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Short:Second Extended FileSystem (EXT2) driver
Author:Marek Szyprowski <marek at>
Uploader:Marek Szyprowski <marek amiga pl>
Architecture:ppc-morphos; m68k-amigaos
Status:freeware, please read
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This is the Second Extended FileSystem (EXT2) driver for MorphOS and AmigaOS3.x

The filesystem driver has been tested for long time and I hope all critical bugs
been already removed.

Please read the disclaimer before using it.

*** Changes between v0.41 and v0.36 (see changelog for more details) ***
- minor bugfixes in locks handling and notification support
- fixed performance degradation after 4GB file size boundary (MorphOS version)

*** Changes between v0.36 and v0.33 ***
- added experimental support for some extentions used on Ext3 disks created by
  Core Linux distribution:
  - support for larger inode size
  - support for extended attribute block
  - support for indexed directories (however they are converted to standard
    directories on any write action)
- added support for dos notification (ACTION_ADD_NOTIFY/ACTION_REMOVE_NOTIFY)

*** Changes between v0.33 and v0.30 ***
- added support for 2 rarely used actions: ACTION_FH_FROM_LOCK and
- fixed deleting of large files (with triple indirect blocks, larger than 4GB)
- some other minor fixes

*** Changes between v0.24 and v0.30 (see changelog for more details) ***

- once again fixed a lot of minor bugs
- added support for filesystem prefs framework (on-fly preferences change)
- added support for EXAMINE_ALL action
- added DOS 64-bit calls support (MorphOS 2.0 required) 

*** Changes between v0.20 and v0.24 (see changelog for more details) ***

- fixed a lot of minor bugs
- huge speed-up in deleting large files
- added support for sparse files
- disabled debug messages

*** Changes between v0.16 and v0.20 (see changelog for more details) ***

- added support for software write-protection (ACTION_WRITE_PROTECT packet)
- made cache buffers flush asynchronous - this makes all write operations a
  lot faster
- fixed problem with incompatible volume names (like these containing characters
  '/' and ':')
- the driver now is able to format disk and create all EXT2 filesystem
  (ACTION_FORMAT packet)
- by default the filesystem is case insensitive, but you can change this by
  the control field in the mountlist to "CASESENSITIVE"

*** Changes between v0.13 and v0.16 (see changelog for more details) ***

- much better removable media handling
- fixed ugly bug in file size changing routine (now correctly handles small
- fixed possible DirectoryOpus5 crash, when non-dos disk is inserted
- it is now possible to put this filesystem in RDB (only MorphOS version has
  been tested!)
- added support for handler shutdown (ACTION_DIE packet)

*** What's new since v0.5 realase ***

This is a really major update. The driver has totaly changed since v0.5 realase.
Almost complete write support has been added. It is not yet well tested, but
should work well. Also removable media are now supported. In v0.13 a small
workaround has been added to fix problems with directory deleting.

*** Features ***

* support for EXT2 and EXT3 partitions
* support different blocksizes and automatically adapts to correct blocksize
* special un*x files like socket, pipe or devices are listed as files with 0
* hardlinks and symlinks (softlinks) are supported
* almost complete write support
* removable media (i.e. floppies) support
* support disk formating and creating EXT2 filesystem structures
* it is almost complete filesystem (you can put it in RDB for automount on
* unique volume names for unnamed filesystems
* configurable cache size
* thanks to great libDeviceIO from Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek there is:
  - effective and fast read cache system
  - support for partitions beyond 4GB boundary (using TD64)

*** Limitations ***

* some rarely used filesystem packets are not supported (read packets.readme
  for more information)
* there are still some problems with symlinks
* there might be bugs somewhere
* 68k version lacks support for files larger than 2GB

*** Disclaimer ***

Write support is not tested enough yet, so use it with care. This driver is
still in beta stage. This means that driver MIGHT corrupt or damage your data on
your disk. Remember that! YOU USE IT ON YOUR OWN RISK! The author, developers,
and all concerned cannot and will not take responsibility for any damage done to
your data or disks.

*** Cache size and disk buffers ***

From version 0.4 you can adjust number of memory buffers used by this
Just set 'Buffers' field in mountlist to the requested number of buffers. The
difference between this and other filesystems that the size of SIGNLE buffer is
NOT the size of filesystem block. So setting 64 buffers will use about 1MB of
Reasonable value for EXT2 filesystem is over 128 or 256 buffers (2MB or 4MB),
otherwise overall speed of the filesystem will be rather low.

*** Filenames matching and case sensitivity ***

By default the filesystem is case insensitive. This means that it won't
distinguish filename 'foobar' from 'FooBar'. If this is a problem you can revert
to old behaviour (case sensitive filesystem) by adding the following line to
Control     = "CASESENSITIVE"

*** How to install ***

Copy EXT2FileSystem to SYS:L, then create a mountlist for your partition and
mount it
with shell 'mount' command.

The easiest way to create a mountlist for EXT2 partition or disk is to use
GiggleDisk tool created by Guido Mersmann. It is available on

Once you generate mountlist please make sure that the following fields have
correct values:

GlobVec     = -1
DosType     = 0x45585432
StackSize   = 16384
FileSystem  = L:EXT2FileSystem
Activate    = 1

Set the 'Buffers' field to requested value you determined during reading the
'Cache size' paragraph.

If you want to have EXT2 partition mounted every boot, copy your mountlist to

*** Author, contact and copyright infos ***

EXT2FileSystem has been written by Marek 'March' Szyprowski <marek at>.
Mail me if you have any suggestions or found a bug.

Copyright (C) 2004-2009 by Marek 'March' Szyprowski <marek at>

All of the SOURCE CODE of this driver is written from scratch. I did not use
any GPL covered code in this driver.

Ext2FileSystem is a free software. If you want to support its development please

*** Thanks ***

EXT2FileSystem uses libDeviceIO by Marcin Kurek (Morgoth/Dreamolers-CAPS).
Big thanks to him for it and for help in writing this driver.

Special thanks to Thore Boeckelmann, the author of diskimage.device. Without it
I would not be able to make write support.

Special thanks to Harry 'Piru' Sintonen for elfwrapper and help in making real

Thanks to all beta testers and people who helped in creating this driver,
- Pawe³ 'stefkos' Stefañski
- Tomasz 'Kaczu¶' Kaczanowski
- Grzegorz 'Krashan' Kraszewski
- Jacek 'jacaDcaps' Piszczek
- Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek

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[generic]                 2690    6234  43.2% -lh5- 26e5 Nov  4 22:36 EXT2FileSystem/changelog.txt
[generic]                 2607    2607 100.0% -lh0- a078 Oct 12  2005 EXT2FileSystem/contrib/
[generic]                  274     403  68.0% -lh5- 4518 Dec 16  2004 EXT2FileSystem/contrib/HD3
[generic]                  606    1154  52.5% -lh5- 8431 Dec 16  2004 EXT2FileSystem/contrib/IEXT
[generic]                  189     263  71.9% -lh5- 368e Nov 27  2004 EXT2FileSystem/contrib/readme
[generic]                  449     816  55.0% -lh5- 8361 Dec 16  2004 EXT2FileSystem/contrib/UMSE
[generic]                 3202    7291  43.9% -lh5- 0bc8 Nov  4 23:51 EXT2FileSystem/ext2fs.readme
[generic]                 1608    3448  46.6% -lh5- 1c69 Nov  7  2008 EXT2FileSystem/FAQ.txt
[generic]                 1755    3756  46.7% -lh5- 40ab Dec 16  2007 EXT2FileSystem/fsprefs/fsprefs
[generic]                 2434    4116  59.1% -lh5- 0843 Dec 16  2007 EXT2FileSystem/fsprefs/fsprefs.68k
[generic]                 1806    4284  42.2% -lh5- 54e9 Nov 15  2007 EXT2FileSystem/fsprefs/src/fsprefs.c
[generic]                  183     355  51.5% -lh5- 342f Dec 16  2007 EXT2FileSystem/fsprefs/src/fs_prefs.h
[generic]                  259     434  59.7% -lh5- d84d Nov 14  2007 EXT2FileSystem/fsprefs/src/Makefile
[generic]                45552  106208  42.9% -lh5- d673 Nov  5 18:17 EXT2FileSystem/MorphOS/Ext2FileSystem
[generic]                  456    1147  39.8% -lh5- 66c3 Nov 14  2008 EXT2FileSystem/packets.readme
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