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Short:Twitter client
Author:Oliver Urbann
Uploader:oliver urbann gmail com
Requires:util/libs/mui38usr.lha; dev/mui/MCC_Lamp.lha; dev/mui/MCC_TextEditor-15.37.lha; dev/mui/MCC_TheBar-26.8.lha; comm/www/OpenURL-7.14-lha; AmiSSL >= 3.6 (AmigaOS)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0; ppc-morphos; ppc-amigaos
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Twitter client with many features:     

 * Multiple user accounts
 * Account data stored without password
 * Preview of linked images
 * Update of status (send new tweets)
 * Load list of mentions
 * Show user information and related tweets
 * Search function (user and tweets)
 * Follow / Unfollow
 * Retweet
 * Avatars by datatype
 * MUI interface
 * OAuth support
 * URLs opened in browser (via OpenURL.library)
twittAmiga uses libcurl, libssl and others (see license folder for 
copyright information), therefore the executable is quite large. You should 
have at least 6 MB RAM. 

The GUI should be self-explanatory for twitter users. However, here a short 
description of the buttons in the toolbar:

 * Pred: Loads the previous page of the timeline.
 * Next: Loads the next page of the timeline.
 * Reload: Reloads the current page.
 * Home: Goes to the first page of the home timeline.
 * Send: Sends a new tweet (enter text into text editor above).
 * Tweet: Searches for tweets with the string entered in the text editor above.
 * User: Searches for user containing the string entered in the text editor
 * Mentions: Shows tweets mentioning you.

You can retweet by clicking the double arrow icon on the left side of the tweet.
By clicking the question mark icon of a user you can see detailed informations
about him/her. You can also follow/unfollow him/her by clicking the
corresponding icon above the tweet. 

User accounts are now stored by just saving the twitter key. It is
therefore no more required to save the password anywhere and it is asked only
once to retrieve the key by twitter. This can be done for multiple users. You 
can switch between multiple accounts by clicking the corresponding menu item.
A new window will be opened with a list of saved user accounts. Click on the
desired name and close the window. The user is then switched. To delete a user
you can edit the file keys.dat that is stored in the same directory as
twittAmiga. Just delete the line with the user to be removed. Deleting this
file will remove all users.

The configuration is done via tooltypes of the These are:

 * ACCOUNT: Your E-Mail address that you use for login. Can be empty.
            If you have multiple accounts this is the default account
            at startup.
 * TWEETS_PER_PAGE: The number of tweets that are shown on one page.
 * THEME: The name of the theme for the timeline. This is the name of a 
          directory within the twittAmiga directory. To use the default
          background type default.
 * CACHE: Path to a dir to store caching files. An / or : must be appended.

Question: It can't login or login fails, what can I do?
Solution: You can use your email address for login or the twitter username
          which is usually displayed with a leading  at . If you use your
          username do not enter the  at . If you are not asked for name and
          password try to delete keys.dat which is located in the folder
          where you have stored twittAmiga.

Question: It does not start and does not show anything. What is happening?
Solution: Maybe there are missing libraries. Check the list above carefully.
          Sometimes also the MUI classes have dependencies that are not met.
          To check this, go to the settings page of this class and see if
          it works correctly.
Question: twittAmiga crashes when I push any button, is there a bug?
Solution: twittAmiga uses floating point integers for calculating the
          progress bar. Maybe you need a fpu library. I suggest:
          util/sys/Mu680x0Libs.lha from Aminet. If this does not solve
          the problem please continue to the next question.
Question: I have problem XYZ. How can I solve it?
Solution: Try to start twittAmiga from a shell by typing:

          stack 102400
          twittamiga debug
          You will see a long log of everything what is happening. Maybe
          there are error messages that can help you.
Question: Where can I get news and help?
Solution: Follow me on twitter: twittAmiga or search the web for forum
Question: The icons look crappy, what can I do?
Solution: Try another PNG datatype. All icons (except toolbar) and
          user images are displayed using datatypes.

Question: My window does not fit onto screen, what can I do?
Solution: You can configure the MUI for this window. Select "TheBar"
          and choose to view images only.


Bugfix release with following changes:
- Fix in error handling, missing MUI classes error message
- Loading of thumbnails instead of small size as the latter
  increased (change in Twitter API) and is maybe still small 
	for a mobile phone but not for a classic Amiga. 
- Additionally layout changed to view it.
- Another Twitter API change to more characters per tweet 
  but must be loaded differently.
- Map removed as Google changed API completely and now requires
  an API key. Too much work for this small feature.
- Window width can be changed again.

- Amiga OS 3 version is back (without ixemul)
- Linked against OpenSSL 1.0.0a and libcurl 7.46.0
- Fix in GUI viewing tweets and small OS 3 specific code changes

- Deactivated SSL certificate check as sometimes this check fails
  when sending a tweet.
- Fixed version string.
- Pointing to MorphOS preferences instead of OpenURL settings.
- Fix in button press handling if no timeline was loaded before.
- Twitter now requires cookie for retrieving PIN. Cookie will be only
  used for this and never saved anywhere.
- Dialog for asking username and/or password if ACCOUNT and/or PASSWORD
  is empty in the tooltypes. Dialog only displayed once for retrieving
  PIN and is usually not needed afterwards.
- Password cannot be stored anymore.
- ACCOUNT tooltype selects the default user that is loaded on startup.
  Additionally, it is now optional. If it is not set, the first user in
  list is used.
- Dialog for switching user accounts.
- Currently no update for OS 3.x as libcurl is too old for this OS.
- Native AmigaOS 4 version
- Fix in translating time to current time zone
- Removed HTMLView (due to too many bugs)
- Added native view for tweets
- Fix in "View Map" menu
- URLs now opened via openurl.library

- Added map view
- Added search on map
- Added caching for maps and city search
- Added menu strip 
- Fixed many memory issues related to MUI
- Fixed progress bar
- Bug fix: Sent tweets are now converted to correct character encoding
- Bug fix: Multiple links in one tweet now handled correctly
- Bug fix: Links are now correct even if tweet contains unicode characters
- Bug fix: last references to xml2.library removed
- Bug fix: Retweet working again.

- Partially rewritten for new twitter API 1.1
- Uses now JSON instead of XML
- HTTPS instead of HTTP  
- Native MorphOS version
- Bugfix in search function
- Error messages fixed
- Icons now better for plain AOS 3
- Search for user added

- Search
- Follow/unfollow
- User timeline
- Mentions
- Bugfixes in time handling
- Changed from libxml2 to xml2.library, no more ixemul!
- Less RAM needed
- Debug output optional 

There is an issue about the libcurl. On some systems twittAmiga can be started
from a shell only a few times until it stops showing images. If this happens,
start it from workbench or restart the shell.

Contents of comm/misc/twittAmiga.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[generic]                  267     648  41.2% -lh5- 82d2 Nov 18 14:02
[generic]                 1068    1068 100.0% -lh0- bccc Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/AddUser.png
[generic]                  672     672 100.0% -lh0- 5fc2 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/Home.png
[generic]                 1106    1106 100.0% -lh0- cca0 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/InfoUser.png
[generic]                  703     703 100.0% -lh0- 7a7d Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/Mentions.png
[generic]                  392     392 100.0% -lh0- e492 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/Next.png
[generic]                  391     391 100.0% -lh0- f1e8 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/Previous.png
[generic]                  624     624 100.0% -lh0- f801 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/Reload.png
[generic]                 1097    1097 100.0% -lh0- 1856 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/RemoveUser.png
[generic]                  754     754 100.0% -lh0- dfcc Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/retweet.mi1
[generic]                  582     582 100.0% -lh0- 6af2 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/retweet.png
[generic]                  539     539 100.0% -lh0- 484b Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/Search.png
[generic]                 1078    1078 100.0% -lh0- cebf Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/SearchUser.png
[generic]                  729     729 100.0% -lh0- 1ae5 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/icons/Send.png
[generic]                  639    1048  61.0% -lh5- 184f Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/licenses/curl.txt
[generic]                 2100    6277  33.5% -lh5- d416 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/licenses/openssl.txt
[generic]                  556    1050  53.0% -lh5- 68cc Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/licenses/zlib.txt
[generic]              1633388 2868416  56.9% -lh5- de4a Nov 17 09:24 twittAmiga/twittAmiga-AmigaOS
[generic]                 2543    3278  77.6% -lh5- 43c5 Nov 18 14:03 twittAmiga/
[generic]              1414891 3511508  40.3% -lh5- d24e Nov 14 23:44 twittAmiga/twittAmiga-AmigaOS4
[generic]                 2543    3278  77.6% -lh5- 43c5 Nov 18 14:03 twittAmiga/
[generic]              2041689 5486284  37.2% -lh5- 1b96 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/twittAmiga-MorphOS
[generic]                 2543    3278  77.6% -lh5- 43c5 Nov 18 14:03 twittAmiga/
[generic]                 3461    8009  43.2% -lh5- 00f7 Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/twittAmiga.readme
[generic]                 1424    2542  56.0% -lh5- 853e Nov 18 14:02 twittAmiga/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        25 files 5115779 11905351  43.0%            Nov 18 18:49

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