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Short:Pong for four players (AGA)
Author:bilobresta at (Cobe)
Uploader:bilobresta gmail com (Cobe)
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Pong4K ? 2019. Code/SFX by Cobe, Pixel Art by Koyot1222, Testing/Support by

Minimum System Requirement: PAL A1200

4 players can play sharing 2 CD32 joy pads. One player plays on d-pad and the
other one uses red/blue/green/yellow buttons the same as if they were d-pad:
red=left, yellow=right, blue=down, green=up. The player jumps by pressing the
direction button (up/down/left/right) depending on the side that it is facing.

During the game:
Play button - pause
Backward/Esc - back to Title Screen

If you don't like to share or you don't have two CD32 joy pads but you have a
keyboard, 3rd and 4th player can useWASD+LAlt (jump) and Arrows+RAlt (jump)

On the Title Screen you can start one of the three game modes by moving the
joystick in port 2 up or down and pressing fire. You can also enter the options
menu. In options menu use left/right to change:
-game difficulty
-match duration
-number of joysticks/joy pads used

When you start the game all the players are controlled by CPU. You join the game
by pressing the jump button (direction button).

Game modes:

2x2 - two players are positioned at the top and two at the bottom of the screen.
They play in co-op mode and their points areadded up. At the start only two
players are initialized. The other two players will appear if they press jump to
join. The Sauceris revolving in random directions around the center of the
screen and can also bounce the ball. It slowly approaches the centerof the
screen and when it reaches the center gravity will kick in.

IIxII - two players are positioned at the left and two at the right part of the
screen. At each side there is a goal. One player ispositioned near the goal and
plays as goal-keeper while the other one is positioned closer to the center and
plays as an attacker.

4x4 - each player is positioned at his own side of the screen. +1 point goes to
the player that was last to hit the ball before itwent out of the screen. -1
point goes to the player on of the side of the screen where the ball went out.
Points don't go below zero.

Power ups are activated by breaking the boxes that appear on the screen. All the
boxes take two hits to be broken except theblack one which needs only one hit.
-Green box - slows down all players for 5 seconds except the one who broke it.
-Blue box - freezes all players for 3 seconds except the one who broke it.
-Purple box - fades screen to black and back.
-Black box - does nothing.
Tip: If you are moving or jumping, part of your acceleration will be passed to
the ball thus the angle of the bounced ball will be changed.

If you're playing from emulator, 100% stereo separation is recommended.

If you like the game and want to support further projects you can buy cd version
that contains cdda audio tracks and cdxl intro at

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