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Short:Deniil's E-Compiler Handler v1.50
Author:Daniel Westerberg
Uploader:Daniel Westerberg (daniel onyxsoft se)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4
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This program is made for you who program and is tired of using CLI/Shell.

With this program can you easily select one or more files that you
often compile and then with just ONE mouse-click compile, or make,
the active file or project, and one more click to run it!
Or even compile and run with just one mouse-click!

You can also use it with any shell based compiler, like f.ex
pe, ec, vbcc, gcc or make if you want, or maybe some assembler.

It is a very small program (visually) that lies on your WB and just
waits for you to press one of the eight or more buttons that it has!

 *** This program has been successfully tested on AmigaOS4.

* NEW * Editable gadget names.

* NEW * Ctrl-C in the console is set to the executed program.

* NEW * Added datetime and bold to compile and run output.

* NEW * Added a window sleepy pointer when compiling.

* FIX * The compiler priority wasn't properly loaded from prefs.

* FIX * Fixed some layout issues when using larger fonts.

v1.49 (071223)
** Now Displays a proper name for executed processes instead
   of "New Process".

** Processes should be able to read input from the console
   DECH opens.

** Now uses the system font also in the small main window.

** Fixed the annoying hit (=Grim Reaper on OS4) when opening
   any of the config windows sometimes.

* Now setting stderr to the same console as output since when
  using make with DECH on OS4 the errors came in a new window
  instead of the specified output.
  I haven't tested this on a Classic!

* Now you don't have to cycle through all empty compiler
  config slots. All empty are skipped through. (I often
  switch between my 'EC', 'make' and 'gcc' commandlines.)

* Added priority for the compiler.

* Now it is possible to choose which prefs window should
  popup when clicking the '?' button.

* When selecting to start a new editor, or cancelling the
  editor selector the previous selected file will still be
  selected instead of the first one.

* Added possibility to set the stack of executed programs
  as I realized that DECH can be used with C and programs
  written in C which doesn't have an internal stack like

* Now DECH changes the current dir to the dir of the program
  being compiled. It was hard to compile with 'make' otherwise.

* Fixed another hit caused by the GUI-engine I use. Yet
  again the OS4 memory protection has been proven useful :-)
  (There still seems to be a hit or two left in the prefs that
  I cannot figure out. Just click continue when it "crashes".)

* Fixed some nasty hits caused by the all-time-buggy AFC
  classes. These hits made DECH hardly work under OS4.

* Fixed some wierd things happening when sorting the file list.

v1.43 seems to be lost.. ;)

* If you change the name of a file in the left list you
  get the question if you want to rename it on disk too!

* Removed a tiny harmless (de)bug that printed the stacksize
  for the compiler everytime one compiled.

* Made a small misstake and used the variable x
  temporarily where it was already used resulting the
  string-requester always popping up when you tried to
  run a program. Oops!

* Increased the number of predefined compiler command-
  lines from 5 to 10 while I was at it..

* Now DECH only uses the extension ".e" as default, it
  doesn't force it as before.

* You can now save 5 different predefined command lines
  for your five favourite compilers.

* Added %t for the compiler command line to specifically
  distinguish the terget file, which is the source file
  with any extension removed. %s now always contains
  the extension.

* Now the file-requester has a pattern field.

Other programs by Deniil 715! can be found on OnyxSoft homepage at:

Feel free to mail me if you found bugs or have suggestions!
  daniel / onyxsoft se

NOTE: Please, NEVER publish this e-mail on a web page or similar
      unless spam-encrypted like above!

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