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Short:Razor 1911's "Voyage" demo agafixed by Galahad.
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                      G A L A H A D  P R E S E N T S
                      - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - 

                    Razor 1911's VOYAGE Demo, AGA Fixed

  AGA Fix Minimum Requirements: A1200 with Hardrive and 1 Meg of Fast ram

Well this is a bit of a diversion for me really.  Plenty of people asked me
if I was prepared to fix a few of the good demo's out there, and this being
one of them, I was asked quite a lot for it.  So finally, I got off my arse
and did it..... and not a pretty picture either!


1) There was a spot of decryption for the block loader for the demo.  I
have absolutely NO idea why anyone would want to encrypt a demo loader, but
it was, and now its fixed, because it didn't decrypt at all on 020+

2) Copperlist problem on A4000 030+ machines.  On boot up, the picture of
with the guy wearing the blue mask had a completely wrong colour palette.

3) The demo used the old trick of putting the blitter wait before the blit
to save some time.  Of course, not every single other blitsize pointer had
a blitwait before it, so inevitably, the demo crashed.

4) Copperlist problems on A1200, A4000 machines in later parts of the demo.
Just a BPLCON3 Problem, that took quite a while to locate!

5) Loader problem.  Allthough the loader works fine on 020 and 030, I am
utterly convinced it would fuck up on 040 and 060, so to be safe, I have
fixed that as well!

Other than that, it should work fine.  This demo will run on any AGA Amiga,
from A1200 up to the A4000.

  Now, Some of these problems would not have affected the final outcome of
this demo, because from now on, I will endeavor to make them all hard drive

To install to your hard drive:

1) Copy the files 'Voyage_AGA' and 'Razor1911(Voyage).Galahad' into a
directory on your harddrive (simple!)  Both of the files MUST be in the
same directory otherwise the demo won't load.


                      I M P O R T A N T  N O T I C E
                      - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - -

 If you want to run this AGA fix on your A1200 with 2 meg of chip ram, and
                  don't own Fast ram...... Tough shit!

 Lets get one thing straight.  An A1200 with just 2 meg of ram is NOT the
  minimum acceptable base machine anymore.  All the morons out there that
   insist that the A500 or a A1200 with 2 meg of chip ram is enough are
 KILLING the Amiga.  I am sick and tired of having to cater for those that
can't be bothered spending a bit of money on getting their machines up to a
level where everyone can benefit.  If you really want the Amiga to survive,
start by improving your Amiga.  It needn't get to PC proportions where you
are upgrading your machine every two minutes and still being behind, but fo
christs sake, get some fast ram, and then the A1200 will get a new lease of
life, because there is a hell of a lot more that can be done with an Amiga
                              with fast ram.

Any Demo fix in the future will require that you have a hard drive and fast
 ram.  So if you REALLY want to see some of your old favourites, you'll do
                    something about it..... if not..!!


Galahad's Proverb: The only thing in this life that is certain is
                   uncertainty...... and I aint to sure about that either!


Contents of demo/aga/aga_voy.lha
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[generic]               553318  901120  61.4% -lh5- d764 Sep  2  1992 Razor1911(Voyage).Galahad
[generic]                  343     408  84.1% -lh5- f24e Sep  2  1992 Voyage_AGA
[generic]                  128     226  56.6% -lh5- d0ef Mar 21  1996 file_id.diz
[generic]                 1631    3640  44.8% -lh5- 11f8 Mar 23  1996 aga_voy.nfo
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         4 files  555420  905394  61.3%            Nov 22  1996

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