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Short:Amiga port of BOOM (DOOM)
Author:novacoder at
Uploader:NovaCoder yahoo co uk
Architecture:m68k-amigaos >= 3.1.0
Kurz:Amiga Portierung von BOOM (DOOM)
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Amiga port based on BOOM v2.02.

Boom is a source port created by TeamTNT. The design goals of the Boom
project were to create a source port of professional quality, fix bugs and
remove limitations of vanilla Doom, 
and add extra editing features, while keeping the same "feel" and "spirit" of
the original Doom engine. 

Boom can be viewed as a much more conservative source port than some others
because of its strong emphasis on maintaining the original feel of the Doom
While many contemporary source ports concentrated on adding Quake-like
features (such as a console, restructuring menus, or adding impressive new
graphical features), 
Boom behaves very similarly to the original Doom executable. Many of the
changes made in Boom are not immediately visible, 
such as the removal of limits (e.g. the visplane limit error) and the
addition of editing features which, 
while immensely useful to level designers, may not be obvious to the player.

A large number of WAD files have been developed which require Boom to run. 
Because of the attractive editing features provided by Boom, many popular
source ports have adopted support for these features. 
This has led to the term "Boom-compatible engine"; such WADs may run on many
different source ports provided that the source port used supports the Boom
editing extensions.


1) An AGA Amiga.
2) 68020-68060 CPU (FPU not required).
3) 16 MB of FAST RAM.
4) Original PC game (or demo).


1) Removal of the original engine limits and bugs.
2) Optimisations to the engine.
3) Extra editing features. These include:
	* Configurable animated and switch textures.
	* Deep water effects.
	* Scrolling walls, floors, and ceilings.
	* Translucent walls.
	* Friction effects, such as mud and ice.
	* Custom colormaps.
	* Silent teleporters.
	* Generic linedef types.
	* A DeHackEd extension standard, BEX.
4) An awesome icon!
5) Native ASM 16 channel sound engine. 
6) MIDI playback (using updated doomsound.library).

Configuration Options:

There are a few Tooltypes to play with:

1) closewb: Close the Workbench.
2) displaytype: PAL, NTSC.

When running from the Shell you must specify a stack of at least 300,000.
You will need to install the DOOM sound library (see links section).
Please see the BOOM documentation for command line and Tooltype options.
Any errors *should* be written to a file called 'ERROR.TXT' in the game

Performance Considerations:

1) If you have a Blizzard you should really be using BlizKick, Apollo users
should be using RemApollo.
2) Fast File System is actually really slow, use PFS3 instead.
3) If you're having performance problems make sure you are using the
latest/patched WAD files (see links section).


1) No network or multiplayer support.
2) No Joystick support.
3) Only the original MUS music format is supported.
4) Only the original 8 bit PCM Audio is supported.

Links: (BOOM thread on EAB) (BOOM Wiki page) (DOOM WAD versions) (DOOM sound library) (DOOM MIDI instruments) (DOOM port) (DOOM enhanced port) (DOOM enhanced port)

Thanks and acknowledgments:

Mikael Kalms for his help, advice and excellent C2P routines.
The EAB beta testers.
Peter McGavin (ADOOM author) & Joseph Fenton for his excellent sound library.

Developer Info:

Currently retired :)

Contents of game/shoot/BOOM_AGA.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
[unknown]                 3615   13295  27.2% -lh5- f662 Feb 17 21:27 boom/boom.cfg
[unknown]                15112   16529  91.4% -lh5- 1521 Mar  9 11:25 BOOM/
[unknown]                 2043    4079  50.1% -lh5- f1f6 Mar  9 11:30 BOOM/BOOM.readme
[unknown]                 1864    2808  66.4% -lh5- fc77 Mar  5  2021 BOOM/
[unknown]                19917   50915  39.1% -lh5- 7553 Oct  9  1999 boom/boom.txt
[unknown]                26177  111755  23.4% -lh5- 9fa6 Sep 14  1998 boom/boomdeh.txt
[unknown]                25543  101801  25.1% -lh5- 5a63 Oct 20  1998 boom/boomref.txt
[unknown]                  389     741  52.5% -lh5- 2469 Mar  9 11:26 BOOM/console.txt
[unknown]                 7209   18445  39.1% -lh5- 5b5a Oct  8  1999 boom/copying
[unknown]                 1544    8742  17.7% -lh5- fce7 Jul 24  2021 BOOM/dehout.txt
[unknown]              2478669 4184738  59.2% -lh5- 6347 Mar 15  1998 BOOM/MIDI_Instruments
[unknown]                30264   65793  46.0% -lh5- c70d Jul 24  2021 boom/tranmap.dat
[unknown]                  645    1372  47.0% -lh5- 79ba Oct  9  1999 boom/about.txt
[unknown]               312085  672236  46.4% -lh5- 20d7 Mar  9 11:15 boom/boom
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ----------
 Total        14 files 2925076 5253249  55.7%            Mar 10 04:31

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