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Short:View TV-guide e-mail from
Author:Daniel Westerberg
Uploader:Daniel Westerberg (daniel onyxsoft se)
Requires:MUI, TextEditor.mcc, NList.mcc and a (free) account on
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** This program is mainly of interest for Swedes and other scandinavians!
** But also has A LOT of european satellite channels too.

This is a MUI-program that makes it very easy to view the daily
e-mail that can be ordered from the TV-guide site

Included is also rexx-scripts for YAM that automates the transfer
of the e-mail contents to the program.

 *** This program has been successfully tested on AmigaOS4.

Features of DagensTV (my program):
· Each program is only shown once (which is not the case in the e-mails
  if you have more than one keyword listed in your settings on the site).

· You can view all programs in one column or you can have a column for
  each channel.

· Click on a program to get info about it.

· The list can be made to scroll with time so that current programs
  are always visible in the list.

· You can set alarms on programs to come.

· When using the scripts to update, the guide can make DagensTV totally
  automated and updated no matter if it is running all the time or not.

News & Changes:
* NEW * Added support for the new HTML e-mails.

* Found a bad hit which occured when reloading the TV-guide.
  (It sure is easy to find bugs when the OS (OS4) has memory protection,
  although it is limited.. :))

* If DagensTV was iconified with the prefs window open and a
  remind popped up the remind would contain garbage (because
  of an unexpected double-use of a string variable in this
  particular event).

* DagensTV crashed on OS4 because of a too small stack generated
  by the E-compiler. It has now been raise to fix the problem.

* Added Spacebar as shortkey to close the remind window without
  iconifying DagensTV, if it is set to this in the prefs.

* Now it's possible to prevent reminds from popping up when the
  TV-Guide is old.

* Added a feature to make DagensTV re-iconify itself when you press
  Ok in a remind requester if DagensTV was iconified when the remind
  can up.

* Added a remind timeout value which you can set to something between
  1 and 300 minutes and that automatically will remove a remind after
  this time. This is optional ofcourse.

* Finally managed to create a guide for the program!

* Now DagensTV iconifies with it's own icon, not the MUI default icon
  as before!

* You can execute a DOS command line when a remind pops up!

* Fixed a bug with the balance object being saved wrong.

v1.2  (v1.21 is just a quick fix for the big release v1.2)
* Now there is a list where you can specify programs to be reminded
  about! If you double-click on a program to set an alarm on it
  this will also show up in this list. You can add keywords to
  match exactly or "if exists" for the program name, program info,
  channel or all.
  This list is saved and will be scanned agains the programs
  everytime a new TV-Guide arrives and automatically set alarms
  on the programs you have specified!

* Cleaned up the menu and added hotkeys to some menu items.

* Now the relative sizes between the lister and the text info field
  adjustable with the balance object is also saved when you save
  the prefs!

* Changed the list to use NList(view) so that you can scroll sideways!

* Added a complementary menu option "Scroll list with time" so that
  you can easily switch the feature on or off. Most useful to switch
  off when you are reading the info text to prevent the list from
  skipping away.

* You can have the most current program to always be activated in
  the list! This is an additional feature to the already existing
  "Scroll the list with time" feature.

* Now you can put alarms on a program by double-clicking on it!

* The default path in DagensTV and the rexx scripts were not coherent.

* Initial release.

How to set up this:
1. To get these e-mails from you have to registrate yourself
on the site (for free ofcourse) and make your personal TV-guide a configure it.

2. Then choose "Övervakningar" if you are using swedish and add some keywords.
Practical keywords if you are swedish are:
'från'    (appears in most info-texts),
'amerika' (you get most comic series and films, because most are american :)),
'regi'    (all movies have a director (regiserare in swedish))
'serie'   (you cannot miss any TV series)

3. When you have done this you can use OnyxSoft program DRemind to execute
the ExtractDagensTV.rexx script between 06.30 to 08.00 every day to have a
totally automated TV-Guide, it will always be updated, even if the program
is running or not (provided that the e-mails keep coming :)).

Other programs by Deniil 715! can be found on OnyxSoft homepage at:

Feel free to mail me if you found bugs or have suggestions:
  daniel / onyxsoft se

NOTE: Please, NEVER publish my e-mail, or a text file containing my
      e-mail, on a web page or similar unless spam-encrypted like this:
      daniel / onyxsoft se

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[generic]                 2468    5304  46.5% -lh5- a22b Oct  8 21:24 DagensTV/DagensTV.readme
[generic]                 1799    2764  65.1% -lh5- afb4 Feb  4  2005 DagensTV/
[generic]                  375     637  58.9% -lh5- bfb0 Oct  9  2002 DagensTV/Rexx-for-YAM/ExtractDagensTV.rexx
[generic]                  150     192  78.1% -lh5- ee4f Oct 25  2002 DagensTV/Rexx-for-YAM/MoveDagensTV.rexx
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