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Short:Transfer pics from digital camera->Amiga
Author:afleuti at (Andreas Patrick Fleuti)
Uploader:afleuti iiic ethz ch (Andreas Patrick Fleuti)
Version:0.1 beta
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This is the first beta version of Camedia.
Camedia is a the name of my new digital camera from Olympus.
To be precise, it's name is Camedia C-900 Zoom.

What does the program:
It copies all pictures saved in the camera to disk. In the comment part of each
file, the date when the picture was made is saved.

OS 3.0 or higher (should work with OS 2.1 as well)
about 600 KB free memory a Camedia digital camera from Olympus the standard
seral port, which is connected with the camera, and which can handle 57600 Baud

How to use this software:
Choose the Camedia.XXX, where XXX is the CPU You are using.
If You have an 060  or an 030, use Camedia.040.
Rename the Camedia.XXX of Your choice to Camedia.

Connect the camera to the serial port (must be serial.device) and turn the
camera on.
Open a shell and type the command "Camedia" without arguments.
The program will try to communicate and retrieve the pictures from the camera.
The program will NOT delete the pictures in the camera.
The pictures have the name fileX.jpeg, where X is the number of the file.
All pictures will be saved in the current directory.

If You like to stop the program, do a CTRL-C or CTRL-F.

If there is a problem, You will get some hints, but they are mainly useful for
me, maybe not so much for You.
Reading from the camera fails sometimes when - You type some text during the
program tries to make some output on the console * - You press the right mouse
button very long - Your computer is very busy - the batteries of Your camera are
too low **

Of course I would like to fix this problem. If anybody knows why the
serial.device sometimes returns with SerialIO->IOSer.io_Actutal=0, please tell

* when You type some text in the console, the program might can't go on.
  Cause the camera will disconnect after a while (maybe five seconds), when not
  retrieving any data from the computer, You shouldn't type in the console the
  program is running.

** Well, right now, that's Your task. In future, I might will warn You
"batteries    are low", cause I can read the capacity of the batteries with a

Must it be a Camedia digital camera from Olympus?
The protocol to communicate with digital cameras seems to be very much the same
for many cameras like Fuji, Epson, Sanjo, Agfa and Olympus.
The problem is the protocol is NOT official available, but there is some good
information at:

So probably, this program works also with other digital cameras. Please tell me
Your experiences.

Is the program dangerous for my camera?
Of course I don't guarantee anything, except that it worked for me five minutes
I played a lot with my camera, and sometimes I got strange behaviors. Till
today, I was unable to destroy or damage my camera by sending commands to it.
To make a conclusion out of my experiences is up to Your risk.

Why does the program need about 600KB?
The biggest file could be (theoretical) 512KB long.
I didn't like to allocate memory for each pictures and to release it after
saving (memory fragmentation)
I decided to allocate memory just once for all the time the program is running.

What about the future?
I have some exams soon, and my girl friend comes tomorrow, so ...
Well, I like to do so many things with my camera, and my list of wishes is long.
Give me some time, Your ideas and Your experiences.

My current list of wishes:
(the order of the wishes have nothing to say about priority)

- more control to the user
- preview snapshots (that works already with my private version :).
- a picture manager, with pictures renaming, categorizing
- export to html
- more time to do all that
- to make such a good program I can sell it for a few bucks.

Who am I:
I'm a student at ETH Zurich, studying computer science (26 years young)
-natural:  Swiss German, German French, English (and a little bit Japanese)
-computer: C, C++, Java, Oberon (Pascal and Modula), 68K Assembler, SQL-92

Amiga 4000 in a Micronik Tower, OS3.1, Cyberstorm I (68060), CyberSCSI,
Cybervision 64, 32MB Fast, 2MB Chip, Scandoubler, 12/20 Plextor CD-ROM,
1GB Quantum Empire, US-Robotics 56K Modem, Nokia 447B Monitor, Laserjet 5PS,
Epson Stylus Color (old one)

CamControl (Commercial program, sold by [expensive and not my 

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[generic]                12955   26404  49.1% -lh5- 2429 Mar  4  1999 Camedia.40
[generic]                 2304    4830  47.7% -lh5- 8ca4 Mar  4  1999 Camedia.readme
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