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Short:Html editor with external editor support
Author:lmcgahey at (Larry McGahey)
Uploader:lmcgahey net-link net (Larry McGahey)
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	  Version 2.0k

	  Bug fixes including fixing a problem when using
	  FONT SIZE="4" rather than FONT SIZE="+1". The
	  second QUOTE would be removed if the selection
	  was a single digit.

	  Replaced the code that allows you to use CONTROL
	  and the UPARROW to jump to the start of a document
	  and the DOWNARROW to jump to the end of a document.

          Version 2.0j

          Removed the "Go Configure" gui that appears to have
          only worked on my A4000'040 and A3000???

          Version 2.0i

          Fixed a bug created in v2.0h that limited the number
          of characters that would fit in the text boxes of
          the Go Configure screen. This would chop of the end
          of a long path.

          Version 2.0h

          Fixed a few bugs and no doubt created some new ones.
          Sometimes BACKSPACE would not backspace.

          Stopped putting an automatic space at the beginning
          of each document.

          Search starts from one line below the current line
          rather than jumping to the start of the document.

          Moved some things around in the pulldown menus.
          (the guide doesn't show these yet but it's obvious)

          Changed the look of the Go Configure screen.
          (creating a nightmare of problems that should be fixed now)

          I have started support for Tidy but it doesn't work
          yet. It doesn't work yet. It doesn't work yet.

          Version 2.0g

          There was a problem when using an external editor
          that caused a glitch on the way back to Web Design.
          If a large file had been pasted into the external
          editor it would mess up and not finish updating
          the document in Web Design.

          Version 2.0f

          Fixed the fonts in the prefs screen so the text
          won't appear where it shouldn't. This depends on
          the user having courier 11 font in the fonts directory.
          This problem occured because the labels for the
          text fields were using the screen text font which
          if it was bigger than courier 11 it didn't fit.

          Version 2.0e

          Attempted to fix a bug that sometimes caused
          Web Design to quit if AWeb was loading a
          large document in the first preview in
          version 2.0d.

          Version 2.0d

          I have made it possible to use GoldEd or CygnusEd
          with Web Design allowing better cutting and pasting
          as well as clipboard support.
          I have tested this with CygnusEd Professional v3.5,
          that I got on a magazine disk a few years ago,
          and the free version of GoldEd that I downloaded

          I also downloaded envWWW26.lha from the same site.
          Once installed it adds html support that includes
          color to html code. It is also easier to add a
          few things in the middle of a <B>line</B>.
          The Go Configure screen has a box for selecting
          which external text editor you want to use. If
          you have ced or ged in your c: directory all you
          need to do is type ced or ged into the box. If
          don't have either in the c: directory you can click
          your way to the editors location.

          In Web Design you can send the current document
          to the external editor from the Blocks pulldown
          menu or just press RIGHTAMIGA + e

          When you are ready to go back to Web Design...

          CygnusEd - press RIGHTAMIGA + RIGHTSHIFT + q
          GoldEd   - press RIGHTAMIGA + d

          This will close the external editor and update
          the document in Web Design automatically.

          It is best to close each time like this so
          additional changes will be shown if you go back
          to the external editor again.

          I have been unable to provide full cut and paste
          or color coded text using CanDo 3.0 developer
          system so this is the next best thing.

          If you use this feature in Web Design with a different
          version of either CygnusEd or GoldEd than the ones
          I have tested I would like to know how it works.

          I have also added DIV block commands. They are listed
          with the other block commands from that button.

          I have attempted to have AWeb and Voyager show
          changes with preview the first time, rather than the
          blank browser. Voyager still needs to have the Reload
          button clicked to show additional changes although it
          does show the page correctly the first time.

          Version 2.0c

          Added more standard colors that can be selected
          by name from a list.

          Changed the character entity selection from
          a list of names to buttons with the character
          that will result when selected. Added many more

          Version 2.0a

          Fixed a bug that left the = sign out of the
          SRC= code when inserting an image into an
          existing line of html code.

          Version 2.0

          Fixed the startup so it won't say Web Design is
          running when it isn't.

          Made it easier to insert an image along with
          and http link or an email address etc.

          Added 16 basic color buttons to the text and
          background color selector making it easier
          to select these basic colors.

          If you want to be informed about updates to
          Web Design sign up for the Web Design mailing

          How can this program be written with CanDo?
          Christian Effenberger's CanDo development CD
          makes the current Web Design possible.
          If you are a CanDo programmer you need this CD!!!

          You can email Christian at the address below.

          YouCan at

          You can also get info here...

          The CD contains examples and programs Christian has
          written to get you started as well as the tools.

          I have also recieved additional CanDo courses to help
          with the new powers so there is plenty of help



          Extract Web Design to the directory you will be
          using it from because there are several files it
          will look for in that directory.

          I am changing the way I compile Web Design.
          Included with these files is the Cando.library
          that you will need to copy to Sys:Libs for
          Web Design to work at all.


          Once you have done this you will have the option
          to download a smaller file as updates become available.
          Use the HELP key to access AmigaGuide docs while
          using Web Design.





          o Easy creation of html docs

          o Client side image maps (requires HappyDT.lha)*

          o Automatic WIDTH and HEIGHT for images (requires HappyDT.lha)*

          o Online help guide

          o Work with multiple documents
          o Easy client side image maps

          o Add and update text colors with mouse clicks

          o Add and update text sizes with mouse clicks

          o Add and update images with mouse clicks

          o Preview images/bgimages before using

          o Copy images/bgimages to the current directory

          o Preview changes before saving

          o Easy creation of tables with color or image backgrounds

          o Easy creation of forms

          o Easy creation of frames

          o Word search, replace word and remove word

          o Cut and paste lines and blocks

          o Insert text from other files

          o Easy add url and mailto etc

          o JavaScript support
          o Support for external editors

          o and more....

          Watch for updates and helpful hints on my home page.

   (North America)

          I have docs in HTML format online as well as in
          AmigaGuide format for downloading. 
          I have also made it possible now to press the HELP
          key for online help while using Web Design.


          * Web Design can not load jpg, gif, png etc gfx
            without HappyDT installed and WD listed in
            HappyDT's prefs.

            Aminet util/cdity/HappyDT.lha

            JPGs do not seem to work most of the time.
            This is also true if you want WIDTH and HEIGHT
            added to inline image code.
          ImageMap may not load for you and if it doesn't you
          will need to wait until I can change the way it loads.
          I am aware that it errors when some people try to
          use it.


          I would like to have your ideas and bug reports
          whether you have registered or not.

          Email: lmcgahey at
          irc: yooper #amiga 


          This program is shareware so if you use it please
          consider my time spent to save you time. Nothing is
          disabled so have fun.

          Suggested shareware amount is $25.00 or more if you
          can pay more. :)

          Thank you to the people who have registered.

          Also thank you to the other people who have reported bugs to 
          help me improve Web Design.

          Larry McGahey
          6092 N 8th Street
          Kalamazoo, MI 49009

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