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Short:TrueType text rendering engine (v 7.0)
Author:krashan at
Uploader:krashan teleinfo pb bialystok pl
Version:7.1 (15.03.2005)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.3; ppc-amigaos >= 4.0
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The library is fast, AmigaOS friendly TrueType render engine. It has
nothing to do with Amiga outline font system. This system has a lot of
limitations which make it useless for high speed and quality text
output. If someone wants an integration of TrueType with AmigaOS
bullet.library like outline font system, should consider using
ttf.library. Ttengine.library opens TrueType font by itself and renders
high quality glyphs directly into any RastPort.

The render engine of the library is based on FreeType2 project
( This version of ttrender.library uses 2.1.3
FreeType build.

See for news, downloads, online autodoc and
programming tutorial.
CHANGES (last three versions)

v 7.1 (15.03.2005)

   - Native AmigaOS 4 version compiled by Andreas Falkenhahn.
   - Mask and render buffers are now allocated for every RastPort, no more
     global. It fixes problems with multiple processes accessing TTEngine
     simultaneously (trashes instead of text).

v 7.0 (12.01.2005)

   - Realtime font preview in the font requester.
   - Introduced new metrics mode designed for text-oriented applications,
     especially using JAM2 drawmode. Mode is turned on by specifying
     TT_DiskFontMetrics, TRUE in TT_SetAttrs(). In this mode filled JAM2 area
     has always height equal to TT_FontHeight (which is a sum of
     TT_FontMaxTop and TT_FontMaxBottom). Horizontally JAM2 area is set
     to cursor advance (it creates continuous filling even if TT_Text is called
   - New metrics attributes: TT_FontHeight (sum of TT_FontMaxTop and
     TT_FontMaxBottom), TT_FontBaseline (alias for TT_FontMaxTop) and
     TT_FontWidth (cursor advance, only for monospaced fonts).
   - TTEngine now distincts monospaced fonts. TT_FontFixedWidth can be specified
     for TT_OpenFont(), function will fail on proportional font. The attribute  
   is also gettable with TT_GetAttrs(). TTRQ_FixedWidthOnly attribute may be    
 passed to TT_Request() to filter proportional fonts out.
   - TTEManager 1.2: cache size and global gamma settings. Fixed font window
     refresh deadlock under MorphOS.
   - New API functions: TT_ObtainFamilyListA(), TT_FreeFamilyList.

v 6.6 (04.05.2004)

   - Bugfix: COMPLEMENT draw mode with antialiased fonts no more leaves trashes
     when done twice at the same place. It allows for using COMPLEMENT mode as
     an easy way to make moving text brushes. Works as well combined with
     INVERSVID and transparency. Bug reported by Marcin Kwiatkowski.
   - Bugfix: Missing render mode initialization in TT_TextExtent(). Glyph
     bitmaps were not cached if TT_TextExtent() was called before any
     TT_Text() or TT_TextLegnth() on this rastport. It caused significant
     slowdown of TT_TextExtent(). Bug reported by Darius Brewka.
   - Bugfix: If temporary RastPort was used with NULL BitMap, this NULL pointer
     was passed to GetCyberMapAttr(). It might lead to Enforcer read hits. Now
     if RastPort's BitMap is NULL, antialiased render mode is assumed and
     GetCyberMapAttr() is not called.
   - Fixed "DetachedRastPort" example code to work on RGB screens. Color 1 in
     colormap of a window opened on Workbench is usually black. Rendering black
     text on black (BMF_CLEAR) bitmap usually results just in black window
     contents... Changed text color to 2 (usually white). Why it worked on
     planar or LUT bitmaps? Clearing such bitmap does not clear to black but to
     background color (gray on most setups).


The library expands FreeType functionality making usage of TrueType
fonts easy and comfortable. Below you can find key features:

   - renders whole strings (not single glyphs) with kerning.
   - antialiasing to any (not neccesarily uniform color) background.
   - user adjustable gamma correction.
   - optional text transparency.
   - system compatible output to any (including planar) RastPort.
   - supports JAM1. JAM2, INVERSVID, COMPLEMENT RastPort modes.
   - supports 8-bit to Unicode mapping with "ENV:ttfcodepage" table
     compatible with ttf.library.
   - allows for direct 16/32-bit Unicode string rendering.
   - supports ISO-8859 and UTF-8 text encodings.
   - easy to use, graphics.library like API.
   - efficient system-wide glyph cache system.
   - font database system allows flexible font files storage and
     advanced faces classification.

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