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Short:Get latest Aminet uploads via Email with YAM
Author:midian at
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AminetRct.yam Version 6.2 (07/15/98)
  by Charles Patterson

Description:  Reads your Aminet Uploads email and lets you choose which files
              to get via Email request.

Requirements: rexxreqtools.library 1.3 (© 1992-94 Rafael D'Halleweyn)
              YAM 2.0 (© 1995-96 Marcel Beck)
              TCP/IP Stack

Instructions: If you don't get uploads email from Aminet already, send
              email to listproc at with the body:
                     SUBSCRIBE aminet-daily Your Name
                  or SUBSCRIBE aminet-weekly Your Name
              Use the installer script to install it.
              Edit script and change FILES to the number you want listed
              In YAM configuration under ARexx set scripts menu entry
              name to AminetRCT and script to YAM:Rexx/AminetRCT.yam
              Be sure to set Wait For Termination OFF.
              Download your email then run this script from the YAM
                 Scripts menu.
              If you receive large files split into blocks, you can use the
                 included JoinMail.yam script to combine them.

6.2  FIXED: INFO SCREEN now works in Yam2p5 so fixed error in script
     CHNGD: GETFOLDERINFO was changed to FOLDERINFO so adjusted script
     CHNGD: US ftpmail site supports chunksize up to 100k so adjusted
            script.  German ftpmail site supports it for members only
            so did not add it.
6.1  FIXED: JoinMail.yam DE version did not work properly at all
     CHNGD: Now works from YAM2 Scripts menu when set properly thanks to
            Dick Whiting <dwhiting at>
6.0  CHNGD: Works with YAM2
     ADDED: Spanish localization thanks to
            Javier Morata <jmorata at>
     FIXED: Error added when trying to get .readme files
5.0  FIXED: Name use in JoinMail.yam
     FIXED: Problem with more than 9 files when using JoinMail.yam
4.12 CHNGD: Splits emails into 10 files at a time
4.11 ADDED: JoinMail.yam which can be used to join large files that
            were split
4.7  RMVED: Italian site only allows access to Italian servers.
            Swedish site is not accepting email
4.6  ADDED: Portuguese localization thanks to
            Alfredo Martins <alfredomartins at>
4.5  ADDED: Dutch localization thanks to
            Bert Bosma <lmb at>
4.4  ADDED: Installer to save script size
4.3  ADDED: Norwegian localization thanks to
            Tomas Amsrud <gdwarf at>
4.2  ADDED: Danish localization thanks to
            Henrik Andreasen <larsa at>
4.1  FIXED: Corrected French and German localizations
4.0  FIXED: Added back the missing '/'
     CHNGD: Arrangement of buttons
     ADDED: 'Abort' button to cancel script
     CHNGD: Renamed 'Cancel' to 'Next'
3.7  ADDED: French localization thanks to
            Philippe Roux <oniria at>
     ADDED: Back button in case you missed a file on the previous page
3.6  FIXED: Added a missing endquote
3.5  FIXED: Corrected bug in FTPMail communications
     ADDED: Different versions of script for different FTPMail sites
3.1  FIXED: Incorrect German settings
3.0  FIXED: Few unnoticable bugs
     ADDED: German localization thanks to
            Marc Hemes <marc.hemes at>
     CHNGD: User selectable number of files listed in requester
2.5  FIXED: YAM requesters only work occasionaly. Using rexxreqtools.
2.2  CHNGD: Requesters open on YAM's pubscreen
2.1  CHNGD: Now asks to Send Mail, Send All, Queue mail
2    FIXED: minor bugs preventing check of more than one mail.
     ADDED: If an Aminet email is selected, lets you check just that one.
     CHNGD: Uses selected folder instead of setting to Incoming.
     ADDED: Can search for Today, Weekly, All Today, All Weekly, or All
                Aminet upload files.

    If you like/use/hate it, send me a note.

    midian at

        Charles Patterson
        4632 South Goldenrod Drive
        Tucson AZ 85730-4102

Contents of comm/mail/AminetRct.lha
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[generic]                 1116    1885  59.2% -lh5- 628f Jun 23  1998
[generic]                 1836    4115  44.6% -lh5- b029 Jul 15  1998 AminetRct.readme
[generic]                  704    1412  49.9% -lh5- ba34 Jul 15  1998 AminetRct1
[generic]                 1008    3082  32.7% -lh5- 4685 Jul 15  1998 AminetRct2
[generic]                  587    1560  37.6% -lh5- 05c3 Jun 23  1998 AminetRctDE
[generic]                  582    2054  28.3% -lh5- 89a0 Jun 20  1998 AminetRctInstall
[generic]                  613    1631  37.6% -lh5- db62 Jul 15  1998 AminetRctUS
[generic]                  404     682  59.2% -lh5- 1923 Jun 23  1998 Dansk
[generic]                  438     767  57.1% -lh5- a0b6 Jun 23  1998 Deutsch
[generic]                  403     699  57.7% -lh5- fb5c Jun 23  1998 Dutch
[generic]                  342     615  55.6% -lh5- fe4d Jun 23  1998 English
[generic]                  440     841  52.3% -lh5- 7c7d Jun 23  1998 Français
[generic]                 1004    2409  41.7% -lh5- 80d2 Jun 24  1998 JoinMailDE
[generic]                  904    2125  42.5% -lh5- 7853 Oct  5  1997 JoinMailUS
[generic]                  394     667  59.1% -lh5- d344 Jun 23  1998 Norsk
[generic]                  446     766  58.2% -lh5- 35f3 Jun 23  1998 Portuguese
[generic]                  395     687  57.5% -lh5- a997 Jul 15  1998 Spanish
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        17 files   11616   25997  44.7%            Jul 18  1998

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