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Short:GummiSurf Replacement allows 2 sequences
Author:ncc at (Nick Clover)
Uploader:Nick Clover
Requires:comm/www/OpenURL-7.14.lha (OS4.0 or lower)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.1 Replaces" comm/net/DoubleGummi.lha
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DoubleGummi (c)Severin 2014

DoubleGummi is written with AmiBlitz3 on my AmigaOne X1000 running
AmigaOS4.1. The program has not been tested under Os3.x but should
work ok. It will use URLOpen (OS4.1+) if found or OpenURL if not for
the Browser/Generate function.

This started off as a small charon add on like GummiSurf but to
handle two sequences of numbers and in a far easier way.

Sometimes when you're browsing the net for reference and research
material you find sites with numbered files in numbered drawers.
With GummiSurf you have to either do each drawer individually or
grab each file from all the drawers. For example you find
somewhere with 50 drawers containing 15 files each. With GummiSurf
it takes 15 calls to grab it all (or 50 if you're a nutter).

Using DoubleGummi you can specify BOTH sequences directly in the
URL, none of that splitting it up into sections like GummiSurf.



    BaseName:  <empty>
    Extension: /image01.jpg
    Save Path: Downloads:
    From:      1
    To:        50
    Digits:    2

    Repeated 15 times bumping the Extension field or

    BaseName:  image
    Extension: .jpg
    Save Path: Downloads:
    From:      1
    To:        15
    Digits:    2

    Repeated 50 times bumping the BaseURL field


    URL :[01-50]/image[01-15].jpg
    Dest: Downloads:

    Simple eh?

The sequence format is [<first number with leading zeros to set the
number of digits>-<last number>]

For example to get 25 files with 8 digit numbered from 1 to 25 use:


The GUI:

URL:      Enter the URL required here and edit the sequences required.
          You don't have to use 2 it works quite happily with a single
C:        Clears the URL gadget.
V:        Pastes the clipboard contents into the URL gadget.

Dest:     This is for telling Charon where to save the files.
^:        Pops up an ASL drawer requester.

Save to:  Path and filename to use when clicking the Save Gadget.
^:        Pops up a ASL save file requester.

Format:   Choose the format of file to save or generate (export)

    Charon: Save a charon list for importing into Charon or generate
            directly into Charon (Auto starts)

   Browser: Creates an HTML file showing all the full size images in a
            single web page. You can save it (.html extension is
            added to the save filename if not there) or generate will
            call URLOpen to send it to the browser of your choice.

            Caution: Only use with images and remember the
            generated page could be huge and steal all your ram.

      HTML: Will save an html file (any name, .html is not added) listing
            clickable text URLs to the files. There is no generate option.

     ASCII: Saves a plain ASCII list of all the URLs. Could be passed to
            programs like wget, curl etc.

Save:     Does what it says.

Generate: Exports directly to Charon or a browser.

Quit:     If I need to explain this one go back to windows ;-)
          When you quit the current settings are saved to ENVARC:
          including the window position, string gadget contents and
          the output format.

I've tried to make the sequences as user proof as possible, non numeric
characters inside the brackets are ignored except "-". The number of
brackets is counted, anything other than 1 or 2 opening AND closing
brackets pops up an error requester.

Always save first if your unsure so you can check what you would be
sending to Charon or a browser and I would not recommend sending double
sequences to a browser anyway.


DoubleGummi can also be used in a limited way from CLI:

DoubleGummi <URL> <DEST>

The program will then generate a Charon file in Ram:Charon.List


Known Bugs:

The ASL requesters sometimes crash the program under OS4, there is
nothing I can do about this in the source code which I why there are
the dest: and  Save to: string gadgets so you can type if you don't
want to risk ASL.



  V0.1: Initial Release.
  V0.2: Number of digits allowed increased from 8 to a really silly number
        that should be enough for anyone. (User Request).
  V0.3: Found a bug when using two sequences, I changed the code to use the
        POP FOR command which does not work properly under OS4 leading to false

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