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Short:Webalizer 2.01-10
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The Webalizer - A web server log file analysis tool

Ported by DJBase -


2.01-xx changes from 1.30-04   (brad at

 o Fix posible obscure buffer overflow bug in DNS resolver code

 o Added additional extended character fixes

 o Let code accept partial content response codes along with 200's

 o Added code to catch blank hostnames (yes, they have been found!)
   Will convert them into 'Unknown'

 o Security fix for cross-site scripting vulnerability found by
   Flavio Veloso (

 o Fixed a TOTAL_RC off by one error, which would prevent the last
   response code from being saved when using incremental mode.

 o Fixed possible segfault condition in MangleAgent code on
   some malformed user agent names.

 o Fixed DNS to prevent hangs on blank and malformed hostnames.

 o Fixed problem calculating visits.  Changed timestamps to use
   seconds since epoch (1/1/1970) which results in more accurate
   analysis.  Also changed normal out of sequence code to handle
   up to 1 hour of 'slop' in the timestamps.  This changed the
   semantics of the VisitTimeout and -m configuration options, as
   the values are now specified in number of seconds.

 o Fixed hostname lowercase problem (wasn't) when using DNS lookups.

 o Fixed problem with incremental datafile which could cause a read
   error under certain circumstances (removes control characters).
   Also changed code to now abort on a read error.

 o Fixed problem with hash table node creation where objects that
   were exactly the maximum length would wind up leaving a garbage
   byte at the end of the memory space allocated.  This was causing
   some very infrequent and widely different problems.

 o Fixed problem where country graph could be produced incorrectly
   if using a non-english language and the country name overlapped
   the pie chart.

 o Found and fixed a problem with a possible 32-bit wrap around
   problem using incremental mode on large sites.  The problem
   would cause the KBytes data on large groups to become inaccuate.

 o Modified configure to allow specification of the default config
   directory.  If not given, will use /etc (/etc/webalizer.conf).

 o Added DailyGraph and DailyStats configuration options to enable
   or disable the Daily usage graph and stats table from output.

 o Improved visit calculation logic to reduce 'false' counts generated
   by external image referrals.

 o Added reverse DNS lookup capability.  This adds the command
   line switchs -D and -N, and configuration keywords "DNSCache"
   and "DNSChildren".  See the DNS.README for additional info.
   Based in part on code submitted by Henning P. Schmiedehausen
   (hps at

 o Added ability to dump Sites, URL's, Referrers, User Agents,
   Usernames and Search Strings to tab delimited files, suitable
   for import into most database and spreadsheet programs.  The
   location of this file may be specified using the "DumpPath"
   configuration keyword, allowing the data to be kept someplace
   outside the web servers document tree.  The configuration
   keywords "DumpSites", "DumpURLs", "DumpReferrers", "DumpAgents",
   "DumpUsers" and "DumpSearchStr"  have been added to control the
   file dumps.  Column headers can be included in the file with
   the "DumpHeader" keyword.  Dump filename extensions may be
   specified using the "DumpExtension" keyword (default is .tab).

 o Added username analysis, based on usernames found in the log,
   and only available if username information is present in the
   log (ie: http authentication or wu-ftpd xferlog).  The keywords
   'GroupUser', 'HideUser', 'IgnoreUser', 'IncludeUser', 'AllUsers',
   and 'TopUsers' have been added to the configuration file code.
   This change also modified the format of the incremental data file.

 o Added the ability to display ALL sites, URL's, Referrers,
   User Agents and Search Strings on a seperate HTML page from
   the normal statistics page.  This adds the configuration
   keywords 'AllSites', 'AllURLs', 'AllReferrers', 'AllAgents'
   and 'AllSearchStr', which can have either a "yes" or "no"
   value (default is "no").  Will add a "View All..." link to
   the bottom of the appropriate "Top" table if enabled.

 o Added support for squid proxy logs, thanks to code submitted
   by Steinar H. Gunderson (sgunderson at  To use
   squid logs, specify a LogType of 'squid' in the configuration
   file.  This also changed the behaviour of the '-F' command
   line switch, which now requires a second argument of either
   'clf', 'ftp' or 'squid'.

 o Completely modified the way the various TOP tables are handled
   and sorted, which now allows extremely large top tables without
   any performance degredation.  Previously, tables greater than
   a few hundred elements produced a noticable perfomance penalty
   during processing.

 o Added the ability to group domains automatically and to hide
   individual host names from the report, using the 'GroupDomains'
   and 'HideAllSites' configuration keywords (-g and -X command
   line options).  Domain Grouping is configurable as to the level
   of grouping (second level domain, third, etc...).  HideAllSites
   forces only grouped site records to be displayed if any.  Based
   on ideas/code by Michael Klemme (mklemme at  This changes
   the behaviour of the '-g' switch, which previously was used to
   force the use of GMT time for reports.

 o Added user configurable search engine specification, used for
   search string analysis.  This adds the 'SearchEngine' keyword
   in configuration files.  Based on idea/code by Alexey Kizilov.

 o Changed code to use the latest version of GD which supports PNG
   images instead of GIF images.  Also included changes in configure
   script to ensure the presence of the libpng and libz libraries.

 o Added ability to override log file to STDIN by use of '-' on
   the command line.

 o Added gzipped logfile support.  The program will automatically
   detect logfiles with a '.gz' extension and uncompress on the
   fly.  Uses gz file support of zlib, since it's required for
   our gd/png stuff anyway.  Please note that using gzipped logs
   will incur a small performance penality.

 o Minor changes to search string code to increase accuracy.  This
   also removes a previous condition that would occasionally cause
   search strings to incorrectly be counted twice or to be counted
   as different search strings when only differing by a space.

 o Minor changes to URL parse code to allow additional characters.
   Also changed unescape code to properly handle extended chars.

 o Major changes to hash table node format for reduced memory usage.
   Instead of fixed size strings, the new format will dynamically
   allocate string memory and use pointers to existing table data
   under certain circumstances.  The memory savings is significant
   and will be greatly noticed with large sites.  Because of these
   changes, the formatting of the incremental data file had to be
   changed, therefore it is incompatable with previous versions.

 o Major code reorganization and cleanup.  This was to facilitate
   future developent and make things more managable.

 o Usual documentation updates for new features/functions.

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