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Short:SGI(tm) XFileSystem(tm) (XFS) driver
Author:Marek Szyprowski <marek at>
Uploader:Marek Szyprowski <marek amiga pl>
Architecture:ppc-morphos; m68k-amigaos
Status:freeware, please read
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This is early version of the SGI(tm) XFileSystem(tm) (XFS) driver for MorphOS
and AmigaOS3.x.

*** What's new in v0.8 ***

* removed a little IO hack introduced in v0.7
* added proper resident structure so "version DRIVE:" now works	with SGIX disks

*** What's new in v0.7 since v0.4 (read changelog.txt for details) ***

* updated to latest Ext2FS filesystem skeleton - this adds support for removable
  media, handler inhibit and shutdown.
* many minor bugfixes

*** Features ***

* support for different directory and file storage type: in-inode, single block,
  extent list and btree based
* support different blocksizes (but only default 4096 tested so far)
* automatically adapts to correct blocksize (not tested)
* special un*x files like socket, pipe or devices are listed as files with 0
* transparent support for un*x path names (like "../etc")
* unique volume names for unnamed filesystems
* configurable cache size
* supports removable media (i.e. floppies)
* thanks to great libDeviceIO from Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek there is:
  - effective and fast read cache system
  - support for partitions beyond 4Gb boundary (using TD64)

*** Limitations ***

* read-only support (this probably won't change in future)
* no symlinks support yet
* no directory hashtables support yet (object lookup in	really large directory
  take some time)
* only 32 bit inodes are supported (it isn't a real problem, because Linux on
  systems also supports only 32bit inodes)

*** Warning ***

There is no guarantee that this filesystem will work with your disk. It may
crash without any reasons. This filesystem is a COMPLETE HACK - there is no
up-to-date documentation about XFS on-disk structures. Linux XFS sources are so
weird that are almost useless (in terms of code). A bit helpful was XFS driver
from GNU Grub - where I found all needed in-block offsets. However all of the
SOURCE CODE is written from scratch basing mainly on what I found with disk
editor. I did not use any GPL covered code in this driver.

*** Cache size and disk buffers ***

You can adjust number of memory buffers used by this filesystem. Just set
'Buffers' field in mountlist to the requested number of buffers. The only
difference between this and other filesystems that the size of SIGNLE buffer is
16KB, NOT the size of filesystem block. So setting 64 buffers will use about 1MB
of memory! Reasonable value for SGIXFileSystem filesystem is about 64 or 128
or 2MB).

*** How to install ***

Copy SGIXFileSystem to SYS:L, then create a mountlist for your partition and
mount it with shell 'mount' command.

The easied way to create a mountlist for XFS partition or disk is to use
GiggleDisk tool created by Guido Mersmann. It is available on

Once you generate mountlist please make sure that the following fields have
correct values:

GlobVec    = -1
DosType    = 0x58465300
StackSize  = 16384
FileSystem = L:SGIXFileSystem
Activate   = 1

Also set the 'Buffers' field to requested value. More informations is available
in the 'Cache size' paragraph.

If you want to have XFS partition mounted every boot, copy your mountlist to

*** Additional informations ***

If you want to change or set the volume name of XFS partition, use 'xfs_admin'
tool under Linux:
xfs_admin -L <NewVolumeName> /dev/<device>

*** Author, contact and copyright infos ***

More informations about SGI(tm) XFS(tm) can be found on:

SGI(tm) and XFS(tm) are registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

More informations about GNU Grub can be found on:

SGIXFileSystem has been written by Marek 'March' Szyprowski <marek at>.
Mail me if you have any suggestions or found a bug.

Copyright (C) 2004,2005,2006  Marek 'March' Szyprowski <marek at>

SGIXFileSystem is a free software. If you want to support its development please

SGIXFileSystem uses libDeviceIO by Marcin Kurek (Morgoth/Dreamolers-CAPS). Big
thanks to him for it and for help in writing this driver.

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[generic]                  436     876  49.8% -lh5- 9763 Dec  3 18:06 SGIXFileSystem/changelog.txt
[generic]                21200   47124  45.0% -lh5- 62d5 Dec  3 18:16 SGIXFileSystem/MorphOS/SGIXFileSystem
[generic]                 2179    4506  48.4% -lh5- 891d Dec  3 18:08 SGIXFileSystem/sgi_xfs.readme
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