1122    1564  71.7% -lh5- bc90 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/DockBrushes/
[generic]                  813    1233  65.9% -lh5- c9ce Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/
[generic]                  846    1697  49.9% -lh5- 9d72 Sep 22  1994 Grapevine/Docs/BetaTesters
[generic]                  537    1432  37.5% -lh5- 8b3b Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]                  900    1772  50.8% -lh5- ecf1 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/Bugs
[generic]                  540    1432  37.7% -lh5- ce55 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]                18154   50972  35.6% -lh5- b3a5 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/Changes
[generic]                  539    1432  37.6% -lh5- a4a0 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]                  556    1084  51.3% -lh5- 898f Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/Changes.regver
[generic]                33128  135049  24.5% -lh5- 0f92 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]                  712    1858  38.3% -lh5- 5f70 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]                 1242    2273  54.6% -lh5- beb2 Sep 20  1994 Grapevine/Docs/HFTgv.doc
[generic]                  542    1432  37.8% -lh5- 580a Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]                  268     518  51.7% -lh5- 5cc9 Nov  8  1994 Grapevine/Docs/MailingList
[generic]                  538    1432  37.6% -lh5- 5af7 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]                  697    2128  32.8% -lh5- 5074 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/Registration_Form
[generic]                  541    1432  37.8% -lh5- c7fb Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]                 1663    3834  43.4% -lh5- 23f2 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/ToDo
[generic]                  538    1432  37.6% -lh5- 1c4f Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Docs/
[generic]               110037  288628  38.1% -lh5- 1f08 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/GV
[generic]                  881    1590  55.4% -lh5- 03b0 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/
[generic]                 4908    8660  56.7% -lh5- d379 Aug 29  1994 Grapevine/HFTgv
[generic]                  949    1567  60.6% -lh5- 1bb8 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/
[generic]                  770    1233  62.4% -lh5- f747 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/
[generic]                  495    1562  31.7% -lh5- b82b Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Icons/
[generic]                  542    1562  34.7% -lh5- 090f Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/Icons/
[generic]                 2380    6658  35.7% -lh5- bd9d Oct 27  1994 Grapevine/
[generic]                  309     540  57.2% -lh5- 334f Oct  3  1994 Grapevine/README.AMITCP
[generic]                  507    1391  36.4% -lh5- 8e00 Jan 29  1995 Grapevine/
[generic]                17907   17907 100.0% -lh0- 4dfa Oct  3  1994 Grapevine/socket_lib12.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        36 files  272969  626861  43.5%            Jan 30  1995

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