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Short:32 levels for Doom2 - Full game replaced
Author:The Macintosh Team c/o steveduff at (Steve Duff)
Uploader:steveduff earthlink net (Steve Duff)
Requires:Full version of Doom2
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Released:  May, 1999

****** Welcome to The Realm of Chaos! ******

The Realm of Chaos is a full replacement for the game Doom2.  It contains
32 all-new levels, including 7 by an Amigan (me ;-> ).

These levels were all made on Macintosh computers.  Amiga Doomers with an
itch to design their own levels should fire up their favorite Mac emulator
and give Hellmaker a try.  Hellmaker is an outstanding Mac-based level
editor for Doom and Hexen.  You can find Hellmaker at;

Hellmaker is what I use -- it's literally the only reason I still have a
Mac.  That should tell you something about how good it is.

****** Special Notes & Tips ******

This is version 1.4 of The Realm of Chaos.  This megawad is no longer in
development.  This means that some of its quirks are frozen in time.  There
is a list of minor bugs in the main textfile.  In addition, I've discovered
more flaws in a couple of my own levels since the text was written. Read the
following and take heed:

Level 9: This level requires the player to find a secret door in order to exit.
This is a design flaw and as a result I'll give the following tip; after you
grab the yellow key, you'll find the secret door in the passage below.  Keep
checking the walls (looking for texture misalignments will help :> ) until
you find a passage leading to the yellow door.

Level 23: In a large outdoor area with towering wooden structures, Turbo is
required to jump over a wall into a secret area.  MacDoom allows the player
to turn Turbo on or off at will -- PC and Amiga Doom does not.  If you wish
to play in Turbo mode you must add the argument - Turbo 250 at the command
line when you launch the game.  If you do not wish to play in Turbo mode you
can safely ignore this secret as it's a goodie rather than a necessity.  Keep
in mind that if you begin a level in Turbo, you must save your game, quit
the game, then re-launch the game from the command line to continue at
normal speed.

Level 23: All deathmatch starts are placed behind the red door.  Unfortunately,
there is no exit behind the red door and no way to get out of the area. This
flaw does not effect single play.

Level 23: At the end of the level, you must run a great distance to enter a
door before it closes.  This can be done without using Turbo, but it might
take many, many tries.  If you get intensely frustrated, type IDCLIP and
walk through the door.

****** Amiga Performance Notes ******

This megawad has been extensively tested on many platforms.  The Amiga test
was performed on my A4000T with 68060  at 57Mhz, on a DoubleNTSC Low Res screen,
Fullscreen, High Detail with music on and skill level at UltraViolence.  In
short, maxed out.  Performance was smooth except for some choppiness at the
beginnings of Levels 22 & 23.  Your mileage may vary.

****** Where To Find This WAD ******

Or on the web at the Realm of Chaos site:

Visit the Realm of Chaos to view screenshots, read reviews and download WADs!!!

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