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Short:Updates already installed v1.8-v3.2 to v3.4
Author:MartinTauchmann at (Martin Tauchmann)
Uploader:MartinTauchmann bigfoot com (Martin Tauchmann)
Kurz:Nutzt den freien Speicher als Cache für FestPlatte, CD, FD et cetera
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updates already installed v1.8-v3.2 to v3.4

Version 3.4 of Future Drive Accelerator

which is running out of date in middle of November 2002,
to give pirates no chance,

New features figured out:

* 'FDA' give you also more CPU-time, because it's just about 15 times faster,
  than the scsi.device (IDE-Controller).

* UAE-JIT2 and SCSI-drives are faster with it.

* 'FDA' is 5 times cheaper and 4 times faster than 'PFS' with 'FFS' and all
  well tested disk-repair/reorg-tools with full compatibility to all existing
  programs, it's faster to install, and updates are free.

* 'FDA' is so fast, that with "Protect cache with checksums" it's faster than
  a "naked" Amiga. And the data in memory (cache), are safer than in any other
  program (excepting Enforcer/MuForce). I.e. A texteditor holds the text in
  memory less safe, than 'FDA'. 'FDA' is protected like, MungWall or
  MuGuardianAngel which detect illegal freememory access, but it doesn't need
  an MMU. By this, it detect damaged memorychips also. Damaged cache will be
  recovered from disk. And damaged write-cache will be not written back to disk.

english documentation:
 o `fda_DviPS.lha` DVI (TeX) and PostScript (GhostScript) formarts,
 o `fda.lha` AmigaGuide and HTML formats.

german documentation:
 o `fda_d_DviPS.lha` DVI (TeX) and PostScript (GhostScript) formarts,
 o `fda_d_GuidHTML.lha` AmigaGuide and HTML formats.


* Please, enable "Protect cache with checksums" in preferences, first time
  you  run  'FDA',  to  figure out whether you have installed programs which
  change foreign memory blocks (cache). If so, you should remove  the  "bad"
  programs.  When  there  is no further "FDA Checksumme-error" request, your
  system is clean and stable and you  should  disable  "Protect  cache  with
  checksums" to get maximum performance.

  Perhaps, the next version protect the  cache  with  MMU  for  (relativ)
  "safety"; without slow down the performance.

* It is *very recommend* to install 'StackAttack' (also for OS3.5) after
  SetPatch and before FDA in the 'S:Startup-Sequence', it make FDA and
  the whole Amiga more stable (fixes deadlocks, Guru $8000004 & $1000005)

  c:StackAttack ADDSTACK=512       ;Increase StackSize of every Programm

* Please, don't install QuietTD from DiskSpare, i don't know why it

Q: I have a Blizzard board, and the mulitasking doesn't sweep.
A: Reuse the Chip-memory as cache; because only Fast-memory access confuse
   these boards.

Q: I changed some files and after the reboot, the files are unmodified.
A: Install DiskSafe. See manual-Requirements.

Q: The internet-software crashes very often, and my new emails are not saved.
A: I use "Async-delay" = 2 sec, for my partitions where i write while i'm
   online, it's good for 28k modems. When you have a faster, you should set
   it to 1 sec, to save the datas back to disk, while you are online. And
   not after a logout without Guru. If the datas aren't written back,
   because the write-traffic of your partition is to high (several writes
   while 1 sec); use "write sync".

Q: Why FDA doesn't wait silently for mounting CD0: and then simply cache it?
   The same is for PC0:, if FDA is started BEFORE PC0: mounts itself
   from Devs/DosDrivers, FDA just complains that "Can't Find PC0:"
   and doesn't care if PC0: is started later...
A: AmigaOS doesn't have a "simple" mount-notify function, but a hint:

   Insert in "S:Startup-Sequence" behind SetPatch,
   SaferPatches/PatchControl/SetMan/PatchLib's PatchSetFunc,
   StackAttack, PoolMem and FBlit<V3.64:
     RUN <>NIL: Sys:System/FDA ENVARC:FDA-Boot.prefs QUIET
   and at bottom of "S:User-Startup":
     Sys:Prefs/FDAPref ENVARC:FDA-AfterBoot.prefs USE
   and save as with FDAPref the two new prefs.

Q: I have 16 partitions, how can i enable it quickly?
A: It's not 'HyperCache', it was difficult enough to detect partitions.

Q: I use the FAT95 (MSWindows95) FileSystem for ZIP drive. The "Size of Track"
   is not saved.
A: Enter the Surfaces, BlocksPerTrack, LowCyl and HighCyl values in

Q: I use the FAT95 (MSWindows95) FileSystem for ZIP drive. While inserting a
   disk an Alert #0FDA0016 and Enforcer-hits popup.
A: Enter the Surfaces, BlocksPerTrack, LowCyl and HighCyl values in

Q: I have 16MB RAM, and ADPro use the whole free memory.

Q: Since I installed OS v3.5 it's so slow.
A: SetPatch install NSD 4GB support for:
   timer- input- keyboard- gameport- console- clipboard- trackdisk-
   ramdrive- and statram-device. They will call several times per second,
   and it's nonsense to run code for a architekture we will never credit
   (64-Bit CPU to access more than 4GB memory).
   Comment them in devs:NSDPatch.cfg out.

Q: The cache doesn't work with all my drives connected to cybscsi.device.
A: SetPatch doesn't check wheter devices already support NSD, and patch it
   still. And the patch doesn't work with WaitIO().
   Comment cybscsi.device in devs:NSDPatch.cfg out, or SetPatch NONSD.

Q: How to shutdown UAE safely to write the cache back to disk?
A: Use keys LeftShift+RightShift+Tab instead of reset after you installed:
DH0: DH1: DH2:
   and quit UAE (UAE-JIT2 quits after reboot).

Tip: It's not recommended to have mounted AFFS Harddiskfiles while UAE is
running on Linux.
     Write some shell scripts and save it i.e. at /amiga
     #! /bin/sh
     mount -t affs /data/Amiga/uae/HDF/sys.hdf /amiga/SYS -o
     #! /bin/sh
     umount /amiga/SYS

It`s recommended to install an CopyMemQuick replacement (see Chapter Speedup).
Choose your processor type:
68000  Aminet:util/boot/COPMQR28.lha
68020  Aminet:util/boot/CMQ030.lha
68040+ Aminet:util/boot/NewCMQ060.lha

History V3.4 31-Sep-2001

	* Nothing to mention.

History V3.2 02-Nov-2000

	* Fixed: Various Alerts #4 #6 of any program which call AllocMem().
          This was since v3.0, or perhaps with OS2.0 and OS3.0 if FDA
          doesn't print during startup "Can't remove Dos-Patch of AllocMem"
          It uses now the the MEMF_NO_EXPUNGE flag for AllocMem, like it does
          previous, if FDA print "Can't remove Dos-Patch of AllocMem".
          This means ramlib (flush libraries).
          FDA work again with PoolMem, if PoolMem is before installed.
          I have no manuals wheter MEMF_NO_EXPUNGE also work in OS2.0.

	* Fixed: FlushLibs-Call decrease cache.

	* Fixed: "Can`t create Update-Task"

	* Check the mask wheter the controller work with whole memory.

	* Cache usage via Power-LED if "View color flash if track moved
	  or deleted" is enabled.

        * Debug versions in fda.lha for memory and disk.

  FAQ addition: Setpatch OS35 or NSDPatch and cybscsi.device.

History V3.0 20-Oct-2000

	* Known bug fixed: Cache flushed sometimes, because private memorylist
			   with Allocate() failed. ViNCEd (VNC:) is known to do
			   it, some others too.
                           The Cache is now bigger and therefore faster.
			   Especially while booting.

	* Better finding the appropriate AllocMem() to skip ramlib
	  (flush libraries), to decrease cache if the memory is really full.

	* Emulate undocumentated memoryfunctions features.

	* Call in OS3+ AllocPooled(). Faster with lot of memory, and
	  fragmentates it less. CPU cache optimized. Faster cache initialization
	  and startup.

	* Optimized: Allocate/AllocMem/AllocAbs/AvailMem.

	* Fixed: If "Protect cache with checksums" is enabled, and a program
          damage the cache, FDA determines itself, alerts and deadlocks the OS.

	* Perhaps work now for MorphOS (untested, results are welcome).

  FAQ addition: For ADPro and Setpatch OS35 or NSDPatch slow down.

History V2.8 06-Oct-2000

	* Fixed: Preferences failed to run, because statram.device patched with
		 Setpatch OS35 or NSDPatch failed to open.

	* Open device with flags from Devs:DosDrivers. Very few program do it.

	* Faster: Doesn't open devices while Pref initialization.

	* Fixed: USE SAVE Argument writes corrupt preferences, if no GUI opens.

	* More error-reports for startup-failures.

	* Can now be started with project-icon from Sys:WBStartUp.

  FAQ addition: For FAT95 with ZIP-drives.

History V2.6 06-Jul-2000

	* Found the taskpriorities of PowerFlyer device;
          for an faster access in 'n sweep.

	* Fixed: QUIET prints still the first line.

  FAQ addition: For Blizzard boards.

History V2.4 14-Apr-2000

	* Found the taskpriorities of ExpSys.device & buddha_atapi.device;
          for an faster access in 'n sweep.

	* Demo uses whole free memory to speedup.

History V2.2 16-Feb-2000

	* Fixed, the preferences calculate sometimes unreal values of
	  'Size of Track'.

	* Checksumme calculation faster.

	* Fixed, can't create the update-task for IDEfix ATA[PI]
	  (CD-drive & ZIP-drive).

        * Fixed, unclean termination and preferences-use if 'PatchControl'
          is installed.

	* Fixed, trackdisk capacity-change detection.

	* Fixed, hanging of messydisk.device v1.56.

	* Perhaps fixed, hanging of cd.device 3.6 (05.03.97) Georg Campana;
	  because untested.

	* Fixed, "Verify error" while writing ½ trax.

	* Fixed, "write async" timer restarted while receiving update-command
	  according read-command.

	New USA office address:

	ShareIt! Inc
	Suite 1800
	Chapel Hill Professional Center
	GREENSBURG PA 15601-8019

	Phone: 724-853-6618
	Fax  : 724-850-8187

	Of course our old address with the PO Box is still available and can be used
	to send us checks and other mail. In future, you are welcome to use our new
	address instead.

History V2.0 17-Dec-1999

	* Fixed, hanging of mfm.device (CrossDos) v40.9 and fd.device
	  (XFileSystem v2.14 ) v42.86; because they use SendIO() without
	  WaitIO(). This was also the case for the hanging bug of

	* Fixed, capacity-change detection for XFileSystem v2.17

	* trackdisk.device OS 3.0 doesn't work with ½ trax and format-command,
	  and doesn't reply a error value. The update-task uses now the

  FAQ addition:

  * Please, don't install QuietTD from DiskSpare, i don't know why it

  * Please, don't use fd.device v42.86 from XFileSystem v2.14 together
    with "verify", use instead mfm.device it works. XFileSystem v2.16 do
    something but not bugfree.

  Copyright addition:

  Registration move to new user is free of charge.

History V1.8 09-Nov-1999

	* Fixed, "write-Async" not 100% working timer.

	* Added, PFS against FDA+FFS benchmark.

History V1.6 30-Sep-1999

	* Recognize capacity-change of removeable-medias.
	  I.e. DD<->HD Disks

	* English translation of documentation

		Thanks to The Amiga Translators Organization []
			Jens Neubauer <jens.neubauer at> for translate.
			Heiko Hayn <Smeagel at> for proof-read.

	* ESC-Key supported

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Contents of disk/cache/fda-upd.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                31519   43180  73.0% -lh5- e1d4 Aug 31  2001 FDA_update/fda.patch
[generic]                30505   45462  67.1% -lh5- cf54 Aug 31  2001 FDA_update/fdaPref.patch
[generic]                 1029    2062  49.9% -lh5- 3ea7 Jan  8  1994 FDA_update/IconType.doc
[generic]                 2015    3528  57.1% -lh5- f5cc Dec 17  1999 FDA_update/
[generic]                 1978    3475  56.9% -lh5- 76bf Dec 17  1999 FDA_update/
[generic]                 1954    8029  24.3% -lh5- c7f4 Mar  6  2001 FDA_update/Install_FDA-upd
[generic]                 4852   10581  45.9% -lh5- 1400 Sep  2  2001 FDA-News.readme
[generic]                 1727    3210  53.8% -lh5- 15ef Nov 25  1999
[generic]                 1485    2904  51.1% -lh5- 8a61 Jul  6  1996
[generic]                 6194    9883  62.7% -lh5- da8f Aug 31  2001 FDA_update/fdaView.patch
[generic]                11393   18480  61.7% -lh5- c9f1 Nov 18  1998 FDA_update/GPatch
[generic]                 1695    2404  70.5% -lh5- 01f3 Jan  8  1994 FDA_update/IconType
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        12 files   96346  153198  62.9%            Sep 14  2001

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