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Short:Experimental VNC server for Amiga w/C source (RTG or not !)
Author:stephane.guillard at (Stephane Guillard)
Uploader:stephane guillard steria com (Stephane Guillard)
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About VNC
VNC is a truly thin client protocol which enables the use of one computer
(the server) from another (the client), by :
- Enabling remote view of the server screen in a window on the client screen
- Enabling the use of the keyboard of the client in place of the keyboard of the
- Enabling the use of the mouse of the client in place of the mouse of the
More can be found in the provided HTML doc file.

About AmiVNC
AmiVNC is an experimental VNC server for the Amiga.

This is the 8th public release of AmiVNC, bringing support for 256 color RTG
Read the doc !

To run AmiVNC you need :
- any native planar Amiga screenmode (PAL, NTSC, AGA etc.)
  or 15, 16, 24 or 32 bit RTG mode (CGFX or Picasso96)
- a TCP-IP stack (AmiTCP or Miami(dx) or any bsdsocket.library compliant stack),
- enough free ram to hold a copy of the Workbench screen,
- a fast processor (a 060/50 will be perfect), otherwise the client screen
update will be slow,
- a computer with a VNC Client (Mac, Unix or Linux box, PC, Amiga)

To build AmiVNC you need :
- StormC4/GCC

History / News
- Solved this looongstanding mouse scale bug which showed on wome configs.
  Thanks Denis Spach !
- Mouse support is now more system friendly thus compatible w/ MagicMenu etc.
- Code is 1/2 its previous size, faster and more stable (thanks StormC4)
- Added 68020 versions to the distribution

- Ported to and compiled w/ StormC4/GCC (smaller, faster).
- Added IntuitionBase locking (more stable).
- Reworked mouse event insertion (should remove mouse coord. errors).
- First PPC version (not distributed yet) : faster.
- Added DELAY parameter, to lower CPU needs.

- Added VVA support : BGR233 pixel encoding (enable this with VVA tooltype
  or -a on the command line). Reduces all screen modes to 256 colors, speeding
things a bit.
- Palette refreshing bug fixes for palette screenmodes (planar and chunky).

- Bug fix : password setting with S: in an AFS or PFS filesystem did not work.
  Reason : AmiTCP net.lib (with which I link) strangely alters creat() behavior.
Now using Open().
- Bug fix : when stopping AmiVNC with CTRL-C signal, memory was freed twice.
  Reason : I had not understood what CXBRK() is.

- Added support for 256 color RTG screen modes (at last !). Indeed, when
  I saw working 256 color planar modes I thought it would not be that hard
  to have 256 color chunky modes too ! Now, there should not be that many
  screen modes not supported.

- Added a planar only version for users who don't have Picasso96 nor
  at all. See in the "planar only" directory, and read the html doc !

- Added support for Amiga planar modes (YES, AT LAST !).
- Removed the StopAmiVNC tool. To properly stop AmiVNC,
  feed it with a BREAK C (only when it is waiting for incoming sessions).
  If you use Executive, you can use the nice MUI Commander for this purpose.
- Added icon Tooltypes to set parameters.
- Added user commands to be executed when client logs in or logs out.
- Added log to file, thus silent mode.
- A few bug fixes.
- Documentation update.

- Added the StopAmiVNC tool, to properly stop AmiVNC (only when it is waiting
  incoming sessions).
- Enhanced keyboard support (supporting arrow keys, CONTROL, SHIFT, Lamiga =
Lalt, Ramiga
  = Ralt etc.). Better, but still not perfect.
- Enhanced mouse support (handles ieQualifier). Better, but still not perfect :
in YAM,
  you can drag your messages but when they come onto a drop area, they are
- Allows screen change IF new screen is the same RGB mode. I did not think it
would be
  very useful, but indeed I use it ! Aborts connection when screen changes if
new screen
  mode is different (as said somewhere above, the VNC clients abort when they
receive a
  mServerInitMsg message in the middle of a session, and this message is
necessary to
  change the resolution).
- More command line options :
    -e to force Big Endian flag
    -(r|g|b)<value> to force red | green | blue bit shift on color encoding,
useful if you
     have color trouble. Legal values are 0, 8, 16, 24. Default is -r8 -g16
    -l<size> to limit network packet size when sending initial screen update.
Useful if you
     have too many network collisions. Default is no limit.
- Speed restored under Picasso96 with screen depth = 16 bit pixels. Still slower
  CGFX or with screen depth > 2, because still using ReadPixelArray for
  and sending 4 byte pixels. Will try to fix that.
- A few bug fixes.

- Deals with active screen, not necessarily Workbench (this does not mean you
can open
  a screen in a session !).
- No longer a one shot daemon. You can re-connect. Stop with CTRL-C when the
server is
  waiting for connections (if you break it at another state, you may loose
- Corrected acquisition of raster pointer, which worked under Pic96 but not
under CGFx.
  Thanks to Steffen Haeuser.
- Changed all color encoders to ARGB (32 bit on the wire), and ReadPixelArray().
  is slower, but works with all CGFx and Picasso96 screen modes with depth > 8.
  a side effect, AmiVNC is even smaller than before !
- This version is successfully running on my setup, with both AmiTCP, Genesis or
  Miami as a TCP stack, and Picasso96 or CFGx 4 as RTG system.

0.0.9 :
-  Fixed ObtainSocket() call, works now with Miami
-  Added 24 bit pixel support
-  Added Cybergraphics support
-  Added setting of listening port (5900 may also be used by other softwre)
-  Fixed documentation
-  Still much to be done

0.0.8mt :
-  Initial release on Aminet

Contents of comm/tcp/AmiVNC.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  777    2423  32.1% -lh5- bf48 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/AmiVNC-Planar.¶
[generic]                 2386    7722  30.9% -lh5- 6960 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/AmiVNC-Planar.¶.info
[generic]                13767   66059  20.8% -lh5- 4358 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/amivnc.c
[generic]                 2784    5906  47.1% -lh5- b34b Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/AmiVNC.readme
[generic]                  779    2526  30.8% -lh5- 89ca Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/AmiVNC.¶
[generic]                 2381    7722  30.8% -lh5- b2e4 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/AmiVNC.¶.info
[generic]                 3790   15226  24.9% -lh5- d232 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/d3des.c
[generic]                  787    1737  45.3% -lh5- af6f Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/d3des.h
[generic]                11610   35068  33.1% -lh5- 1bc9 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/Doc/AmiVNC.htm
[generic]                10026   10026 100.0% -lh0- 3355 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/Doc/Image1.gif
[generic]                 1641    1641 100.0% -lh0- be00 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/Doc/Image2.jpg
[generic]                 1360    1360 100.0% -lh0- fbdf Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/Doc/Image4.gif
[generic]                19203   36156  53.1% -lh5- f70f Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/Executables/Planar/AmiVNC.020
[generic]                19201   36092  53.2% -lh5- 801a Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/Executables/Planar/AmiVNC.060
[generic]                20850   40024  52.1% -lh5- 3fa5 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/Executables/RTG & Planar/AmiVNC.020
[generic]                20709   39724  52.1% -lh5- 1714 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/Executables/RTG & Planar/AmiVNC.060
[generic]                 2224    8437  26.4% -lh5- 8214 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/ievents.c
[generic]                 6507   21980  29.6% -lh5- ea8b Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/rfbproto.h
[generic]                 1356    2996  45.3% -lh5- 6ec0 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/vncauth.c
[generic]                  762    1427  53.4% -lh5- 5036 Aug 31  2001 AmiVNC/vncauth.h
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        20 files  142900  344252  41.5%            Sep  5  2001

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