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Short:bsdsocket.library monitor&patch
Author:Marcin 'MiniQ' Kielesinski
Uploader:"Marcin 'MiniQ' Kielesinski" <ministerq amiga pl>
Requires:MUI3.8, NList
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-What is it?

NetworkSnoop is a patch which purpose is similiar to SnoopDos but it is aimed at
tracing bsdsocket.library calls. This is not a program for an ordinary user - it
is not going to improve the functionality of TCP/IP stack. NetworkSnoop is for
developers who develop tools which use bsdsocket.library. This tool offers them
ability to check eg. content of the buffers of such functions as recv(), send(),
content of the system's structures which are used by bsdsocket.library. The
developers may also like to check if the function receives proper parameteres
and what are they.

This tool can also be used to monitor "uncertain" software:  suspected for
spamming, software that sends unwanted information in non-specified web places.


Current version works flawlessly on AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.0 and MorphOS. Soon
there will be also individually compiled native versions for
AmigaOS/AmigaOS-like systems (AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS, AROS).

Requirements are as follows:

-any TCP/IP stack compatible with bsdsocket.library (practically all stacks;
bsdsocket.library emulation built into WinUAE also works)
-MUI 3.x or newer,
-MUI NList class,
-any tool that uses bsdsocket.library (to test on something)

There might be also necessary to raise a stack of the tool which uses
bsdsocket.library. It might be needed to avoid the consequences of getting out
of stack problems.

-How does it work?

As already mentioned, NetworkSnoop patches bsdsocket.library functions and
exec.library functions (OldOpenLibrary(), OpenLibrary(), CloseLibrary()). The
patches are tracing all the calls to the basic API of bsdsocket.library
(currently NetworkSnoop traces calls of procedures in offsets table of jumps
within the range of -30 and -300).  It is a common knowledge that each process
that uses bsdsocket.library has to open the library only for its very own
purposes - database of the library is connected with the process and can not be
shared between other processes.  According to this and in contrary to all the
others AmigaOS libraries, it is impossible to assemble a single patch for
bsdsocket.library as well as simply monitor the calls of this library.  It is
necessary to assemble patches dynamically into each database of
bsdsocket.library which was created by exec.libary/OpenLibrary() calls.
Basically it means that NetworkSnoop must be run BEFORE any tool which has to be

-What exactly can I do with NetworkSnoop?

You may observe the functions' calls and their parameters (top lister).  In the
bottom lister there are contents of structures or buffers of functions which
assign more complexed parameters. In the second tab you can turn on/off patches,
choose the name of the process to trace (by default, NetworkSnoop traces all the
process which in any way are connected with bsdsocket.library), turn on/off
saving to file information about the buffers of the functions recv()/send() (you
can choose between saving to progdir or to the directory of the traced process).
Every session is logged and can be saved to a text file. All the changes take
place immediately, including saving the preferences.


I wrote this tool to fulfil my personal needs in the matter of debugging
bsdsocket.library calls.  
If you think that NetworkSnoop can be in any way improved or serve other,
different purposes in its range, write an e-mail to me and explain your
suggestions.  The same you should do in case you find a bug.

-Contact with the author:

Marcin "MiniQ" Kielesi&#324;ski
ministerq at

Thanks for Sebastian 'mailman' Rosa for translation. :)

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[generic]                 2994   10096  29.7% -lh5- 3ecb Nov 20 20:49 NetworkSnooper/locale/polski/NS.ct
[generic]                 1665    3666  45.4% -lh5- 105c Nov 20 21:15 NetworkSnooper/NetworkSnoop_EN.readme
[generic]                34606   72720  47.6% -lh5- 8377 Nov 20 21:01 NetworkSnooper/NetworkSnoop_m68k.exe
[generic]                 1089    1840  59.2% -lh5- 5666 Nov 16 00:55 NetworkSnooper/
[generic]                 1955    4054  48.2% -lh5- ced1 Nov 20 20:59 NetworkSnooper/NetworkSnoop_PL.readme
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