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Short:Jet Set Willy clone as Xmas game
Author:nittamituaki (
Uploader:nittamituaki (
Requires:OCS, 1MB chip RAM
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 1.3.3
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 Elves' Dreamland

This is a lovely cute xmas game (2D platformer) designed for xmas 2015.
As you know, I am a "Jet Set Willy clone games" collector.
So this xmas I give you a special gift which was created
by map editor of "Jet Set Billy" coded Niilo Paasivirta.
Of course all graphics and music were made by me, nittamituaki.
You have to collect all 200 items to complete the game,
while you can feel nostalgic everywhere.
It's because 7 (out of 8) areas were made based on commercial retro games.

MC68000 users: Use elves-dreamland-68000.adf
MC68020+ users: Use elves-dreamland-020.adf

Emulator users:
Simply insert ADF and boot.

Real Amiga FDD users:
You have to transfer ADF to your own diskette first.
The game is fully tested on my CD32 + Analogic FDD.

Hard Disk users:
Create a new folder then copy all contents of "elves-dreamland-020.adf".
To see intro, double click "elves-title" icon.
To play the game, double click "Elves-Dreamland" icon.

How to control Santa Claus:
To move right/left: joystick right/left
To slide down/go down a ladder: joystick down
To jump/climb a ladder: fire button
Unfortunately, joystick doesn't work on MC68000 system.(=Keyboard only.)

There are 9 xmas tunes for this game. Enjoy them !
#0: Winter Wonderland
#1: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
#2: What Child Is This ?
#3: The First Noel
#4: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
#5: Silent Night
#6: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
#7: Joy to the World
#8: Jingle Bells

More info and screenshot:

You can also see a video of this game. Search at Youtube.
Any comments are well come. Search a thread at EAB.
See you my next game.
Have a nice holiday !!

4/12/2015 : First release (v1.0)
6/12/2015 : Add info for A500 users (v1.01; very minor update)
7/12/2015 : Joystick support using "joy2key2" coded by Lorence Lombardo. (v1.1)
19/12/2015 :Edited a map slightly. (v1.2)
   Daze Before Christmas Upper Area 2-3: To avoid "infinite death loop".
   Xmas Lemmings Area 3-3: To avoid "infinite death loop".
   Daze Before Christmas Lower Area & Special Delivery Area: Very minor stuff.
   Uploaded PNG version of the whole map at the game's webpage.
24/12/2015 : Edited this readme file. (v1.21)
   (Sorry, my description about joy2key2 was wrong.
    You don't have to download if you've already downloaded v1.2 . )

Official website:
"Jet Set Willy" Paradice!!:
EAB Profile:

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