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Short:CNet/4.32+ crash solver. V1.2
Author:coletta.s at (Stefano Coletta), l.colitti at (Lorenzo Colitti)
Uploader:coletta s eurodatabank com (Stefano Coletta)
Requires:CNet v4.32+
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Are  you  tired of coming back home only to see CNet crashed and your BBS down
for  the count?  Well, check out Guardian and this problem will become a thing
of the past!

This  is  not  a  Rexx door nor is it a CNetC program, it is a guardian...  it
hunts  for  crashed  nodes, tries to revive them and, if necessary, resets the
system  without  human  intervention.   How?  By monitoring the status of each
loaded  port and taking the correct moves to reset the Amiga SAFELY.  Guardian
is  able  to  catch  the  majority  of  node lockups because it is an EXTERNAL
program  detached  from  CNet.   It  will  NEVER  interfere  with  normal CNet
operation since a port is crashed and it uses less than 0.01% CPU time.

This is what Guardian does:

1)  Monitors all loaded ports (whether a user is online or not) to see if they
    are locked  up.
2)  If a  node  crashes, Guardian tries to unlock or close and then reload it.
    If it succeeds, it goes back to monitoring.
3)  If not, it  immediately closes all loaded nodes that are IDLE (where there
    is no user online) and shuts down CNet related tasks (ie. Yank-Task, etc.)
4)  It  then sends two  OLMs telling  remaining  online users to logout within
    a configurable period of time.
5)  Sends a mail message to every kicked user to inform them why they have been
    disconnected. The crashed user also receives a message asking for a
    detailed report of what he/she was doing before the crash.
6)  It waits for all users to log out before closing the remaining ports; if a
    user  does  not log out within a  specified  (configurable) period of time,
    Guardian closes the port anyway. The user was warned... 
    If a user logs out of his own accord, CNet closes the port automatically.
7)  When  all ports  except the locked  one are idle Guardian unmounts ALL devs
    through an external utility and resets the Amiga.
8)  In rare instances Guardian is able to close  all the ports and reload them
    without forcing a reset.

Everything Guardian does is logged.  The default file is SYSDATA:Log/Guardian,
but this can be changed by editing Guardian.cfg.

  This program is the final solution you have always wanted for your CNet BBS.
Well, you won't know if you don't try it, will you?! :-)

Contents of comm/cnet/cnguard12.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  598    1233  48.5% -lh5- bc5c Feb  2  1998
[generic]                  172     248  69.4% -lh5- 1e7a Jan  6  1998 guardian/closeport.rexx
[generic]                  418     822  50.9% -lh5- a5ef Jan 27  1998 guardian/crash.msg
[generic]                  308     772  39.9% -lh5- 6777 Feb  1  1998 guardian/delay.cfg
[generic]                 5270    8156  64.6% -lh5- cb4e Jan 27  1998 guardian/DosOlm
[generic]                 5871    9160  64.1% -lh5- b3f5 Feb  2  1998 guardian/GCmd
[generic]                15490   28284  54.8% -lh5- bec7 Feb  2  1998 guardian/Guardian
[generic]                  508    1775  28.6% -lh5- daa2 Feb  2  1998 guardian/Guardian.cfg
[generic]                 1173    4342  27.0% -lh5- 4737 Jan 11  1998 guardian/
[generic]                 5543   15490  35.8% -lh5- c263 Feb  2  1998 guardian/Guardian.readme
[generic]                  394     810  48.6% -lh5- c5bf Jan 27  1998 guardian/kick.msg
[generic]                 3833    5712  67.1% -lh5- a4a2 Jan 31  1998 guardian/TaskCloser
[generic]               120306  120306 100.0% -lh0- 75ca Jan  5  1998 ShutAll_1.01.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        13 files  159884  197110  81.1%            Feb  2  1998

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