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Short:Graphic Adventure Authoring Language 2.3
Author:pethu at
Uploader:pethu hotmail com
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                               GRAAL  2.3


                          NEW FEATURES
                          COPYRIGHT NOTICE
                          GRAAL REGISTRATION


GRAAL is a script-based Graphic Adventure Authoring Language, delivered to
your electronic doorstep complete with an editor and other development
tools, a demo adventure, and more documentation than you can shake a
pair of strong eye-glasses at.

                              NEW FEATURES

The features and bug fixes are explained in detail in the graal23.readme
file. Here are the main selling points:

* New command names for image-related commands. However, the driver is
  is backwards compatible. (You have to add two new parameters to any
  CHAR: statements in graal.main, but that's the only required change
  from 2.2!)

* A number of different text display styles available (bordered, 
  semi-transparent backgrounds, cartoon-bubble style, etc.)

* Use sound samples instead of text, or in addition to text, for "spech" 
  output. This works with LINE: statements as well as SAY, THINK, RESP 
  and TEXT commands.

* Demo updated to use cartoon-style speech bubbles and a "talkie" intro.


GRAAL 2.2 is delivered on 4 disks, plus an additional archive containg the
audio files for the new "talkie" demo (optional).

The GRAAL aminet archives should be unpacked to a common drawer on
HD or in RAM, or to floppies named as follows:

  Graal2a.lha --> "GRAAL 2.2 - Disk A"
  Graal2b.lha --> "GRAAL 2.2 - Disk B"
  Graal2c.lha --> "GRAAL 2.2 - Disk C"
  Graal2d.lha --> "GRAAL 2.2 - Disk D"

Anyone equipped with the C= installer program can then use the "HD_Install"
icon found on Disk A to install the system to hard disk, or to update an
existing development directory.

The audio file archive "Graal2audio.lha" only works with a hard disk 
installation, and should be unarchived to the GRAAL HD installation directory, 
where the contents goes into subdirectory /graalaudio .

                             COPYRIGHT NOTICE

GRAAL 2.3 is shareware. Copyright (c) 1998 Per Thulin.

This package may be freely distributed, as long as nothing except
distribution costs are charged. All files must be kept together, either
in the original, unaltered archives, or as a full hard disk installation
done with the installer.

The GRAAL_2 driver program may be distributed on its own and for free
as part of your own adventure, even commercially. There is no license
fee - however, you should register (see below).

The registered user's personal key file, graal.key, must no longer be copied
or re-distributed in any way. 

You are specifically forbidden to use any of the example material -
characters, story, graphics or sound - in your own adventures.

I take no responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from the
use of this software.

                           GRAAL REGISTRATION

The shareware version of GRAAL is not crippled in any way.

However, if you want to distribute your adventures, you will probably
want the following:

* A way to copy the delivery files to a test directory for final tests.

* A way to compress the data to be able to put more on each floppy.

* A way to encrypt all scripts, graphics, and sound files to prevent
  people from finding the solution to the game too easily.

If you register, you will receive a personal keyfile which enables you
to use the GPRO program to do all of the above. It also enables you to
switch off certain developer functions in the version of GRAAL you
distribute to make it even safer - and harder to crack.

As an added bonus, your name appears in lights on the loading screen, 
from which it cannot be removed - an extra copyright protection, you
might say.

The keyfile will continue to work with any new versions uploaded
to the Aminet. Updates are thus easily accessible and free of charge.

You are also put on a mailing list, and will receive an e-mail GRAAL
newsletter from time to time (provided you are connected to the 'net).

Registering is as easy as sending 150 SEK (swedish crowns), or the
equivalent of £ 15 (British pounds), in cash to me:

                            Per Thulin
                            Malmtorgsgatan 18
                            S-653 40  KARLSTAD


     So, print out the file "registration.form" NOW and get mailin'!


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