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Short:Get recent aminet uploads via mail with YAM
Author:Yves Grabowsky (YvesGrabowsky at
Uploader:YvesGrabowsky t-online de
Requires:RexxReqtools-, Rexxtricks- & tritonrexx.library
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AminetFTPMail is a program, that let's you get the Aminet Recent
Uploads by FTP-Mail. You select the Aminet Recent mail in YAM, or
let the program scan your folder for recent mails, start AminetFTPMail, 
select the files you want to get in a comfortable list and click the 
start button. AminetFTPMail will write a mail to a ftp-mail site of 
your choise and the only thing you have to do then is sending the mail.

Short info about FTP-Mail:
FTP-Mail is a service, that let's you get files from a ftp site per
mail. You write a mail with the files, that you want to get to a
ftp site, that supports ftp mail and this ftp site will mail the
files that you want to get to you.

This service is excellent for getting aminet uploads, but because writing
the mails per hand is not very comfortable, I have written AminetFTPMail.


- TritonGUI
- comfortable config editor
- you can select a predefined FTP-Mail site or specify a own ftp-mail address
- you can choose the max. mailsize
- easy to use
- no limit how much files you want to get (the only exception is the size of
  your email account ;-))
- you have two lists, in the upper you can select which upload you want,
  and in the lower are the uploads, that you want, displayed and can
  be removed everytime. 
- simple but powerful
- the only thing you have to do is selecting which files you want, and
  sending the mail :-)
- you can select one recent mail or let AminetFTPMail scan the whole folder
  for recent mails, you can then get files from more than one recent mail
- PropFonts for the window, fixed width font for the lists
- you can use your own fonts
- you have a status panel that shows you the most important things
- you can choose between getting the .readme files or not
- the DecodeFile tool, that decodes and joins ftp-mails automatically
- there are more, but you have to find out them by yourself :-)
- I DON'T WANT MONEY FROM YOU FOR THIS! (but if you still want to send
  me some money, I won't stop you from doing so ;-))


- YAM2
- RexxMast running
- a subscribtion to the "Todays recent aminet uploads" or "Weekly recent 
  aminet uploads" list. If you are not already subscribed then send a mail 
  to "listproc at" and in the body "SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily 
  <your emailaddress>" for the daily list or "SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly
  <your emailaddress>" for the weekly list. You will then get every day 
  or every week a list with all aminet uploads. Cool, isn't it?
- a minium screensize of 640x400
- rexxreqtools.library  (available on aminet)
- rexxtricks.library (available on aminet)
- tritonrexx.library (included)
- triton.library (available on aminet)
- rexxapp.library (included)

Changes since last version:

- made it possible to open AminetFTPMail on a pubscreen
- included the DecodeFile tool for decoding and joining
- main gui rewritten and made smaller
- menu added
- moved config editor into a menu point
- moved registration tool into a menu point
- recent mails are marked as read
- replaced next/last mail buttons by the "Mail from:" list
- YAM goes into busy status while it scans the folder
- you can adjust height&width of the lists manually
- about window added
- config editor has a new layout
- you can use now two fonts, a propfont for the window and
  a fixed width font for the lists
- translated to German 
- small internal improvements
- small bugs removed

Contents of comm/mail/AminetFTPMail.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  640    1192  53.7% -lh5- 7dda Dec 27  1998
[generic]                21224   42684  49.7% -lh5- b290 Dec 27  1998 AminetFTPMail/AminetFTPMail
[generic]                  969    1577  61.4% -lh5- f45e Dec 27  1998 AminetFTPMail/
[generic]                 2859    3724  76.8% -lh5- 1655 Dec 23  1998 AminetFTPMail/DecodeFile
[generic]                  612    2614  23.4% -lh5- fd3e Dec 24  1998 AminetFTPMail/
[generic]                  818    1233  66.3% -lh5- 6049 Dec 24  1998 AminetFTPMail/
[generic]                 5804   15288  38.0% -lh5- 216e Dec 23  1998 AminetFTPMail/Docs/
[generic]                  747    4657  16.0% -lh5- 7138 Dec 24  1998 AminetFTPMail/Docs/
[generic]                 6003   15957  37.6% -lh5- dea0 Dec 24  1998 AminetFTPMail/Docs/
[generic]                  742    4657  15.9% -lh5- c747 Dec 24  1998 AminetFTPMail/Docs/
[generic]                   95     103  92.2% -lh5- 9153 Dec 23  1998 AminetFTPMail/Install Languages
[generic]                  471    1174  40.1% -lh5- 6890 Dec 24  1998 AminetFTPMail/Install
[generic]                  826    1235  66.9% -lh5- a7cf Dec 24  1998 AminetFTPMail/
[generic]                 1085    2601  41.7% -lh5- d06c Dec 21  1998 AminetFTPMail/Language-Modules/Deutsch.lang
[generic]                  986    2378  41.5% -lh5- 032a Dec 21  1998 AminetFTPMail/Language-Modules/English.lang
[generic]                  811    1233  65.8% -lh5- 5a23 Dec 24  1998 AminetFTPMail/
[generic]                 1187    1596  74.4% -lh5- 31cd Sep 17  1998 AminetFTPMail/Libs/rexxapp.library
[generic]                22047   58028  38.0% -lh5- 843a Dec 23  1995 AminetFTPMail/Libs/tritonrexx.library
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        18 files   67926  161931  41.9%            Dec 30  1998

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