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Short:Finnish (and Swedish) keymap
Author:mikko.koivunalho at (Mikko Koivunalho)
Uploader:mikko koivunalho kolumbus fi (Mikko Koivunalho)
Kurz:Finnischen/Schwedischen Tastaturaufbau
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 - Minor correction to Suomi keymap.
 - Added font topaz-8859-15 sizes 8 and 11 (character set
 ISO 8859-15).
 - Modified Suomi keymap into Suomi-8859-15 keymap, added caron (hat)
 accent, works with s, S, z and Z. Also added Euron sign, oe/OE-letter
 and capital ÿ.
 - Modified installation script.
 - Initial release.


This is a new Amiga keymap according to the new proposed standard of 
"Finnish multilanguage keyboard layout". The Center for the Studies
of Native Finnish Languages has coordinated a project called
"Kotoistus" ("domestication"). Kotoistus project has participated in
the CLDR 1.5 update. Kotoistus project aims at making computers more
capable of expressing easily and accurately the details of Scandinavian
and Finnish languages.

"Finnish multilanguage keyboard layout" is part of the project. Its
purpose is to create a new keymap with which one can:
1) write main Scandinavian and Finnish languages (Finnish, Swedish,
Norwegian and Danish) easily as has been accustomed to, including
every letter of those languages.
2) write with considerable ease all minor languages in Finland and
Scandinavia (saame, romany, German and the language of Greenland, and
3) write with ease most of the official languages of European Union,
including the remaining Northern language, Icelandic. Greek is not

The project Kotoistus has cooperated with Swedish officials and
reached a compromise. Therefore this new layout will create a common
market area for keyboards.

See URLs and

The file fi_kbspec_fi_luonnos06.pdf contains the proposal (in


An installation script is provided. 
It does the same as is listed below:

Copy Devs/Keymaps/Suomi to Devs:Keymaps/
Copy Devs/Keymaps/ to Devs:Keymaps/
Copy Devs/Keymaps/Suomi-8859-15 to Devs:Keymaps/
Copy Devs/Keymaps/ to Devs:Keymaps/

Copy Locale/Flags/Keymaps/Suomi to Locale:Flags/Keymaps/
Copy Locale/Flags/Keymaps/Suomi-8859-15 to Locale:Flags/Keymaps/

Copy Fonts/topaz-8859-15 to Fonts:
Makedir Fonts:topaz-8859-15
Copy Fonts/topaz-8859-15/8 to Fonts:topaz-8859-15/
Copy Fonts/topaz-8859-15/11 to Fonts:topaz-8859-15/


Naturally the keyboard layout proposed relies heavily on the use of
Unicode/UCS character set. Amiga doesn't properly support Unicode 
so I have worked without it. I have used the standard Amiga 8-Bit
Character set ECMA-94 which equals with the ISO 8859-1 standard.
Unfortunately this leaves some characters out.

The file New_Finnish_Keymap.ilbm shows the new keymap and points out
its deficiences.

The standard Amiga keyboard contains some differences to the de facto
standard keyboards (PC105) in general use. Only one of these 
differences has caused me headache: the Amiga key 0D i.e. the 
key left of the Backspace key. Yes, the Amiga keyboard has 13 
keys (+ Backspace) on the top row, PC keyboard has only 
12 + Backspace. Amiga has several keyboard adapters
and they map this button differently. For example, my KB-10 adapter
has decided to place this button on the Amiga key 2B (middle row, left
of Enter). Therefore, I decided to make those two buttons the same.

All Control codes (C0 codes) are available by pressing the CTRL button 
and a letter button. There is only one control code for each button so 
you don't need to press ALT (for example for ^\, or ^[ or ^^). Should
you need the upper control codes (C1 codes), you get them by pressing
CTRL + ALT and a letter button. CTRL and CTRL + SHIFT give the same
code. Also CTRL + ALT and CTRL + ALT + SHIFT give the same code.

ENTER gives control code 13 (Carriage return) and CTRL + ENTER gives 
code 10 (Linefeed). The Delete control code (127, ^?) is only in the DEL
button, not in CTRL + ?. Within the numeric keyboard the 
characters [ and ] work together with CTRL and with CTRL + ALT.

No-break space (NBSP, code 160) can be entered with ALT + SPACE.

When the ECMA-94 has characters for the accent markers (¨^~´`¯), 
you can produce those markers alone with the SPACE, like with any
other letter button.


I would like to thank Christian Stiens for the KME Keymap-Editor.
Without KME this keymap would have been impossible to do.


The author (Mikko Koivunalho) can be contacted at the email address
mikko.koivunalho at Suggestions, improvements and critique
are welcome.

Contents of driver/input/SuomiKeymap.lha
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[generic]                 1362    1694  80.4% -lh5- 9100 Jan  7  2008
[generic]                 2379    3114  76.4% -lh5- 8e27 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/
[generic]                 1701    2302  73.9% -lh5- 9b48 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Devs/
[generic]                 1092    1920  56.9% -lh5- 6ec7 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Devs/Keymaps/Suomi
[generic]                 1138    2012  56.6% -lh5- 9955 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Devs/Keymaps/Suomi-8859-15
[generic]                 1912    2739  69.8% -lh5- b1f4 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Devs/Keymaps/
[generic]                 1912    2739  69.8% -lh5- b1f4 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Devs/Keymaps/
[generic]               114273  136267  83.9% -lh5- 1f0d Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/fi_kbspec_luonnos06.pdf
[generic]                 1907    2267  84.1% -lh5- d05f Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/
[generic]                   48     524   9.2% -lh5- 01df Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Fonts/topaz-8859-15.font
[generic]                 1671    3564  46.9% -lh5- b327 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Fonts/topaz-8859-15/11
[generic]                 1451    2888  50.2% -lh5- 86fc Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Fonts/topaz-8859-15/8
[generic]                  228     706  32.3% -lh5- b2c9 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Install
[generic]                 1567    2912  53.8% -lh5- 3251 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/
[generic]                 1361    1694  80.3% -lh5- e42c Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/
[generic]                  335     542  61.8% -lh5- f268 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Locale/Flags/Keymaps/Suomi
[generic]                33499   91572  36.6% -lh5- 8672 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/New_Finnish_Keymap.ilbm
[generic]                  563     967  58.2% -lh5- 29c3 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/
[generic]                 2192    4809  45.6% -lh5- f72a Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/README
[generic]                 1848    2782  66.4% -lh5- 0856 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/
[generic]                  335     542  61.8% -lh5- f268 Jan  7  2008 SuomiKeymap/Locale/Flags/Keymaps/Suomi-8859-15
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