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Short:GUI for CTorrent v1.4.3 (BitTorrent client)
Author:Chris Handley, Michael Trebilcock
Uploader:chris s handley zen co uk (Chris Handley)
Version:0.92 (20-Mar-2006)
Requires:AWNPipe device, CTorrent v1.4.3 (supplied), ixemul & ixnet <= 48.2
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If you had trouble using the previous version (v0.91), then please try this

PLEASE report your success or failure using CTorrentUI, because I guarantee that
no new versions will be released unless I get some feedback, simply because
CTorrentUI works perfectly for me!  And so far I have had almost zero feedback.

CTorrent is a nice Shell (command-line) program for downloading Torrents, but it
can be a pain to use since it doesn't have a GUI.  Michael Trebilcock wrote a
GUI for it, called CTGUI, but it only works with the very old & buggy CTorrent
v1.3.2, and it lacks some features.

CTorrentUI is based upon CTGUI, but has been massively re-written (partly so I
could understand it!), and is designed to work with CTorrent v1.4.3 .  Since
CTorrent keeps changing it's output format, I cannot guarantee that CTorrentUI
will work with newer versions of CTorrent.

Therefore CTorrent v1.4.3 is included in this archive, but you should also
download the Aminet archive for it's documentation, requirements, credits, etc.

* AWNPipe is supplied with Amiga OS 3.5+, or it can be downloaded from:

* CTorrent v1.4.3 is supplied with this archive, or the latest (possibly
  incompatible) version can be found on the Aminet at path comm/tcp/CTorrent.lha

* IxEmul & IxNet v48.2 can be downloaded from:
  If you aren't sure which files to download, then try downloading this one:
  Rename ixemul000-notrap.library to ixemul.library and put it in Sys:Libs/
  Rename ixnet000.library to ixnet.library and put it in Sys:Libs/

Extract the CTorrentUI archive where-ever you want, but please keep all the
files together.  You may wish to put it into a folder called CTorrent.

Double-click on the RememberCTorrentLocation icon.  It should report that the
path for CTorrent has been updated.  If you ever move the folder containing
CTorrentUI, then you MUST run this program again, or CTorrentUI will not work.

Download CTorrent from the aminet - but do NOT use the program in that archive,
until you have tested CTorrentUI with the supplied version of the CTorrent
program.  (Newer versions of CTorrent may be incompatible with CTorrentUI.)

Download any other required files (given above) which you do not have.

Usage - getting it started
CTorrentUI can either be run by double-clicking it's icon, or it can be run from
the Shell.  Using the icon will cause it to ask some questions.  Using the Shell
allows you to specify some extra commands, but if you don't give it the torrent
file then it will still ask some questions.

First it will ask you for the torrent file, if none has been supplied using the
"Torrent" Shell parameter.

It will then ask you "Does the torrent contain multiple files?".  If you answer
incorrectly, then CTorrentUI may make CTorrent download incorrectly, because of
how CTorrent works.  This corresponds to the "MultiFileTorrent/S" Shell

It will then ask you "Force download filename to match torrent?".  For a torrent
containing a single file, answering yes will cause the downloaded file's name to
match the torrent's name, rather than using the name specified in the torrent.
For a torrent containing multiple files, answering yes will cause the downloaded
files to be stored in the same folder as the torrent (rather than using any
sub-folders specified by the torrent).  This corresponds to the
"FileMatchTorrentName/S" Shell parameter.

If you wish to keep seeding, after downloading has completed, then you must use
the Shell parameter "StayAsSeed/S".

If you wish to use a specific port (which you have allowed for in your
firewall), then you must either use the Shell parameter "Port/K/N", or edit the
CTorrentUI file using EditPad or similar.  Near the top of the file you will see
this line:
.def Port 2706
You should change this number to the one you want.

If you specify the Shell parameter "NoQuitRequester/S", then it will not open
the special Quit window (see later).

Note that downloaded files will ALWAYS be put within the folder containing the
torrent, although they might be within some sub-folders.

Usage - after it's started
After a few seconds you should find that the CTorrentUI window appears, followed
by the Quit window.  The CTorrentUI window tells you what is going on, and
should be fairly self-explanatory to anyone who has used a Torrent program

The Quit window asks if you want to quit, before downloading has finished.
Answering Yes at any time will stop CTorrent from download, and close
CTorrentUI.  Answering No will close the Quit window, preventing you from
quitting CTorrent.

Once CTorrent has finished downloading, the CTorrentUI window will close, BUT
the Quit window will remain open.  Please click Yes or No to close it.

If CTorrentUI won't start downloading, because it says "Couldn't open specified
port", then you must either reboot, or restart your TCP/IP stack.  This is
because of a bug in CTorrent, where it has previously failed to close the port,
so that it still appears to be in use by another program.

Bugs & the Future
There are no known bugs, but I'm sure that someone will find one!

As already mentioned, CTorrent's output format keeps changing.  This means that
CTorrentUI will be unlikely to work with versions other than v1.4.3.  It might
be easy to adapt CTorrentUI to work with new versions, BUT:

I only have occasional need for CTorrentUI, and therefore may not be
(immediately) motivated to adapt it to work with newer versions of CTorrent.

So I will be happy to recieve emails about problems with CTorrentUI, but cannot
guarantee that I will actually do anything about them!  Whether or not I do
depends on my personal situation at the time...

If I am not willing to (immediately) fix CTorrentUI, then I suggest that you
find someone with ARexx knowledge who WOULD be willing to fix it (perhaps you?).
I would be more than happy to release such a fix as an official part of
CTorrentUI, and give credit.

Contacting the author
My name is Chris Handley, although CTorrentUI is based upon the work of Michael
Trebilcock.  You can get my email address from this page:

It is stored as a picture, to prevent spammers from harvesting it.  Please be
careful to NOT write my address in a public place, or on a mailing list!

You could also try contacting me via .  My user name is
"ChrisH".  I am *not* a rabid OS4 fanatic (!), and therefore would not mind
seeing CTorrentUI working on MorphOS, AROS, or whatever (if it doesn't already).
In fact, I don't actually own an OS4 machine yet...

For CTGUI by Michael Trebilcock
v0.1 (20-Jun-2004)
	Aminet release.
For CTorrentUI by Chris Handley
	Debugged & improved, but never released publically:
	String concatenation was made fully legal Rexx, so it now works on my machine.
	Actually deletes the temp file now!
	Puts the downloaded file(s) in the same folder as the torrent.
	Sends two Ctrl C signals, to ensure that CTorrent really quits (it's buggy).
v0.9 (23-Jan-2006)
	Aminet release.  Major improvements, including:
	A clearer GUI with more info.
	An AmigaDOS script (with icon) that provides a requester for closing CTorrent.
	Seriously cleaned-up code, rewrote some sections so that I understand what they
do, and added many comments.
	Reworked to handle CTorrent v1.4.3.  (aaargh, why does the output format have
to KEEP changing?)
	Added several parameters, to allow easier customisation of CTorrentUI's

v0.91 (01-Feb-2006)
	Aminet release:
	Improved documentation - the first release was rather rushed (sorry).
	Now stores CTorrent's path in EnvArc, rather than hard-coding it into the
script!  A simple program updates the path.
	Cancelling the torrent file requester now works.

v0.92 (20-Mar-2006)
	Aminet release:
	Christian (CHRKUM) pointed-out a couple of silly mistakes which could have
caused problems for many people.  Hopefully I get some feedback now...

Contents of comm/tcp/CTorrentUI.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                65845  134696  48.9% -lh5- bddb Jan 20 03:42 CTorrent
[generic]                  769    1861  41.3% -lh5- 4596 Mar 20 10:02 CTorrentUI
[generic]                 1031    1446  71.3% -lh5- a469 Feb  1 21:08
[generic]                 3713    8659  42.9% -lh5- f940 Mar 20 09:59 CTorrentUI.readme
[generic]                  410    1447  28.3% -lh5- 22dc Mar 20 09:51
[generic]                 4510   14115  32.0% -lh5- 63aa Mar 20 10:01 CTorrentUI.rexx
[generic]                  218     317  68.8% -lh5- 31f7 Feb  1 20:50 RememberCTorrentLocation
[generic]                  398    1110  35.9% -lh5- 2ac2 Feb  1 21:08
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         8 files   76894  163651  47.0%            Mar 20 15:02

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