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Short:SMB file system client; complements Samba
Author:Olaf Barthel (olsen at
Uploader:Varthall / Up Rough (varthall01 gmail com)
Requires:Miami, Miami Deluxe, AmiTCP 3.x or AmiTCP Genesis
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SMBFS 1.74 - A SMB file system wrapper for AmigaOS, using the AmiTCP V3 API

SMBFS implements an SMB file system for AmigaOS. This file system can be used to
access files made available by file servers which implement the SMB protocol,
such as 'Microsoft Windows' or any other platform which supports the free
'Samba' product. These files can be accessed using shell commands such as
'List', the Workbench or utilities such as 'Directory Opus' as if the file
server were a local disk drive.

Changelog (starting from the previously released 1.66 version):

smbfs 1.74 (31.8.2009)

- Integrated Harry Sintonen's fix for the problem caused by large
  writes to files. The respective packet size was off by one byte.
  Thank you very much!

smbfs 1.73 (17.4.2009)

- Modified smb_valid_packet() in proc.c to check whether the packet
  received is smaller than expected, not whether the length matches
  exactly. This seems to fix the protocol negotiation with Samba 3.2.5
  for now. Haven't checked Vista yet, though...

smbfs 1.72 (14.4.2009)

- In proc.c, smb_setup_header() initialized the SMB header length
  field with a number which was too large by four bytes. Consequently,
  what was later committed to the wire would have four trailing data
  bytes which could contain random values. This often didn't do much
  harm, but it seems that Samba 3.2.4 and Windows Vista don't like the
  looks of the trailing junk bytes.

smbfs 1.71 (13.6.2005)

- The extended directory scanning entry conversion code now swaps
  the last modification and last write access date stamps. This
  matches the time of the last modification, as returned by the
  regular ACTION_EXAMINE_FH/ACTION_EXAMINE packets. Note that the
  time resolution is a little bit coarser because the modification
  time as expressed by the SMB getattr function cannot represent
  60 distinct seconds per minute but only 30. The net effect is
  that the resulting time stamps in a directory listing and by
  examining a file can differ by one second.

- The DST option's time offset was added to rather than subtracted
  from the local time. Fixed.

smbfs 1.70 (13.6.2005)

- Introduced a new option to account for daylight savings time
  when appropriate.

- Looks like some of the time stamps used in "proc.c" are
  transmitted in local time after all; brought back the
  conversion functions.

smbfs 1.69 (13.6.2005)

- The time stamps used in "proc.c", as returned and submitted to
  the SMB file system on the other end of the wire are apparently
  all in Universally Coordinated Time already (or at least, this
  seems to be the case with Samba and Windows XP). Hence no conversion
  between local time and UTC is necessary, which would otherwise
  distort all date stamps converted. I modified the file system to
  leave all time stamps essentially unadjusted for local time in
  "proc.c". The local time zone adjustments are now performed only
  where the time in question is known to be Amiga-specific, such as
  the current system time or the date stamp to set for a file.

  The time conversion appears to be working correctly now, but it
  does ignore the effects of daylight savings time, which you might
  want to adjust for manually through the TIMEZONEOFFSET option
  (careful though: this overrides your current locale-defined time
  zone settings as far as smbfs is concerned).

  Unsolved problem: at least Windows XP seems to return different
  time stamps for directory listings and for indidivual files. As
  far as I can tell, the sets of time stamps returned for either
  doesn't match anywhere.

smbfs 1.68 (3.6.2005)

- It appears that Windows XP can produce directory listings with
  file/directory modification times set to 0, indicating that no
  such information is available, while the associated last file
  write access data is present. Previously, smbfs only reported
  the modification. If this data is unavailable and the date of
  the last write access is, the last write access will be
  reported instead.

smbfs 1.67 (27.5.2005)

- Replaced the long NT date conversion code with something hopefully
  much more robust. The results so far are both encouraging and
  irritating. Dates that previously came out as "unknown" are now
  processed, but there are differences between the dates shown in the
  directory listing and by listing the files by name. Go figure...

- Transplanted some more code from Samba to handle directory entry
  data conversion.

Contents of comm/tcp/smbfs-68k.lha
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[generic]                 8885   22456  39.6% -lh5- a7c0 Aug 31  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/history.doc
[generic]                33427   61212  54.6% -lh5- cc4d Aug 31  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/smbfs
[generic]                 7616   21052  36.2% -lh5- 2105 Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/smbfs.doc
[generic]                 2166    7794  27.8% -lh5- 9535 Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/assert.c
[generic]                 1467    4444  33.0% -lh5- 3eef Apr 17  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/assert.h
[generic]                 6993   17982  38.9% -lh5- dc3e May 24  2005 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/COPYING
[generic]                 5270   17108  30.8% -lh5- 6b5e Aug 31  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/crypt.c
[generic]                 1087    2688  40.4% -lh5- d5ea Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/GNUmakefile.68k
[generic]                 1116    2721  41.0% -lh5- 2c97 Apr 17  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/GNUmakefile.os4
[generic]                 1027    2322  44.2% -lh5- 3207 Jun  3  2005 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/include/smb/smb.h
[generic]                 1182    4230  27.9% -lh5- b676 May 24  2005 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/include/smb/smb_fs.h
[generic]                  577    1117  51.7% -lh5- 1fa9 May 24  2005 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/include/smb/smb_fs_sb.h
[generic]                  351     549  63.9% -lh5- eb5e May 24  2005 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/include/smb/smb_mount.h
[generic]                 3365   11723  28.7% -lh5- 5690 May 24  2005 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/include/smb/smbno.h
[generic]                33201  134560  24.7% -lh5- 3352 Apr 17  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/main.c
[generic]                17572   69728  25.2% -lh5- 9881 Aug 31  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/proc.c
[generic]                 1500    3740  40.1% -lh5- 7af2 Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/quad_math.c
[generic]                  766    1624  47.2% -lh5- 1723 Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/quad_math.h
[generic]                 1568    4263  36.8% -lh5- 42cf Apr 17  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/smakefile
[generic]                 8495   36103  23.5% -lh5- b2b4 Apr 17  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/smb_abstraction.c
[generic]                 1012    3150  32.1% -lh5- 375f Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/smb_abstraction.h
[generic]                 1440    4820  29.9% -lh5- 446c Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/smbfs.h
[generic]                  112     188  59.6% -lh5- 9427 Aug 31  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/smbfs_rev.h
[generic]                  124     234  53.0% -lh5- d29f Apr 17  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/smbfs_rev.i
[generic]                    3       3 100.0% -lh0- 0927 Aug 31  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/smbfs_rev.rev
[generic]                  130     247  52.6% -lh5- 7076 Apr 17  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/smbfs_rev.s
[generic]                 2715   11468  23.7% -lh5- 7521 Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/sock.c
[generic]                  610    1103  55.3% -lh5- 32bf Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/system_headers.c
[generic]                 1064    3187  33.4% -lh5- c3ba Apr 14  2009 smbfs-1.74-68k/source_code/system_headers.h
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 Total        29 files  144841  451816  32.1%            Dec 28 21:55

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