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Short:compiler front-end for Lattice/C V5
Author:thor at (Thomas Richter)
Uploader:thor math tu-berlin de (Thomas Richter)
Requires:Lattice/C Version 5
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4
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This is a tiny C program that (partially) replaces the "lc" command line
front end that came with the Lattice/C compiler in version 5. It supports
many (but not all) of the command line switches of the original "lc"

"lcfront" does currently not support calling the linker ("BLink") or the
object module librarian ("oml") tool.

The sole purpose of this implementation, in case you wonder, is to replace
the original "lc" front-end on emulators that do not fully implement all
AmigaOs calls. In specific, the original "lc" requires CreateProc() and
hence multitasking, whereas the "vamos" virtual AmigaOs emulation does
not allow multitasking, and hence does not cover CreateProc().

Luckily, "lc" does not really depend on multitasking in any way, and just
starts the parser ("lc1"), the optimizer ("go") and the code generator ("lc2")
one after another. The very same can be done by simpler means and by functions
that are implemented by vamos.

vamos is part of the "amitools" project by Christian Vogelgsang, and
can be downloaded here:

Alternatively, if you prefer my version, you find it here:

Both versions are typically in sync, with minor bugfixes here
and there apart. Christian typically picks up my fixes, and vice

Thus, "lcfront" allows you to use the Lattice compiler under "vamos",
simply by replacing the "lc" front-end.

"lcfront" may also be interesting because it also supports some of the
internal (undocumented) command line switches of "lc1" and "lc2" you
don't find in the original Lattice manual. They are (partially)
documented in Ralph Babel's Guru Book, which is also highly recommended.


lcfront is under "TPL" (THOR Public License) which you find included
in full text in README.licence. As required by this license, here is

EXHIBIT A - THOR Public License.

The contents of this file are subject to the THOR Public License
Version 1.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in
compliance with the License. 

Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS"
basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See
the License for the specificlanguage governing rights and limitations
under the License.

The Original Code is ______lcfront_________________________.

The Initial Developer of the Original Code is _Thomas Richter. 

Portions created by  ______________________ are 
Copyright (C) ______ _______________________. 

All Rights Reserved.

Contributor(s): ____(none)_______________________________.

Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the terms
of the _____ license (the [___] License), in which case the provisions
of [______] License are applicable instead of those above.  If you
wish to allow use of your version of this file only under the terms of
the [____] License and not to allow others to use your version of this
file under the TPL, indicate your decision by deleting the provisions
above and replace them with the notice and other provisions required
by the [___] License.  If you do not delete the provisions above, a
recipient may use your version of this file under either the TPL or
the [___] License."

[NOTE: The text of this Exhibit A may differ slightly from the text of
the notices in the Source Code files of the Original Code. You should
use the text of this Exhibit A rather than the text found in the
Original Code Source Code for Your Modifications.]



This is version 1.00, which is the first version of lcfront.


Thomas Richter,

       July 2016

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[unknown]                 2504    7779  32.2% -lh5- dc8e Jul 17 11:42 lcfront/lcfront.c
[unknown]                 1746    4224  41.3% -lh5- 99a4 Jul 17 11:24 lcfront/lcfront.readme
[unknown]                  726    1629  44.6% -lh5- d02d Jul 17 11:00 lcfront/README.exhibit-a
[unknown]                 8322   23787  35.0% -lh5- e913 Jul 17 10:54 lcfront/README.licence
[unknown]                  219     352  62.2% -lh5- 84b7 Jul 17 10:53 lcfront/SCOPTIONS
[unknown]                  115     172  66.9% -lh5- 71d3 Jul 17 10:53 lcfront/smakefile
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 Total         7 files   15843   41447  38.2%            Jul 17 21:26

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