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Short:distcc distributed C/C++ compiler
Author:Martin Pool (port by Steven Solie)
Uploader:ssolie telus net (Steven Solie)
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This is a self-contained port of the popular distcc distributed
compilation package for AmigaOS.

For more information and documentation on distcc please visit
the support web site at

All of the distcc tools are available including:
 distcc          - client for dispatching compiles
 distccd         - server for servicing compile requests
 distccmon-text  - text based monitor tool
 distccmon-amiga - GUI based monitor tool

The following features are disabled in this port:
 - inetd mode
 - syslog support
 - ssh support
 - daemon detaching
 - masquerading

All remaining features including the multi-threaded pre-forking daemon,
lzo compression and GUI monitor are all present.

When combined with GNU make's parallel build feature and a pool of
servers, the distcc package can save a lot of time compiling larger

Copy distcc#? SDK:C CLONE

Next either setup a home directory and the HOME environment variable
or use the DISTCC_DIR to point to where distcc files will be stored.
The distcc client maintains a set of files in the .distcc directory.

Finally, setup the DISTCC_HOSTS environment variable to describe
your network and you are ready to do distributed compiles.

Please see the distcc documentation and use the --help option
on the client and server for more details.

The distccd daemon uses simple IP filtering for a bit of security
specified with the --allow option. Don't forget you can also specify
a network of nodes.

For example,
 distccd --allow

will allow all the nodes in your LAN on the
network. Here is a reference on subnetting for more info:

2.18.3-8 - another fix for the distccd command searching
         - changed monitor update rate from .75 s to .5 s

2.18.3-7 - fixed distccd command searching
         - disabled DOS requesters in distcc and distccd
         - compiled with clib2 1.200

2.18.3-6 - compiled with SDK 51.22
         - added process birth handshake to distcc and distccd
         - fixed distcc error handling when server is unavailable
         - fixed distccd waitpid which could leave acceptors hanging
         - fixed distccd premature exit
         - increased accuracy of cpp state reporting
         - remote compiles now have a slightly higher task priority
         - changed size and layout of GUI monitor

2.18.3-5 - compiled with beta SDK 51.21
         - acceptors exit with EINTR with ctrl-c now
         - reduced acceptor lifetime to 25 jobs
         - fixed makefile to link with correct clib2-ts flavour
         - reworked main daemon processing loop so that child processes
           are always collected correctly
         - no longer crashes if daemon is interrupted while starting up

2.18.3-4 - compiled with beta SDK 51.20
         - should no longer report elapsed time as a very large number
         - removed all Forbid() calls and changed ctrl-c breaking to use
         - removed Amiga-specific limits on number of processes
         - now returns the actual errno from an interrupt
         - added breaking of child processes launched by acceptors
         - added precondition checking to wait routines
         - now uses death messages to synchronize with child processes

2.18.3-3 - compiled with beta SDK 51.17
         - fixed some new compile warnings from the updated GCC
         - applied argv fixes from Michael Donohue
         - fixed for IDOS->GetProcSegList() API change
         - updated the docs
         - removed recursion safeguard tracing debug messages

2.18.3-2 - fixed distcc ctrl-c breaking to be more responsive
         - distccd now won't shut down until the parent process
           receives a break signal
         - distccd acceptor name changed
         - errno and h_errno are now threadsafe
           (requires bsdsocket.library 4.275 or higher)
         - updated to use clib2 from CVS dated 2005-10-26
         - fixed bug which ignored CTRL-C if the distccd daemon
           was run from AmigaShell
         - fixed loggers to be thread-safe
         - implemented recursion safeguard
         - changed distcc to redirect stderr to stdout by
           default instead of /dev/null

2.18.3-1 - ported distcc 2.18.3 package
         - various threading fixes required
         - modified to use blocking sockets with timeouts
         - added GUI monitor for AmigaOS
         - compiled with clib2 1.196

- Colin Wenzel for dos.library help and expert advice
- Olaf Barthel for clib2 fixes and threading advice
- Andy Broad for providing his AWeb make changes
- Alex Carmona for the icon

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