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Short:Intro - Revision 2022
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Requires:Amiga OCS
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:: logicOS ::

Release Date: 2022-04-16
Version: 1.0

Lead System Designer - Hoffman
Lead Kernel Developer - Blueberry
Icon Design - Vector Pixel Star
Development Director - SaVannaH
Testing and Support - Ferris, Wobble, RC55

:: Foreword ::

 Welcome to the evolution of Amiga operating systems, logicOS. 
A generational leap for Motorola based Amiga computers bringing 
state of the art computing technology and a futuristic UI. Coupled
with a sleek and efficient codebase means it can run fast and stable
on almost any Amiga while still looking good.

 At the heart of logicOS is a bytecode based Kernel (codename Rose)
which keeps the disk footprint incredibly small. Code is then
rendered in memory as fully functioning 68000 machine language for
fast effective execution.

 The core system comes bundled with a suite of forward thinking and
groundbreaking applications, some of which have never been seen
before on any other system. These applications have been a part of
the logicoma demo creation process for many years, providing much
needed inspiration from unlikely places.

 We are so happy to be able to share these tools with you and hope
you enjoy using them.

 By using logicOS you automatically agree to the EULA at the end of
this document.

:: System Requirements ::

Amiga OCS/ESC chipset or higher
Motorola 68000 CPU or higher
512k chip ram
512k other ram
64kb free disk space
PAL 50hz display

 NTSC is currently incompatible and will experience display and data
synchronisation issues. If your system has a later chipset, we
suggest booting the system in PAL mode. This is available by holding
down both mouse buttons during system startup and selecting PAL in
the Display Options.

:: Audio ::

 logicOS utilises the onboard Paula chip for all sound output. For
optimization reasons we strongly suggest running your system in Mono
for the best results.

:: Antivirus and Malware Protection ::

 Currently logicOS does not contain any antivirus or malware
protection. Please seek a third party solution for this and be ever
vigilant when downloading or sampling data from unknown signal
sources. Backup regularly.

:: Installed Applications ::

* Search *

 Every OS needs a search function and logicOS is no exception. All
your files, messages and data samples are searchable from one
interface. Using super swift algorithmic search indexing, it will
return any related items in an instant even on a stock 68000.

* Messaging *

 In the age of multiple closed ecosystems, logicOS dares to be
different. You can combine any number of messaging platforms into
logicOS to be consumed within a single easy to use interface.

 The auto-scribe feature will ensure even voicemails get tagged with
a subject line and turned into readable text which becomes searchable.

* Demos *

 At logicoma we love demos so we have included a fantastic demoscene
playback engine. Using community databases you can search for any
demo by keyword, group, party, production type or platform. If the
demo is not Amiga compatible, it will automatically download the most
accurate emulator for the required system and configure it exactly
how the demo needs it to run.

Please note: emulation results may vary, a more powerful system may
be required to run some demos.

* Tracker (beta) *

 The Tracker provides a means for making music for your demos. While
still in this very early stage of development it is showing some
promise. Many features are planned, a road map for which will be
released at a later date.

* Scanner *

 Culminating years of research and development, the multi-dimensional
scanner has become the stalwart of logicoma demo making. Using
patented zeta-wave auto tuning technology, it is able to hunt down
signals from all manner of weird and wonderful places. Once a signal
has been locked, the coordinates are automatically loaded into the
Receiver for downloading and sampling data.

* Cracker *

 No data is secret with the Cracker. A plethora of machine learning
techniques have been condensed and applied to provide a key cracking
system like no other. Simply provide a small sample of data from the
Receiver and the cracker will find the required key quickly and
efficiently in only a few steps. Once a key is found, it will
automatically be placed back into the Receiver ready to make the data
stream readable.

* Receiver *

 Receiver is able to pull data using multi-dimensional coordinates
in any number of formats. ASCII, UTF-8, PETSCII, PNG to name a few.
Should the data stream be encrypted, simply download a sample and
pass it through the Cracker. Once a key is applied the data stream
will decrypt the incoming data in real-time.

:: End User Licence Argument ::

 Logicoma or any of the associated entities or staff members do not
accept any responsibility for data loss, system malfunctions,
collapses in the fabric of reality, burst capacitors or any other
loss or damage when using this software. Great care should be taken
when scanning for or downloading data from multi-dimensional
entities. No warranty is provided. Use at your own risk.

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