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Short:MountCD - Automount CD / Autoboot from CD
Author:olli at (Oliver Kastl)
Uploader:olli elaborate-bytes com (Oliver Kastl)
Requires:OS 2.04, CacheCDFS from IDE-fix '97.
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Allows to automount / autoboot your CD-Rom.
Now you can burn your own "emergency boot" CDs!


This software should be considered "beta".


- AmigaOS 2.04 (OS 3.0 or better is highly recommended)
- A recent version of CacheCDFS (Registered IDE-fix '97 Version 2.15 or better
- A CD-Rom drive with its device driver reset resident or in the ROM of any
  host adapter

MountCD can only be used from the CLI.

How it works:

MountCD will load CacheCDFS and a little mount routine reset resident.
On boot, it will check if the device driver (e.g. atapi.device) is present.
If not, it will exit quietly.

If yes, it will check if a CD is in the drive.
If yes, it will read the PVD of the CD.

Only if the CD is an ISO9660 CD AND the system identifier in the PVD is "CDTV"
(for CDTV & CD32) or "AMIGA BOOT", the CD will be booted.
This is even done, if there is no s:startup-sequence on the CD!

This is important to know, if you wish to create your own Boot CD. Almost any
good mastering software allows to set the system identifier.

If it is no ISO9660 CD or an ISO CD with a different system identifier,
or if no CD is present at all, the CD will be mounted, but not booted.

The "AMIGA BOOT" system identifier can be changed with the SYSID keyword.
To prevent booting from CDTV/CD32 titles, the keyword NOCDTV can be used.

CDTV & CD32 titles:

Don't expect CDTV or CD32 titles to work properly, if you try to boot from
them on a normal Amiga without an emulator.
MountCD does NOT provide any CDTV or CD32 emulation - and never will.
To use CD32 titles, use the CD32-Emulator from IDE-fix '97.



DOSDEV:  DOS Device Name, e.g. CD0:, with or without the trailing colon.

BOOTPRI: Optional boot priority for your CD-Rom. Must be a number between
         -128 and 127.
         If not specified, the "BootPri" value in the mountlist will be used.
         If no "BootPri" value is found in the mountfile, 0 will be used.

SYSID:   The System Identifier, which will declare a CD as bootable.
         If not specified, "AMIGA BOOT" will be used as the default.
         To boot from any disk, specify an empty string, e.g. SYSID="".
         To boot fram any disk, where the system identifier begins with
         "AMIGA" (e.g., "AMIGA BOOT", "AMIGA", "AMIGA START") use

NOCDTV:  Don't try to boot from CDTV and CD32 disks.

REMOVE:  Removes an installed MountCD

QUIET:   No error messages will be printed

VERSION: Prints the version banner of MountCD


MountCD CD0: 4
Will automount/boot CD0: on the next boot. The boot priority of CD0:
will be 4.

MountCD CD0:
Will automount/boot CD0: on the next boot. The boot priority of CD0:
will be as specified in the mountfile.
If no BootPri is specified in the mountfile, 0 will be used as default.

Same as above, but don't boot from CDTV or CD32 titles.

Will boot from any CDs, that have "AMIGA" at the beginning of the system
identifier (e.g., "AMIGA", "AMIGA BOOT") and from CDTV/CD32 titles.

MountCD CD0: SYSID=""
Will try to boot from every CD.

MountCD CD0: Remove
Will remove the CD0: automount entry.

Use with Idefix:

IDEfix must be reset resident, e.g.:

MountCD CD0: quiet
LoadIDE reset quiet

It is a good idea to either add a boot-delay and/or check the
"WaitDriveReady" option in IDEfixPrefs to allow the CD-Rom drive to become
ready, before the boot process examines the CD.
Further, you should specify the "Unit Mount" parameter either to "Auto Detect"
or "CD Mount". Make sure, that "ATAPI enabled" is checked.
See the file IDEfixPrefs.doc in the IDEfix97.lha archive for details.

Use with Oktagon:

MountCD requires, that the device driver understands "trackdisk-like"
commands. The Oktagon SoftSCSI doesn't do this. Therefore you MUST use
"oktagon.device" instead.

Probably you need to reinstall IDE-fix '97 and specify the correct
device during the installation.

If you use OktaPussy, the device to use would be "scsi.device",
"2nd.scsi.device", etc.

Known bugs:

CDFSPrefs setting changes will be lost on the next reboot, unless you do a

MountCD CD0: Remove
KillDev CD0:
MountCD CD0: 4

Using IDE-fix 2.15 will correct this, as IDE-fix 2.15 "knows" about MountCD.



- Added support for OS3.5


- Creates a CacheCDFS.resource, where the CacheCDFS code is stored. This
  reduces the required memory, if more than one CD-ROM is mounted with
  MountCD, as all units can share the same code.


- Reads settings from the mount entry's ToolType as well.
  Please note that there is an additional setting the normal mount command
  doesn't understand: BootBlocks.
  This is, if someone tries to add normal AmigaDOS BootBlocks at the beginning
  of an ISO image.
  This should work, but I haven't tested it yet.


- Faster startup, if IDE-fix '97 is registered.


- Added SYSID and NOCDTV keywords.

- Changed VERBOSE keyword to VERSION.

- Changed default boot system identifier from "AMIGA" to "AMIGA BOOT", as
  several older Amiga CD-Roms use AMIGA as the system identifier, but don't
  have a startup-sequence.

- Using a device which doesn't understand trackdisk commands (e.g. the
  SoftSCSI from Oktagon) could crash the bootmenu.
  Now the CD will only be mounted, if the device understands trackdisk


- Major rework done.
  MountCD will now install a resident resource. The reason is, that this
  simplifies the changing of settings from external programs (e.g. CDFSPrefs).
- MountCD will no longer read the mount information from the DOS device list.
  It will read the mount info directly from the mountfile and parse the
  Because of this, it is no longer neccessary, that the CD-Rom is mounted
  when MountCD is started.
  This makes a lot of sense, as you may want to start MountCD before the
  CD-Rom driver is present.


- In big excitement, I forgot that I had hardcoded the unit number to 3!
  Bummer. So, previous versions only worked, if the CD had unit number 3.
  Thanks go to Mikolaj Calusinski, who found this bug first.
  Further, Taskpriority, Stacksize, GlobVec and open flags were hardcoded
  and not taken from the mount entry. This is all fixed now.

- The buffer allocated for the "bootable check" wasn't allocated in 24 bit
  memory. This hurts Zorro-II DMA controllers.


- Fixed bug on REMOVE of MountCD


- Uses MEMF_LOCAL instead of MEMF_CHIP with Kickstart 2.04
  (still uses MEMF_KICK with Kickstart 3.0 or better)


- First public release.


MountCD is copyrighted software. © 1999 Elaborate Bytes, Oliver Kastl.
This software is freely distributable, if NO profit, except reasonable charges
covering the cost of the distribution, is made with it.
You may NOT bundle this software with hardware, if you wish to do so, please
contact me.
License is granted to distribute this Software on AmiNet and AmiNet CDs.
This software is provided "as is", without any warranties.

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