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Short:Burn DVD-R and DVD-RW with your Amiga!
Author:Schlonz (AmigaOS port)
Uploader:vinnny aport ru
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
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For the first time on AmigaOS and compatibles:
Burn DVD-R and DVD-RW with your Amiga!


 dvdrtools-main     with this archive you can choose your favourite
                    devicename by yourself.  Before using the tools just
                    enter the command "setenv DVDRTOOLS_DEVICE
                    yourdevice.device" but replace "yourdevice.device" with
                    the name of your device.  Also do set your stack size
                    high enough - I recommend a stack size of 500,000.  If
                    this archive does not work for you try this archive.

 dvdrtools-manual   contains manuals in English for the dvdrtools in HTML

 dvdrtools-toastdvd contains a nice Arexx-GUI called ToastDVD for the
                    dvdrtools.  A big "thank you" to Carsten Siegner for
                    creating this GUI.  Contains two icons, one for OS3.5
                    and one for MorphOS - please rename the icon you want
                    to use to "".

 dvdrtools-changes  contains all files I changed from the original source
                    code (which can be downloaded by following the link
                    below) to get this great Amiga port working.  Download
                    it, you will be surprised!

dvdrtools is a package with four programs which were originally developped
for Linux, but now are ported to AmigaOS.  All of the programs are
shell-based, but there is also a nice Arexx-GUI available.  The programs
themselves are completely in English.  The programs are:

 - readcd is useful for sector-based reading of CD`s and DVD`s.  All tracks
   of a media can be read in and saved as track image files on your hard

 - dvdrecord, the main program, does burn CD`s and DVD`s perfectly.  You
   need at least one track image file as input, like created by readcd or

 - mkisofs is a powerful tool for creating image files of given files like
   your hard drive partition.  It supports both the CD file format as output
   as well as UDF file format which is used for DVD`s.

 - cdda2wav is useful for ripping audio tracks of CD`s and saving them as
   image files on your hard drive.  Among others the common WAV file format is
   supported as saving format.  cdda2wav also supports basic audio
   manipulation functions like converting stereo to mono and stuff.  cdda2wav
   currently seems to be the best choice for audio ripping on Morphos ;-)


With this software you should be able to use all MMC compliant CD and DVD
drives and recorders - almost all currently saled drives are MMC compliant.

At the Download section you will find the archive containing the binaries.
You have to set the device name that shall be used for accessing your DVD
or CD drives by the command "sentenv DVDRTOOLS_DEVICE something.device",
but replace "something.device" with your device name.  To make this device
selection reset proof you can copy the file env:DVDRTOOLS_DEVICE to

If you think "Oh boy, this sucks!" please feel free to do a better port of
dvdrtools - the link for the source codes are at the end of this page.

The AmigaOS-version of dvdrtools have been tested a lot with a
A1200/060/50, 32 MB RAM, OS3.5 and three different CD-writers (Ricoh 7060A,
Ricoh 7200A, LiteOn 52x) and a 4x Toshiba IDE DVD-R writer, and with a G3
Pegasos with MorphOS and the same Toshiba DVD-R writer and a 48x IDE CD
burner.  All tests did perform great, but of course I will guarantee
nothing.  Use this software at your own Risk!

Really important:  set the stack size high enough!  If you do not so you
will probably get crashes, especially when you use cdda2wav under MorphOS.
I recommend to set the stack size to 500,000.  I do not know how much stack
is needed by the dvdrtools, but better safe than sorry, right?


The following DVD burner is not supported:  LG 4020B, a 2x-DVD-R writer
that also supports 1x DVD-RW and 2x DVD-RAM.

Thanks to the old dos.library AmigaOS is limitated to a maximum file size
of 2 GB.  This means that you can use readcd only for reading DVD`s with a
maximum capacity of a bit less than 2 GB to do 1-to-1 copies of DVD`s.
This seems to be quite good, but e.g.  most Playstation2-games do contain
more than 3 GB on their DVD`s.  1-to-1 copies of PS2-games which contain
less than 2 GB on their DVD`s do work perfectly.  The program mkisofs has a
split option to split the output image file into 1 GB chunks wich should be
concatenated by dvdrecord automatically to a single track, but dvdrecord is
definately NOT able to perform this concatenation because the concatenation
code is simply not included in dvdrecord.  This concatenation can only be
performed by closed-source software "cdrecord-proDVD" which is not
available for AmigaOS.  But currently I am working on a solution for this
problem so maybe in the not so far future we will be able to forget the
annoying 2 GB limit.

The Amiga version of dvdrtools is completely in 68k-code.  Please feel free
to do PPC or x86 native ports by yourself.

Currently only the following burning formats are supported:  CD-R, CD-RW,
DVD-R, DVD-RW.  Not supported are the following burning formats:  DVD+R,

Ripping of movie DVD`s is also not supported.  But on the Link which you
can find at the end of this page you will find a step-by-step tutorial for
creating video DVDs with dvdrtools.  If you are interested in ripping of
movie DVD`s and if you are using MorphOS you should take a look on the
software called Mencode.


The link to the source code and further information for dvdrtools can be
found on the following link:

Have fun with dvdrtools!


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[generic]                63647   63647 100.0% -lh0- 9d89 Sep  5  2004 dvdrtools-manual.lzx
[generic]               341827  341827 100.0% -lh0- 1294 Sep  5  2004 dvdrtools-toastdvd.lzx
[generic]                 2637    6006  43.9% -lh5- 7459 Feb 20 00:55 dvdrtools.readme
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