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Short:Send mail using POP3 protocol
Author:Mario Speranda <mario.speranda at>
Uploader:Mario Speranda <mario speranda fesb-bbs fido hr>
Requires:AmiTCP or Miami
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Changed since v2.0:
1. Your username is no longer extracted from your e-mail
   address, it is now a separate argument for RelayConfig.
   Old config files should still work, though.
2. Relay is now optimized for speed.
3. You can move the config file from S: to amitcp:db/
   if it bothers you for some reason.
4. My e-mail address. :)

Commonly, sending mail is done across your SMTP server using
SMTP protocol, and this is in fact, how all Amiga e-mail programs
operate. But if your favourite ISP blocks SMTP connections then
you have a problem. Fortunately, many POP3 servers are capable of
sending mail (in adition to fetching it) for you, 
but AFAIK the only e-mail client with this option is Eudora (PC).
This is where this cunning piece of software comes in. When
you install it, it will transparently enable all your e-mail
programs to send mail using POP3 protocol.

How it works:
Relay is a SMTP server program, you install it on your computer
(localhost), it accepts all connections at port 25 and relays
received mail to your 'real' POP3 server. It supports multiple
users, each of them defined by RelayConfig program and
recognized trough their e-mail addresses. Lets say that
John Doe has a POP3 account on a machine
and that machine supports XTND XMIT command. His username
is johnd, his password is johnzpas and his e-mail is
johnd at He could 'define' himself like this:
RelayConfig adduser johnd at johnd johnzpas
Next time Relay is started and it finds that the senders ID
is johnd at it will just contact
at port 110, and try to relay the message. Simple, eh?

Installation for AmiTCP users:
1. Copy Relay to amitcp:serv/
2. Copy RelayConfig to amitcp:bin/
3. Add this line to amitcp:db/inetd.config:
   smtp stream tcp nowait root amitcp:serv/relay
   Delete all other lines starting with smtp, if any.
4. Make sure inetd is run whenever you run startnet script.
   Use startnet with argument SERV if you're not sure.
5. Add at least one user with RelayConfig (see above).
6. Configure all your e-mail programs; just enter
   localhost where it asks for your SMTP server.

Installation for Miami users:
1. Copy Relay to miami:
2. Copy RelayConfig to c:
3. Run Miami, click on "Database" then select InetD in
   top-right selector and you should see the services installed.
   Click "Add" and enter: SERVICE=smtp SOCKET=stream
   PROTOCOL=tcp WAIT=nowait USER=root SERVER=miami:relay
4. Save configuration.
5. Same as 5 and 6 for AmiTCP users.

Other stuff:
After you're done with the installation, you should be
able to send mail with your favourite e-mail program
just like normal people who don't use cheap ISPs. :)
One can install it at his LAN-internet gateway computer
and send mail from any computer in a LAN.
If it doesn't work for you, it is possible that your POP3
server doesn't support mail sending. Or I've overlooked
some bugs - please report them to me via e-mail.
I'm not to be blamed if Relay looses your mail, invalidates
your disk, fries your modem, crashes the POP3 server etc.
If this should happen direct your insults to root at localhost.
This brilliant ;^) piece of software is freeware.

Contents of comm/mail/Relay.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                 7420   11636  63.8% -lh5- 2bde Jan  4  2000 Relay
[generic]                 7371   11520  64.0% -lh5- 5bbf Jan  4  2000 Relay.68000
[generic]                 1664    3435  48.4% -lh5- eb70 Jan 14  2000 Relay.readme
[generic]                 7861   12632  62.2% -lh5- 8178 Jan  4  2000 RelayConfig
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         4 files   24316   39223  62.0%            Jan 16  2000

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