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Short:preview of Bard's Tale like RPG engine
Author:matthew at (Matthew Goode)
Uploader:matthew scratchy org nz (Matthew Goode)
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 1.3
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I always wanted to write a Bard's Tale like game and this is my best effort
(from about 1995). I managed to lose all the source code, so this is all that is
left. It is just a work-in-progress of the game engine. The display will
probably look funny on an 7.16Mhz machine, as I didn't do double-buffering, so
redraws are timed from display interupts (and slower machines aren't fast enough
- it was made on an A1200). 

You should be able to walk around with the cursor keys (or by clicking on
things). You can click on character names to get their stats (and play with
their equipment...). There are traps and at one point there is a question you
must answer (it's "Elvis", iirc). You can probably also type number keys to get
player stats. To enter into a battle, I think you need to type "b" - that will
take you to a battle with a bunch of "BJ Fish". "c" probably lets you cast a
spell (you can cast spells in battle, that's for sure). 

The pause at the beginning (the black screen) is for the "texture mapping" - eg,
it is calculating the 3d versions of a single texture for the walls. This can
take a bit of time on an A500, but only took a few seconds on my A1200 (with
extra ram). 

To quit (like all my games) - press ESC (or F10). 

It should run fine on any machine that 030 or less, and running in a 15khz
display mode. It will have difficulty running if using a machine that has
changed the VBR, or does not start in a 15khz mode. I made some efforts years
ago to correct this, but my changes were lost when my computer was nicked.

There is no license for this - it's all public domain. 


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