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Short:A google translator for your screenbar
Author:Thomas at (Thomas Igracki)
Uploader:Thomas Igracki de (Thomas Igracki)
Kurz:Ein Google-Übersetzer für die Screenbar
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This sbar module allows you to use the google translator feature from your

Just click on the Google-Translator symbol in the screenbar, a window will be
opened where you can write the word or sentence you want to translate into the
one of the input fields.
The text will be instantly translated while you are typing!

There are also two custom popup gadgets to choose the source and translated

Its now possible to open the translator window by pressing the hotkey alt-#.
It can be customized in the settings.

You can use the gTranslator from any programm which supports Copy&Paste! Just
activate the clipboard hook (press the right mouse button over the gTranslator
icon in the screenbar) then everything which is copied to the clipboard will be
translated and displayed in a help bubble at the mouse pointer's position! You
can also automatically insert the translated text in your application, by
pressing the Cut&Traste hotkey (default right amiga-shift-x) after marking a

Here is a short video demonstrating this feature:

If you have suggestions or bug reports, don't hesitate to email me!

What has changed in v3.4:
Fix: The error bubble also appeared if you use Cut'&'Traste Chg: Changed the
menu-hotkey to en/disable the clipboard to rAmiga-h, cause it collides with
Scintillas 	 copy-clipboard-hotkey 	 Although my menu-hotkey was rAmiga-SHIFT-c
but it seems, that intuition only supports uppercase chars 	 if you also the
define a menuitem with the char in lowercase! New: Added a shorthelp to the lamp
object New: If the bubble with the translated string couldn't be created (f.e.
the str was too long), 	 an error bubble appears Fix: If you delete the last
char in the source field, the last char in the target field stays there Fix:
Finding the source lang was broken, due to latest changing, thats why 	
retranslating wasn't done, if you have "source lang" set to "auto" and you
copied 	 a text in your destination language, which should have been
retranslating to you home language New: Linefeeds in the translated text will be
replaced by a space, this looks better in the bubble, 	 so MUI formats the text
on its own New: Added a new option to toggle the skipping of LFs Fix: Multiple
sentences didn't worked!? I know this had worked before...
	 Either way, I found a way to optimize the parsing of the translation a bit;)
Fix: Switching between screens, could prevent displaying the translater bubble
Chg: Changed the text of the "gTranslator working"-bubble to "gTranslating...",
because 	 the previous "gTranslator is working..." was to splitted into 2 lines,
which doesn't look good Fix: The codepage was set to UTF8 before opening the
window, not direct after creating the window  	 This leads to not recognized
chars when translating of "UTF8 words" before the window was  	 opened for the
first time, f.e. if you use the clipboard hook Fix: Changed the text of the
"gTranslator working"-bubble to "gTranslator is working...";)

What has changed in v3.3
Chg: gTranslator is now working again! Chg: Added support for multiple
translations, because the new url produces a different      output format, where
each sentence is translated for themselves Fix: Spaces after a string won't get
lost after a translation Fix: Don't queue another translation, if a translation
is already running 	 f.e. If you type faster then google can translate

What has changed in v3.2
 - Fix: A failed http request will crash your system, I noticed that because it
seems         google stoped the translation service I am using;(         I hope
this is only temporaly...

New in v3.1:
- Cut&Tras´te feature   You are now able to translate text from any program
which supports Cut&Paste   Just mark the text you want to translate and press
rcommand-shift-x (changeable),   after some time (a bubble appears saying that
gTranslator is working) the marked   text gets replaced by the translated text!

- Clipboard hook, default is inactive
  Mark a text f.e. in OWB, then choose to copy it to the clipboard, gTranslator
  then displays the translated text in a bubble-help!
  You can activate/deactivate this feature with a right mouseclick over the 
  gTranslators screenbar image, from the menu (Edit/Clipboard hook) of its
  window or with a hotkey (defaults to rcommand-shift-c) to toggle this feature.
  A little "*" in the screenbar image shows that it is activated   The
bubble-help can be closed by clicking the left mousebutton or by pressing ESC.

New in v3:
- gTranslator now uses Scintilla objects as text input/output fields which
enables you   to use UTF8 text.

- the translation functions of gTranslator.sbar can now be used from external
applications   f.e. OWB could use it to translate marked text   there is a shell
command (gTranslator) to translate strings from a shell

- you can now type into both text fields

- you can specify a font in the settings

- long text will be splitted into parts of 1000 bytes to be able to translate it
  I try to be smart here to don't split within a sentence or word (if there
aren't any)

The menus:
	"Project/Activate Source" 		- activate the source field,    hotkey: Amiga-s
	"Project/Activate Target" 		- activate the target field,    hotkey: Amiga-t
	"Project/UpdateCheck"     		- check if there is a newer version
	"Project/About"                 - show an about window          hotkey: Amiga-?
	"Project/AboutMUI"              - show MUIs AboutWindow 	"Project/Close Window"
   		- close the window,             hotkey: Amiga-q

	"Edit/Clear"                    - clear both fields,            hotkey: Amiga-z
	"Edit/Undo"                     - undo the last changes,		hotkey: Amiga-u
	"Edit/Redo"                     - redo the last undo,			hotkey: Amiga-U
	"Edit/Copy source to clipboard" - copy source to the clipboard, hotkey: Amiga-S
	"Edit/Copy target to clipboard" - copy target to the clipboard, hotkey: Amiga-T
	"Edit/Clipboard hook"           - en/disable the clipboard hook hotkey: Amiga-h
	 You can also toggle it with a right mouseclick over the screenbar icon!

	"Language/Choose Source"		- choose a new source language, hotkey: Amiga-1
	"Language/Choose Target"		- choose a new target language, hotkey: Amiga-2

Read the gTranslator.history for a full changelog.


  1) copy "gTranslator.sbar" to SYS:Classes/Screenbar/
  2) Now you have to update the displayed sbars:
     - right click on the screen-depth icon (upper right corner of the screen)
  	 - if you already had gTranslator running, you have to delesect it first
  	   (in "modules" submenu)
     - choose 'Update List'
     - then select the new entry "gTranslator" in the "modules" submenu

  3) copy "gTranslator" to SYS:C/

13-Mar-15: v3.1, released 	New: If the source text field is active and if its
set to auto, but you are copying a text 		 in the target language, gTranslator
recognizes this and retranslates to the home language! 		 Example: Source is
auto, target is english, home language is german, source text field is active 		
 You are then able to translate from german to english and english to german,
without opening 		  the window and change the active text field   	New: Added a
settable global hotkey to switch the clipboard hook (default: rcommand shift c)
	Chg: Changed the settings layout a bit, added some shorthelp

	Chg: Don't open my window if you copy something to the clipboad instead show
the 		 translated string in a bubble at mouse position 		 You can close the
bubble with ESC or LMB 	Fix: If needed (if its utf8) convert the translated
string to system codepage if its 		 shown in a bubble

	New: If the clipboard hook is enabled, a little "*" is drawn into the sbar

	Fix: Preserve the "Menu/Edit/Clipboard hook" setting, when the window is

	New: You can switch the clipboard hook with a right mousebutton click over the
screenbar image! 	Fix: The CutAndTraste bubble was only displayed on the Ambient
screen 	New: Added a bubble help ("gTranslator working...") at mouse position to
indicate 		 the user that the translation for the CutAndTraste-Feature is in
progress, 		 cause sometimes it can take some seconds

	Chg: changed Cut&Traste-Feature to use the scintilla objects to read/write
from/to clipboard 		 because of the handling of utf chars

	New: added the Cut&Traste-Feature, if you press a definable hotkey (default
		 gTranslator cuts the selected text in any program (which supports rcommand-x)
and replaces 		 it with the translated text! 		 The windows mouse pointer will
be set to the sleep pointer

	Chg: My input handler now has a priority higher than CygnusEd

	Chg: remember the active field on win close/open   	New: added a clipboard
hook, Menu/Edit/Clipboard hook   		 if enabled, all text copied to the clipboard
(if my own window is NOT active!)
  		 will be pasted into the active text field and translated!   		 the window
will be opened if it was closed   	fix: paste from the contextmenu of the
inactive text field will activate the text field

	fix: Changing the font in the sbar-prefs only takes effect if you click in one
of the text fields 		 now it changes immediatly 		 [reported by Markus Lunk,
23-Jan-15] 	fix: If the window opens the first time, the user sees my changes
(remove first column) to the text fields

	Chg: Now the destination field should have the same line visible as the source,
		 when you edit a long text 		 Note:
		 This only works if they have the same number of lines, which isn't always 		
the case if line wrap is in use! 	Fix: unpush unnecessary pushmethods for
deleting the bubble 	New: Added undo/redo menu items 	Fix: The background color
of selected text and the background color of the inactive 		 field was the same,
I'm now using a light blue for selected text's background color 	Fix:
Menu/Edit/Clear now clears both text fields, instead of only the active 		 This
fixes the horizontal scrollbar (if line wrap isn't used)

16-Nov-14: v3.0, released 	Chg: The auto-lang-bubble is now displayed as a
bubble over the source language selector 		 while you are typing and will
disappear after 3 seconds in addition the shorthelp 		 of the source language
selector is also set to this language

	New: Added two library functions for external apps 		 GetSourceLang() to get
the source language, usefull if you set TL to auto 		 GetLangName() to get the
language name from its shortcut (f.e. GetLangName("de") returns "German")

	New: If the source language is set to auto, the recognized language is
displayed as a calltip!

	New: Added rcommand-tab to switch between the source and target field

	Fix: NotifyLoop (between the two sci objects) could happen sometime 	New:
LineWrapping is now set for both sci objects (should I make this optional?)

	New: Added some menuitems:
		"Project/Activate Source" to activate the source field,    hotkey: Amiga-s
		"Project/Activate Target" to activate the target field,    hotkey: Amiga-t
		"Project/Close Window"    to close the window,             hotkey: Amiga-q
		"Language/Choose Source"  to choose a new source language, hotkey: Amiga-1
		"Language/Choose Target"  to choose a new target language, hotkey: Amiga-2

	Chg: The active Scintilla object now has a different background (white) then
the inactive (grey) 

	Chg: Finally exchanged the TextInput objects with Scintilla objects, with the
advantage that 		 you are now able to enter and display utf8 text! 	New: Added a
"Font" setting to the prefs, default is "Liberation Mono/15" 	Chg: Raised the
limit from 500 to 1000 bytes for splitting long text, lets see if its too

	Chg: I now try to be smart when splitting a long (>500 chars) text:
		 It gets split not exact a the 500th position, but at the end of the prev
sentence 		 (delimited by a ".", ",", "!", ":" or a "?" followed by " " or "\n")
or if not found 		 at the previous " " 	Fix: Fixed some google strangeness, when
there is a space after a linefeed

	Chg: The arrow is now a "<->" symbolising that you can also translate from
target to source 	Fix: If the clear the source/targt field, the lamp is set to
off 	New: Remember the current position before setting the translated text, and
reset it afterwards     	 (usefull, if you change something at the end of a long

	New: Added a menu to the window
		 "Project/UpdateCheck"           - (not yet implemented)
		 "Project/About"                 - (not yet implemented),        hotkey:
Amiga-? 		 "Project/AboutMUI"              - show MUIs AboutWindow 		
"Edit/Clear"                    - clear both fields,            hotkey: Amiga-z
		 "Edit/Copy source to clipboard" - copy source to the clipboard, hotkey:
Amiga-S 		 "Edit/Copy target to clipboard" - copy target to the clipboard,
hotkey: Amiga-T

	New: Added multipart translation, in parts of 500 bytes, I have so see if this
is the right amount

	New: Its now possible to write in the second text field to translate from the
target to 		 the source language, if source if auto, the home language will be
used 		 [suggested by jPV, 18-Jun-14] 	Rem: Removed the possibility to click on
the arrow to swap the languages, because you 		 can now write in the second text
field 	New: Added a small lamp object under the arrow to indicate when
gTranslator is "working"

	New: Added "-" as a hotkey to swap the languages 		 You can use Amiga and "-"
if the text field is active! 	New: Its now possible to open the sbar as a
library and then use the Translate() function 		 from every program! 		 (would
be cool if f.e. OWB would support it to translate marked text...)
	New: Added a small shell tool (gTranslator) to translate strings from a shell

	New: Added cursor keys to change the selected entry in the LanguageSelector

	Chg: The source language selector in the settings is now also displayed with 9

	New: Clicking the arrow (->) between the language selectors, will swap the
languages 		 If source if auto, the home language will be used 		 [suggested by
jPV, 18-Jun-14] 	New: Added hotkeys to source ("1") and target ("2") language
selectors 		 to select the gadgets via a hotkey 	Chg: The source language
selector is now displayed with 9 columns, 		 so the last language isn't
displayed alone in an own row anymore

18-Jun-14: v2.01, released 	Fix: Forgot to disable debug code in some modules,
the filesize is now only half as large! 		 [reported by jPV, 18-Jun-14] 	Chg:
Changed the window title to just "gTranslator.sbar vX.X"

	Fix: The hotkey setting is now in a own group ("Misc."), instead of the
"Languages" group

13-Jun-14: v2.0, released
	Chg: Added "#" to the translated chars
	Fix: The chars "<" and ">" needed special handling

	New: All language selection gadgets are now a custom popup subclass with an
8-column 		 table instead of a cycle gadget 	Chg: Changed the layout of the
window, the language selection gadgets are now above 		 the text gadgets

	New: The hotkey is now adjustable! Default is now "alt #"
		 Because Powerbook doesn't have a right ctrl key;)

	Chg: the window and slave object are now global for all instances

	Chg: The InputHandler is now global, for all instances/screens 	New: Now using
Textinputscroll objects, to have scrollbars, because ScrollgroupObjects 		 seems
to not working with Textinput objs!? 		 Unfortunately the Textinputscroll
doesn't have support for AutoBars, like ScrollgroupObjects...

	New: Added a hotkey (ctrl #) to open/close my window!
	Fix: Chinese language name was wrong
		 [reported by Markus Lunk]

	Chg: Added "\t", "\n" and "+" to the translated chars

	Fix: The url string was limited to 200 chars, its now unlimited
		 but it seems that there is somewhere a limit (1958 chars)
		 [reported by Markus Lunk]

	New: Changed the url to translate, so its working again, w/o the need for
https! 	New: Instant translation, words are translated while you are typing 		
[suggested by Markus Lunk] 	New: The cycle-gadgets for the languages can now
jump to first/next language by 		 typing the first letter of the language 		
[suggested by Markus Lunk]     New: Added a "Home Language" setting, so unknown
words are set to this language 		 (doesn't work everytime though)
	New: The window width/height is now remembered
	New: Set max length of the source string gadget is now "auto expanded"
	New: The string- and the text(result)-gadget have now multiline support

	Tried to use Scintilla.mcc instead of String.mui 	- How can I only get a
notification for a specific type (f.e. SCN_MODIFIED), else I get every 	  second
a notification;( 	- How can I deactivate it? (to activate the cycle gadget via
	  else it gets all the keyboard inputs...
	- how can I disable the first column?

	Chg: The window width is now remembered 	Chg: Added custom cycle gadgets, you
are now able to choose an entry by typing the first 		 letter, if the gadget is
the active object! 		 Select a cycle gadget with the TAB key, then press a-z.
	Chg: The text gadget (where the translated string is shown), isn't in the cycle
chain anymore 	Chg: The string gadget is now a StringHistory object (you need to
install this class!)
		 TODO: make it optional

	-Fix: Now the window will open if you release the left mousebutton instead of
on pressing it! 		  To prevent the window from beeing deactivated right after
opening on Ambient!

21-Apr-14: v1.0, first release

17-Apr-14: started

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