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Short:NEW! 32bit PNG icons on your Amiga !!! (68K and MorphOS)
Author:elena at (Elena -
Uploader:elena elena-fractals it (Elena - www elena-fractals it)
Requires:AmigaOS 3.5/3.9, Hi/True Color Workbench
Architecture:m68k-amigaos; ppc-morphos
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 1.06 (03 Jun 04)
  -Added NEGATIVE option for negative selection effect.
  -Fixed a memory trashing in ICTRL_New.
  -Sometimes, disk-type icons could be loaded with wrong type. Fixed.
  -Added support for disabled device icons (they were erroneously
   displayed in selected state): now they get a nice "halt" logo overimposed.
  -Fixed a crash when invoking DrawIconState() on a layerless RastPort using
  -Added a check for 8 bit bitmaps: in such case you can now see at least a
   box instead of no icon at all.
  -Upon some developers' request, I added a couple of "private" IconControl()
   tags to gain access to the icon 32 bit ARGB data.
   These tags are:
   ICONA_Dummy + 301 (ICONCTRLA_GetARGBImageData1)
   ICONA_Dummy + 303 (ICONCTRLA_GetARGBImageData2)
   The passed ULONG * will be set to point to the corresponding ARGB buffer, for
   the normal and selected image (for PNG icons, the selected image is generated
  -General fixes and improvements. Now the draw routines should be even faster!
  -Removed a Seek() which could cause a little overhead when loading icons.
  -The example icons drawer has been rearranged and many new icons has been
  -Docs slightly revised

 1.05r1 (17 Jan 04)
  -Just updated the package a bit (new example icons added and revised docs)
   No changes made to the executable which is still 1.05

 1.05 (21 Nov 03)
  -Added BETTEROUTLINE option to improve text outline effect.
  -Added SCROLLSPEEDUP option to optimize Workbench icon scrolling (thanks to
   a Georg Steger's idea).
  -In the case no default base type icon is found in ENV:Sys (drawer, tool,
   project, etc.) no icon was returned. Fixed.
  -Removed a subtle bug in the 68K version causing weird system slowdowns and
   crashes (register A4 in GetIconRectangleNew() was erroneously trashed by the
   code generator). Thanks to Tony Aksnes for the patient beta testing.
  -Some new example icons added

 1.04 (30 Oct 03)
  -"Virgin" icons associated with executable files were loaded as Projects
   than Tools. Fixed.
  -Fixed a very dangerous bug in PrepIcon() that could lead to serious crashes
   system instability loading single-image color icons via GetDiskObject(New)().
  -Added a workaround for a bug in the original IconControl() function which
   lead to crashes in conjunction with some single-image icons.
  -Sometimes using TextMode=1 the icon text was not completely erased leaving a
   vertical line at the extreme left. Fixed.
  -Improved DrawIconStateNew(). Icon and text alignment should be more precise
  -PNG icons for drawers without proper drawer data were passed to WB as tool
   thus the associated drawer could not be opened. Fixed.
  -The example PNG icons included couldn't be loaded into paint programs because
   still had a wrong crc (most of them was created and snapshotted under the old
   1.0). They're OK now.
  -I created and included PowerIconsLogo.jpg: now PI has its official logo :-)

 1.03 (25 Oct 2003)
  -Loading very little PNG icons (16x16 or so) could cause decoding buffer
   with consequent system crashes. Fixed.

 1.02 (23 Oct 2003)
  -Default icons got wrong size with icon.library < 45.10. Fixed.
  -Improved Workbench dragging of PNG icons using a white rectangle. Please
don't ask
   me to improve it further since it's only a drawback for WB.
  -Added SWAPTEXTCOLORS option
  -Using GHOST=100 no additional calculation will be computed for default icons,
   so people thinking that the ghosting effect slows down scrolling may try this
   (even if I don't believe that)
  -Fixed some dangerous alignment problems that could cause crashes under some
   circumstances and problems with Amidock.
  -Overall code improvement and optimizations. Scrolling might be a bit faster

 1.01 (20 Oct 2003)
  -CRC for icon hunk is now computed when writing icons back. So now you can
   no more "virgin" icons in ImageFX or other paint programs where they
   issued a "CRC error" requester. Please note that ImageFX PNG loader is
   however: even if you choose "YES" to load alpha channel, it will be lost.


  In short: PowerIcons is a patch allowing you to use PNG icons (24 bit with or
  without alpha channel) on your Amiga in a totally transparent and OS-friendly

  Also, it performs transparency for default icons (ala Ghosty) and true color
  mapping of standard Amiga icons (they can now be displayed in full quality
  with their real colors and without palette-based remapping)


  PowerIcons if FREEWARE!
  Pretending to make money from a community who's trying to survive like Amiga
  community is simply SAD.
  PowerIcons is Copyright © 2004 Elena Novaretti
  Any commercial usage of this archive (whole or partially) is FORBIDDEN.
  PowerIcons may not be distributed without this accompanying README file.


  Since years one of my greatest dreams was having 24 bit icons with alpha-
  channel transparency on my Workbench.
  Ambient, the official MorphOS desktop, firstly introduced PNG (24bit+alpha)
  icon support in the Amiga scenery.
  I'm actually an happy user and developer under MorphOS on my beloved Pegasos
  board, but sincerely cannot use Ambient yet since it lacks too many features
  compared with Opus Magellan, Workbench 3.9 or any other modern desktop.
  Also, Ambient handles PNG icons internally without using any standard
  icon.library API, so other programs cannot benefit of them!
  For now, the only very shiny thing of Ambient is just PNG icons support:
  so, how to lose them ??

  In the past I wrote some patches to give Workbench icons a better look.
  First of them was Ghosty (Aminet), allowing transparency for default icons.
  Then I made an improved version called "Ghosty+", which I never released to
  the public since it was a bit experimental, but which also allowed standard
  Amiga color icons to be displayed with their own proper 256 colors (with no
  remapping, so with an apparently "near-true color" quality - except for the
  ugly border).
  And next came PowerIcons. It has been a really hard job but at the end it
  came out and it was really worth the trouble!


  All you need is AmigaOS 3.5 or 3.9 running an Hi/True Color Workbench,
  no special library or extra file is required.
  Please note that 8 bit screenmodes are NOT supported for obvious reasons!

  A very fast CPU and GFX Board is STRONGLY recommended.

  To fully enjoy PowerIcons you're suggested to use DefIcons and RAWBInfo
  (even if not required): how to live without them ? ;-)

  Oh, you need some nice PNG icons too, of course! (However, I included
  some nice examples made by me in the ExampleIcons drawer)


  PowerIcons is intended for VERY fast and modern Amigas.
  Even if loading of PNG icons is done 80% by hand (i.e. without the overhead
  of libpng or -even worse!- datatypes system) this job will surely result
  in much more stress for the CPU than loading plain Amiga icons.
  Also, alpha-transparency blitting is done "by hand" since there's no API
  for hardware alpha acceleration at the moment (I wrote highly optimized
  routines but they cannot make miracles...)
  So the fastest CPU and the fastest GFX card you have will never be too much.

  Best performance is obtained using PowerIcons 68K under Amithlon/UAE JIT or
  PowerIcons PPC (with Amiga Workbench) under MorphOS.


  A very fast PowerPC version of PowerIcons is included for exclusive usage
  under MorphOS. Actually, the only people who may benefit from this version
  are Workbench users under MorphOS emulation (typically MorphOS 0.4 for
  Amiga PowerUP). DON'T try to launch the included PPC version (PowerIcons.elf)
  if you don't have MorphOS: your system will crash.
  (See also the FAQ document)


  Please remove ANY patches to icon.library, like my Ghosty (for example),
  otherwise serious conflicts may take place !!!

  Copy PowerIcons executable in C: or wherever you want.

  PowerIcons should be launched in your Startup-Sequence with RUN (it doesn't
  detach itself) JUST BEFORE LoadWB.
  A typical line would look like:

   Run >NIL: PowerIcons >NIL: [options]
   EndCLI >NIL:

  On some slow machine *might* happen that desktop icons aren't patched by
  PowerIcons. It never happened AFAIK, but if it's the case, a "wait 1" between
  PowerIcons and LoadWB lines may help.

  Nothing prevents you from launching it by hand after Workbench has
  started, but by doing so you won't be able to use PNG icons on the desktop
  or in other applications (like AmiDock) started BEFORE PowerIcons!

  When you're sure you like PowerIcons and you plan to have it running
  on your machine, go in Workbench Prefs editor and set IconQuality to BAD.
  color icons will be now drawn with true color remapping, doing so won't affect
  icon quality (except when dragging icons from Workbench but that's practically
  unnoticeable) and more pens will be available to your system.


  PowerIcons needs no icon and is intended mainly for command line usage.

  If you launch PowerIcons with a '?' as argument, a brief list of supported
  options will be issued.

  PowerIcons supports the following options:

   GHOST=0...100     Transparency amount for default icons, i.e. for files
                     without a "real" icon. A value of 100 means no
                     50 means 50% background and 50% icon, and 0 means you won't
                     see anything.
                     Using a value of 100 will spedup things a bit since no
                     additional computation for the transparency effect will be
                     Suggested values range from 40 to 60. (Defaults to 40)

   NOGHOSTSELECT     Don't apply the transparency effect to default icons when
                     they're selected. (Default is ghosting selected icons too)

   SWAPTEXTCOLORS    Use icon text color for background/outline/shade and
                     icon text color for the text. (Default is off)

   BETTEROUTLINE     With TEXTMODE=1 (outline) use eight instances of dark
                     text instead of only four, resulting in a more precise
                     effect, mainly when using tiny fonts. Remember that this
                     could slow down icon drawing and scrolling expecially on
                     machines. (Default is off)

   SCROLLSPEEDUP     Enable a special trick to speed up icon scrolling in
                     windows, restricting refresh only to those icons which
                     need being updated. Thanks to a suggestion from Georg
                     (Default is off)

   TEXTMODE=(0|1|2)  Optionally, PowerIcons allows you to improve icon text
                     rendering with shadow or outline effect. With 0, no effect
                     will be applied and icon text will be rendered the same
                     way your Workbench would do. With 1 you will get a nice
                     outline effect and with 2 a shadow effect.
                     The colors used for icon text and shadow/outline are those
                     you set up in the Font prefs editor (but if you're using
                     the SWAPTEXTCOLORS options they will be inverted, see
                     (Defaults to 0)

   NEGATIVE          Enable negative rendering effect for selected icons. If
                     the following SELx options will be ignored.
                     Note that the adopted PNG icon format doesn't support an
                     image, so the selection effect has to be obtained
                     (Default is off)

   SELB=0...255      Red, Green and Blue values to add for PNG icons selection
                     effect when NEGATIVE is NOT set. Note that the PNG icon
                     used doesn't support an alternate image, so the selection
                     has to be obtained algorithmically.
                     (Defaults to 96,96,144 which is a bluish lightening)

  For example:



  To remove PowerIcons just launch it a second time.
  Removing PowerIcons while PNG icons are still loaded by Workbench or by other
  apps can be DANGEROUS! Please DON'T remove PowerIcons if you don't know
  what you're doing.


  Firstly you should obtain some nice PNG icon pack to start enjoying
  (and testing!) PowerIcons. Here are a few sources you may have a look at:

   -Aminet (there are some PNG icon archives on Aminet in pix/icon) (you will find a lot of PNG icon archives there)

  Once installed and launched correctly, PowerIcons adds transparent support
  for PNG icons to the standard icon.library API. This means that you will be
  able to fully handle PNG icons just as if they were standard Amiga icons.
  Any program and utility using the icon.library API to copy, clone, draw and
  delete icons will work flawlessly. Thus you will be able to use RAWBInfo (or
  even the old, ugly Workbench Information requester) to easily change icon
  as usual, without dirtying your hands from a shell: you may drop a PNG icon
  a standard Amiga icon, a PNG icon over another PNG icon or even a standard
  icon over a PNG one in RAWBInfo to change your icon image! If you (as
  are using DefIcons, you will enjoy using PNG icons as default icons in
  PNG AppIcons will work as well, and you can also drag your PNG icons into
  like AmiDock...
  In general, the only programs that won't work or that will work badly (or,
  even, that might cause crashes with PowerIcons) are very old or very badly
  written ones, which don't use the icon.library API to handle icons but rather
  do too many things "by hand"...


  Simply rename your PNG image from Foo.png to your Workbench will be
  ready to display and handle it as a normal icon!

  If you plan to draw your own PNG icons remember that creating good-looking
  pictures with alpha channel is not really a child's play...
  You need some practice, patience and some artistic talent.
  ImageFX requires you know exactly what you're doing but is a good start point.
  (See also the readme in the example icons drawer for some trick to create PNG
   icons with Amiga)


  I don't know whether any standard has been set up or not for PNG icons over
  the major platforms. The format I choose is the one adopted by Ambient, so
  here I will mainly refer to it.

  PNG is a modern image file format supporting an often very high, lossless
  compression and optional alpha-channel for gradual transparency.
  PNG, just like IFF, supports different Hunks to store additional information
  like (in our case) an "icon" Hunk containing icon data (eg. drawer position,
  tooltypes, stack size, default tool, etc.)

  PNG icons are nothing else than normal PNG pictures whose name ends up with
  ".info", with (or without, when just created) a special "icon" Hunk to keep
  the proper icon information.

  If you're not familiar with alpha channel, it's simply an additional byte for
  every pixel specifying to what extent the image will be mixed with background.
  Typically, like in the case of the supported PNG format, images will use 32
  bits per pixel: 1 byte for each red, green and blue as usual plus an
  byte for transparency (the alpha channel value).

  A pixel containing an alpha value of zero will look as the corresponding
  background pixel (0% picture, 100% bg). A pixel with an alpha value of 128
  will be displayed as (about) the average of that pixel and the corresponding
  background pixel (50% picture, 50% bg), while an alpha value of 255 will show
  exactly the corresponding pixel with no background (100% picture, 0% bg).
  As you can see, alpha channel offers more complex transparency capabilities
  than the ugly-looking 0/1 masking we are used to, for example, with standard
  Amiga icons. Antialiased borders, lighting effects as well as shadows are now
  possibile with a properly drawn 32-bit image.

  PNG icons have NO intrinsic type, i.e. there's no field defined to establish
  whether an icon is of type Drawer rather than Tool or Disk...
  The new icon.library engine added by PowerIcons automatically adapts the
  loaded (or default) icon to the corresponding file, setting the correct
  type on the fly so that Workbench may properly understand and use it.
  The only identifying rule is represented by the fields containing Drawer
  Data or DefaultTool. If an icon contains a DefaultTool, it will be early
  identified as a project (if that causes no inconsistency). If an icon
  contains some DrawerData, it will (possibly) be suitable as a drawer or disk

  At PNG level, you can then have "virgin" icons, i.e. PNG images not containing
  any "icon" hunk yet (mainly, this happens when an icon has just been created
  from a paint program and/or hasn't been snapshotted or modified yet) but you
  won't absolutely need to care about it.

  When you first snapshot an icon, or create its Tooltypes, DefaultTool,
  StackSize and/or other icon information, an "icon" hunk is automatically
  created to hold the needed information in the PNG icon file.


  Upon some developer's request, I added a couple of IconControl() tags:

   #define ICONCTRLA_GetARGBImageData1 (ICONA_Dummy+301)
   #define ICONCTRLA_GetARGBImageData2 (ICONA_Dummy+303)

  You may use them in your code to get direct access to the icon ARGB 32-bits
  image buffer. An ULONG * passed as ti_Data will be filled in with the proper
  address. The buffers are obviously valid until you dispose of the relative
  For PNG icons, the selected image buffer (data2) will be generated on the fly
  basing on the user selected PowerIcons options, since PNG icons have actually
  second image.
  You may get ARGB data from normal Amiga Color icons aswell, to get the full
  (not remapped) 24 bit imagery and the alpha channel being 0 or 255, depending
  the original transparency mask.
  You need PowerIcons 1.06 to use these new tags. Please always check
  return code.


  No. NO. NOOO!!!!! PowerIcons DOESN'T WORK WITH MAGELLAN !!!!!!!!!!
  These desktops do every icon operation by hand without using the icon.library
  API so there's definitely NO WAY! Don't ask it anymore !

  Since Workbench uses internal planar routines for icon dragging, it wasn't
  possible to have it dragging true color imagery. A simple four-color image
  representing a white box with a PNG text has been provided just to have
  displaying something when dragging PNG icons. Unfortunately there's definitely
  NO OTHER SOLUTION. Please DON'T ask to improve it.

  For obvious reasons you won't be able to use standard icon editors on PNG
  icons. Please don't, since you may obtain unpredictable results, and really
  there's no need.

  Compatibility with other system or icon.library patches CANNOT BE GUARANTEED!

  Compatibility with utilities to inject or change icon imagery is absolutely
  not guaranteed (99% of them won't work or will destroy any previously stored
  PNG imagery).

  Ghosting of icon text (like in Ghosty indeed) is not implemented yet, by
  choice, in order to reduce the overhead, and for many other technical reasons.

  Old-style amiga icons (planar icons) are simply NOT patched by choice.
  No true-color remapping or ghost effect is applied in the case such an ugly
  old icon is encountered and it will be passed to the original DrawIconState()
  as it is.

  Icon border is NOT supported by choice.

  For speed reasons, not all PNG image formats are supported. Please use only
  True Color pictures with or without alpha channel (24 or 32 bits). Grayscale,
  palette mapped, interlaced, not-alpha transparency pictures and many other
  exotic formats are NOT supported.


  You will probably start loving and using PowerIcons from the beginning. So
  you'll spend hours and hours drawing 32 bit icons or customizing your programs
  with shiny icons downloaded from somewhere.
  But remember: at that point there's NO WAY TO SWITCH BACK! If you (for
  any reason) should remove PowerIcons you WON'T BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR ICONS AND

  What does that mean ? Nothing particular, that's quite obvious indeed.
  You're just warned :)


                        ! ENJOY AND LOVE POWERICONS !




  Elena Novaretti
  <elena at>

 PowerIcons has been developed on a Pegasos(tm) and compiled with the great

Contents of util/wb/PowerIcons.lha
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[generic]                 5694    5694 100.0% -lh0- 1e58 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 4710    4710 100.0% -lh0- 2ad5 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 7610    7610 100.0% -lh0- 3f32 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 7540    7547  99.9% -lh5- 47f3 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 2661    2661 100.0% -lh0- a12c May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 3233    3233 100.0% -lh0- b584 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 2976    2976 100.0% -lh0- e417 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 5286    5286 100.0% -lh0- a172 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 3542    3542 100.0% -lh0- 0be3 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 5594    5594 100.0% -lh0- d379 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 7224    7224 100.0% -lh0- b64e May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 7181    7181 100.0% -lh0- cbe6 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 6418    6418 100.0% -lh0- 3852 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 8349    8349 100.0% -lh0- e9ea May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                13987   13987 100.0% -lh0- 8e93 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                10706   10706 100.0% -lh0- 9f7e May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 6210    6267  99.1% -lh5- d219 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 3778    3778 100.0% -lh0- c2ba May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 3491    3493  99.9% -lh5- f103 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 7218    7218 100.0% -lh0- 1d21 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 6286    6286 100.0% -lh0- 2a09 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 6545    6545 100.0% -lh0- 89c3 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                13142   13142 100.0% -lh0- 2379 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 8098    8098 100.0% -lh0- bba5 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 3562    3562 100.0% -lh0- c623 May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                 9246    9246 100.0% -lh0- d99f May 31  2004 PowerIconsRelease/ExampleIcons/Useful/
[generic]                39842   82740  48.2% -lh5- 6981 Jun  3  2004 PowerIconsRelease/PowerIcons
[generic]                48827  140488  34.8% -lh5- 13bc Jun  3  2004 PowerIconsRelease/PowerIcons.elf
[generic]                 1862    3811  48.9% -lh5- 7a4f Jun  3  2004 PowerIconsRelease/
[generic]                 1405    3439  40.9% -lh5- 2734 Jun  3  2004 PowerIconsRelease/
[generic]                 9228   22204  41.6% -lh5- 322a Jun  3  2004 PowerIconsRelease/PowerIcons.readme
[generic]                 1690    4789  35.3% -lh5- e53f Jun  3  2004 PowerIconsRelease/
[generic]                27045   29203  92.6% -lh5- 66a6 Oct 25  2003 PowerIconsRelease/PowerIconsLogo.jpg
[generic]                  600    1843  32.6% -lh5- 9c36 Jun  3  2004 PowerIconsRelease/
[generic]                 2270    5049  45.0% -lh5- 661c May 29  2004 PowerIconsRelease/WARNING-FAQ
[generic]                  669    2615  25.6% -lh5- bb69 Jun  3  2004 PowerIconsRelease/
[generic]                  671    1867  35.9% -lh5- 61f2 Jun  3  2004
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 Total       106 files  766363  935757  81.9%            Jun  6  2004

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