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Short:Google Drive handler for AmigaOS 3.x
Author:Norbert Kett (anchor at
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
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  This is a Dos handler allowing easy access to Your Google Drive storage.


  AmigaOS 3.x, 68020 28MHz, 8M fast RAM, with Internet connection. The
  handler has been tested on OS3.1, and OS3.9. It may also work on AROS
  Vision, and on MorphOS too. However, it has not been fully tested yet
  on these platforms. (MorphOS will get a native version separately.)


  Without licence key, the handler acts as a read only volume, and document
  exporting is disabled. To obtain the licence key, please contact me using
  my email address. Once licence obtained, full access to all my upcoming
  handlers is enabled. (Dropbox and Google Cloud Print are planned as well)
  The cost of the license is 10 EUR.


  Since there is no installer yet, You need to follow these steps:
  1. Copy the entire 'Google' folder to your Devs: from the archive.
  2. Visit the following site with a modern browser:
     and copy the given client code into Devs:Google/_client_code
     (Please note: Every time when You ask new client code, You must delete
     Devs:Google/_access_token and Devs:Google/_refresh_token files if they
     are exist!)
  3. Add the following lines to Your user-startup:
  ;BEGIN Google
     Assign SSLROOT: Devs:Google/.sslroot
     Mount GOOGLE: from Devs:Google/google.mountlist
  ;END Google 

  (If somehow You already have SSLROOT: assign, skip that line) 
  That's all. Let's check your installation. Reboot, and open a new
  CLI window. Type: list google:
  If everything is fine, after a few seconds You should see the list of
  files and folders of your GD root.
  If You want to see GD icon on your Workbench, upload one from
  Devs:Google/.data folder to Your GD root, and rename it to is a classic icon format for OS3.1, is for
  Peter Keunecke's icon.library, while is a png image for
  OS3.9. In order to upload files You'll need to use a full version
  of the handler, or a modern browser.


  GD handler is based on libCurl (v7.37.1), and OpenSSL (0.9.8zh)
  This version of openssl contains all security patches until
  2015.12.03, but supports only TLS 1.0. Use this handler at Your
  own risk. If You have stronger CPU (68040/68060/Apollo FPGA),
  You can try the handler built with the latest, full featured,
  but slower openssl. (v1.0.2e) Just rename google-drive-handler_102e
  to google-drive-handler in Your Devs:Google folder.
  You can check the components, and the licence status with this
  command: list google: at about
  The SSL connection and data transmission is a relatively slow on
  68k based machines. GD handler worked on my boosted ACA1221 with 
  68020 28MHz, but it wasn't too fast. For the fluent operating a
  68030 is strongly recommended.

  - GD does not show the file size of the document type files. The zero
  file size may cause problems, thus the handler showing a huge file size
  for exportable documents. The real size is determined only at the export
  time. File managers without EOF support are unable to handle it. Dopus
  can't handle EOF, and its default I/O buffer size is too small for
  networking. I recommend FileMaster, or Workbench for GD. FileMaster uses
  big enough (and adjustable) I/O buffer size by default, and handles EOF.
  - GD does not allow modification of file contents. If You want to modify
  a file, make a local copy first, and when You have finished, upload it
  to your GD.
  - GD expects the exact file size for every upload. If You creating a new
  file, it is empty. Due to this, if You uploading something, the content
  will be stored into a buffer, and the real upload will occur when the
  file has been closed. The maximum size of the uploaded file is limited
  by amount of free RAM.

  - OCR (automatic text document export from image, during upload)
  - Shared file support
  - icon ghosting
  - thumbnails as icons for NG systems
  - 64 bit actions for NG systems
  - change detection (if You operate with GD on other machine too)
  - MOS, AROS x86, OS4 port (I have no OS4 capable machine yet)
   This handler is still in an early stage of development, far from the
   mature state. It may contain bugs. Please consider this release as a
   public beta. Any feedback is welcomed.
   Thanks to:
    - BSzili,
    - Viktor Soponyai alias dh1 from Amiga Mania Magazin,
    - PMonster,
    - Sir_Lucas

Contents of comm/tcp/GoogleDrive_handler_68k.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[generic]                 2384    4724  50.5% -lh5- 5aed Jan 26  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k.readme
[generic]                 2848   10671  26.7% -lh5- 6fc2 Mar 21  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/.codepages/windows-1250.txt
[generic]                  542    4048  13.4% -lh5- 16e9 Nov 25  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/.data/
[generic]                 1408    1640  85.9% -lh5- 505c Jan 25  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/.data/
[generic]                 2243    2243 100.0% -lh0- 8cfd Nov 25  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/.data/
[generic]                 1024    1024 100.0% -lh0- 8212 Nov 21  2009 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/.sslroot/.rnd
[generic]                 3704   10848  34.1% -lh5- 1857 Jun 18  2010 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/.sslroot/openssl.cnf
[generic]               660450 1582600  41.7% -lh5- 1d25 Jan 26  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/google-drive-handler
[generic]               851625 2009840  42.4% -lh5- 5778 Jan 26  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/google-drive-handler_102e
[generic]                  100     112  89.3% -lh5- d441 Nov 21  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/google.mountlist
[generic]                   26      26 100.0% -lh0- 4d86 Jan 24  1980 GoogleDrive_handler_68k/Google/_client_code
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        11 files 1526354 3627776  42.1%            Jan 26 06:28

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