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Short:V0.8 Beta(!) 4. Fast doom port.
Author:dontthinkhewantsspam at (Georg Steger)
Requires:OS 3.0, 68020, some fast memory, AGA or Gfx-Board, a WAD file
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This is a re-upload. It miraculously disappeared from Aminet with
all of the other Doom ports.

*                                                                         *
*             D O O M A T T A C K   0 . 8   B E T A   4                   *
*                                                                         *


This is not the final version 0.8. Several things are missing such
as the installation script, several new translations for the prefs
program, graffiti support, etc. The program might and probably will
be buggy, as I have converted many new routines to assembly but
without doing many tests.


Copy the files in the "data" directory to your Doom directory. Be
sure to copy everything (with the exception of the exe versions
you are not going to use) and not to change the directory structure.

It's probably a good idea making a backup of the old executable

Example: Installation with the Workbench (for BEGINNERs)

  1) Open the "data" drawer
  2) Delete the executable versions you are *not* going to use
  3) Rename the executable version you are going to use to
  4) Open your "doom" drawer
  5) Activate the "data" drawer window and do a "Select All"
     (Workbench menu).
  6) Hold down SHIFT, click on one of the entries in the "data"
     drawer window (don't release mouse button) and drag everything
     into the "doom" drawer window. Now you can release both SHIFT
     and the left mouse button.
  7) In the requester saying "... already exists. Do you want ..."
     you can select "Replace All"


o Support for highres screenmodes upto 640 x 512. Not tested very much as
  it is terribly slow on my computer. Actually only the following c2p
  routines support highres screenmodes (standard Amiga screenmodes are
  too slow for this, anyway):

o Support for Graffiti. Not tested and therefore very probably not even
  working. To activate it you must select "GRAFFIT: NTSC" or "GRAFFITI: PAL"
  from the screenmode requester and use the c2p routine "c2p_graffiti".
  (DoomAttackPrefs/Video). If it does not work then it would be cool if
  someone could help me with the graffiti routines. If you want to have a
  look at the source code of the c2p_graffiti plugin just let me know.

  BTW: the routines are based on the graffiti.lib from Aaron Digulla.

o Nullmodem plugin should now work over modems, too, but this has not been
  tested. The prefs window has now gadgets for modem init and exit strings.
  If your telephone line still uses PULSE dialing open the modem config file
  ("DoomAttackSupport/config/DANet_Nullmodem.config") with an editor and
  add "PULSE" at the end of the line.

  Usage: player 1: doomattack -net 1 -dial <phonenumber>
  ¯¯¯¯¯¯ player 2: doomattack -net 2 -answer

  If you want to connect to a PC you must use "-forceversion" and
  "-pcchecksum". See notes below.

o IPX plugin. Based on routines from Steffen Häuser (author of ZhaDoom).
  Not tested. You need amipx.library from G.J.Peltenburg. The library can
  be found on Aminet.
  Usage for all players: doomattack -net <numplayers>
  For more information on how to get this to work either have a look at the
  docs of  ADoom which seems to support IPX since a long time or contact
  Steffen Häuser <magicsn at>

o Akiko c2p routines did not work correctly. Hope they finally do, now ...

o Possibility to turn always run mode on/off with an user defined key
  (DoomAttackPrefs/Keys 2)

o Possibility to define the key used to change crosshair look in Doom-
  AttackPrefs/Keys 2. It's also possible to change the color of the
  crosshair by holding down SHIFT while pressing the crosshair key.

o Possibility to define a key which forces looking. This allows you for
  example to use the mouse for running and at the same time for looking
  (when force look key (DoomAttackPrefs/Keys 2) is hold down).

o Various new actions can be assigned to mouse and joystick buttons:
  JUMPING, FORCE LOOK and CHANGE WEAPON. This might not yet work very
  well with CD32 joypads as some of the buttons are reserved for ESC
  and RETURN.
o Possibility to invert looking (DoomAttackPrefs/Mouse)

o It's possible to have the look autocentered when the force look key or
  button is released (ATTENTION: this disables the look up and look down
  keys!!): DoomAttackPrefs/Video

o Possibility to set the speed of look autocentering: DoomAttackPrefs/Video

o Possibility to activate a window patch in DoomAttackPrefs/Program which
  should allow you to jump through most windows (normally not possible). Do
  not use this in multiplayer games unless all players have switched this
  option on (meaning that all players must use DoomAttack).

o Some secret options which can only be used by editing the config file
  (.doomrc) with an editor. Don't change this options unless you know what
  you do. If you are using a patch WAD file, where you see some strange
  graphic errors or disappearing sprites/monsters/objects try increasing
  maxdrawsegs (and maybe maxvisplanes) in the first case and maxvissprites
  in the second case.
   maxvissprites: max. number of visible sprites
   maxvisplanes : max. number of "visplanes"
   maxdrawsegs  : max. number of draw segments
   special      : set this to 1 to switch the end message (when quitting
                  Doom) off.

o Some bug fixes:

  - Some options could not be used in DoomAttackPrefs/Program/Start Options

  - Replaced a very stupid check in d_main.c/D_ProcessEvents which slowed
    down Doom II.
  - The music plugin using the doomsound.library had a bug with the volume.
    You could hear the music only when the volume slider in Doom was at
    certain positions.

  - ...

o Improved the prefs program:

  - Better (less flickering) refresh. I'm using a layer trick which unfor-
    tunately slows down speed a little bit and might also be incompatible
    with some commodities/hacks/etc. You can switch this feature off by
    using the cli argument/wb tooltype "UNCOOLREFRESH"

  - GADGETFIX is now by default turned on (it prevents the page listview
    slider gadget from making the background pattern shine through). To
    turn it off (in case of problems with GADTOOLS look improvers) use
    the cli argument/wb tooltype "NOGADGETFIX".

  - Possibility to specify another font for the GUI. When the window does
    not fit on the screen then DoomAttackPrefs opens a screen of its own.
    One user told me that on his computer this screen did not close when
    DoomAttackPrefs was quit. Did this happen to someone else, too?
    By specifying another font (possibly a proportional one) the window
    might become smaller and as result fit on the Workbench screen (--> no
    screen close problems): cli argument/wb tooltype "FONT". For example:


o Possibility to look up and down. Based on DosDoom. It might not look
  perfect, as it uses a rather simple trick but it's always better than
  nothing. Related options (DoomAttackPrefs):
  Game/No auto aiming:
    Usually the vertical aiming is done automatically as there was
    no up and down looking implemented in the original (PC) Doom.
    With this option switched on you have to do the vertical aiming
    by looking up and down which can be done with the keyboard and
    the mouse (set Mouse/Vertical mouse movements to Look).
    To make aiming easier you can activate a crosshair by pressing
    <X> during game. Actually there are four different crosshairs.
    Press <X> again to switch between them.
    WARNING: "No auto aiming" must not be activated if you want to do
    ======== a multiplayer game. You will get consistency errors if you
             do so.

  Keys 2:
    In this page you can set the keys for looking up/down and for
    centering the look. Further you can specify the look "speed".
  Mouse/Look speed:
    Speed of "Mouse Look" (set "vertical mouse movements" to "Look",

  Video/Sky stretch factor:
    In order to make up/down looking work correctly, the sky must be
    stretched vertically, otherwise you would see a wrap around effect.
    If you are not going to use up/down lookings you can set this to
    The stretched sky does not look very nice, I know, but I'm planning
    to make a tool with which you can change the different sky textures
    with a paint program.
  Video/Auto look centering:
    Automatically centers the look angle when you start walking/running.
    It is still possible to do small steps withouth having the look
    angle changed.

o Possibility to jump. Set the key (jumping with joystick or mouse is
  not yet possible) in DoomAttackPrefs/Keys 2. The jump power can be
  set in DoomAttackPrefs/Game/Jump Power.
  Note   : You will not be able to jump through every window, because of
           the WADs usually marking walls with a window as not traversable.
  Warning: You should not jump if you are doing a multiplayer game, al-
           though it should theoretically work if both players are running
           DoomAttack with the same jump power. Might also work with Dos-
           Doom - the jump routines are based on this program.

o Possibility to change the gravity (DoomAttackPrefs/Game/Gravity). You
  must specify it in fixed point format (like the jump power):
    - Fixed point to floating point conversion: divide by 65536
    - Floating point to fixed point conversion: multiply by 65536.
  So 65536 means 1.0, 32768 is 0.5, etc. Try 10400 for moon feelings.

  Warning: You should not change the gravity if you are doing a multiplayer
           game, although it should theoretically work if both players
           are running DoomAttack with the same gravity.

o New 060 version of doomsound.library (from Joe Fenton). The old one
  was buggy.

o Fixed long outstanding bug in error requesters, when DoomAttack was
  started from WB. You should not get cryptic error messages (like
  "Error: $ß%i not found") anymore.

o It's possible to select a vertical resolution of 240 in DoomAttackPrefs.

o Changed DoomAttackPrefs to auto set vertical resolution after having
  selected a new screenmode.


o Nullmodem Plugin should now work with the 060 version, too. The problem
  was, that the plugins, which were written with the MaxonC Compiler
  (InitModules() function) changed the rounding mode of the FPU. DoomAttack
  needs the rounding mode of the FPU to be set to "round toward smallest
  number" to work correctly.

o Bug fix: Demo recording did not work correctly. Now it should. Example
  on how to record a demo:

    DoomAttack -record mydemo -maxdemo 50

  This will create a file called "mydemo.lmp" in the Doom directory. The
  maximum file size will be 50 KBytes (not Bytes!). The default maximum
  file size is 128 KBytes. It's possible to stop demo recording by pressing
  'q' in the game. If you do not stop demo recording with 'q' then recording
  will stop automatically when the maximum file size is reached.

  To replay the demo type in:

    DoomAttack -playdemo mydemo

o New option to lock mouse running. By switching the relative option on in
  DoomAttackPrefs -> "Mouse", moving the mouse will be limited to let the
  player turn left or right (and strafe).

o MIDI routines from Joe Fenton are now in a library (doomsound.library).
  You don't need to copy the library to "LIBS:" It can aswell be in the
  Doom directory or in a subdirectory "libs" inside the Doom directory.
  Note that there's also a 060 version of the library. So if you ara a 060
  user then delete "doomsound.library" and rename "doomsound.library.060"
  to "doomsound.library"!

  The old doom sound server files aren't needed anymore. You can delete
  the following files:


  You can also delete "ADoom_SndSrvr" in the doom directory, but if you are
  using ADoom you probably should not. I don't know if the most recent ver=
  sion is already using the library instead of this file.

o ASL requesters for screen mode selection and screenshot saving are now
  centered on the screen. Another change for the screenmode requester is
  that the "window on screen" modes appear in the list.

o Possibility to specify start options with DoomAttackPrefs: Some of Doom-
  Attacks' options cannot be configured directly in DoomAttackPrefs. Now
  you can specify the options (for example "-fps" or "-forcedemo") you want
  to use permanently in DoomAttackPrefs -> "Program" -> "Start Options".

o Possibility to set default configuration file for DoomAttackPrefs by
  setting it's file comment to: "#filename". For example:

    filenote DoomAttackPrefs "#DoomAttack.config"

  tells DoomAttackPrefs to use "DoomAttack.config" as default configuration
  file (you should of course do the same thing with DoomAttack). This can
  be overridden by using the CLI argument or Workbench tooltype "CONFIGFILE"



o SUPPORT FOR ANALOG JOYSTICKS (routines from Piotr Pawlow)

  To activate it set "Controller Type" (DoomAttackPrefs -> "Joystick")
  to "Analog Joystick".


  Now DoomAttack supports some higher resolutions such as 320 x 256,
  320 x 400, 320 x 480, 320 x 512. There are no 640 x ? screenmodes,
  because from what I have heard ADoom, which supports this, in such
  high resolutions isn't playable even if one has an 68060 with 66

  To activate the new medres resolutions select an appropriate screenmode
  (DoomAttackPrefs -> "Video" -> "Screenmode") and set the "Vertical
  Resolution" to the relative height.

  NOTE: To avoid aspect problems and maybe some other strange things
        (this new feature hasn't been tested very much, as it is simply
        to slow on my 68030/50) you should only use the 320 x 400

	    If the game is running too slow, try switching Remapping to
	    "FAST" (DoomAttackPrefs -> "Video"). This will eat lots of


  It's now possible to play DoomAttack in a Window on the Workbench or
  on the default public screen. This is actually only usable (but not
  tested) on GFX Boards (and maybe CD32/AKIKO), because the actual
  c2p routines all work on a non interleaved bitmap -> you will get a
  terrible flickering.

  To activate the window mode select "Window on Workbench" or "Window
  on def. Public Screen" from the ASL screenmode requester (DoomAttack-
  Prefs -> "Video" ->"Screenmode")


  It's now possible to get the original music from the WAD files with
  two new plugins, which are both based on the ADoom music routines
  from Joseph Fenton. Both plugins can slow down the game quite a
  bit (especially the one using ADoomSndSrvr), much 


  This uses the routines from older versions of ADoom. To get it to work
  you need the "Midi_Instruments" file from ADoom (put it to the Doom


  This uses the new ADoomSndServer from ADoom 1.2 to give you very
  good music and sound FX (!) with 16 channels. Unfortunately the
  slowdown in the game is rather high on my 68030. It is possible
  to configure ("Music only"/"Sound only") this plugin by first
  selecting the plugin (DoomAttackPrefs -> "Audio") and then clicking
  on the "?" gadget.


  First select the P61A music plugin (if it is not yet selected)
  and then click on the "?" gadget.

  The GUI has a very powerful AppWindow support, which means that
  you can drag icons from the Workbench over the window. This makes
  it very comfortable to use. You can drag an icon directly over an
  entry of the listview gadget - which will be immediately set to
  the filename of the icon you have dropped. If you drop the icon
  over the string gadget, then the active entry of the listview
  gadget will get the new filename, instead.

  With DEL you can "inactivate" an entry, which means that the
  plugin will play the "DEFAULT MUSIC" (= first entry in the
  listview). With SHIFT DEL you can inactivate all entries at once.

  Important: The P61A plugin does not load it's settings from ".musicrc"
             anymore. Now it loads:


             The format of the settings file has not changed so you can
             copy your old ".musicrc" to this directory and rename it
             to "DAMusic_P61A.config"


  It's finally possible to do a null modem game between two computers.
  There are two plugins, one for AMIGA/PC and one for AMIGA/AMIGA
  (not tested, if it does not work try the one for AMIGA/PC, it should
  work between AMIGA/AMIGA, too). The plugins can be configured by
  first selecting them (DoomAttackPrefs -> "Multiplayer") and then
  clicking on the "?" gadget:

  You can select the serial device to use (if possible use a fast one such
  as "8n1.device".

  - How to start DoomAttack for AMIGA/AMIGA game:

     Player 1: doomattack -net 1
     Player 2: doomattack -net 2

  - How to start DoomAttack for AMIGA/PC game:

     Amiga player: DoomAttack -net 1 -pcchecksum -forceversion 109
     PC player: sersetup.exe -14400

    "-forceversion 109" is for PC Doom 1.9. If the PC player has
    version 1.666 use "-forceversion 106".

    If you want to use a higher baud rate change the settings in
    DoomAttackPrefs (as described above) and on the PC start
    sersetup.exe with "- <baudrate>". Watch out that PC Doom does
    not support 28800 bps!


    On 060 machines the nullmodem plugins will probably only work if
    the second computer has a 060 cpu, too. At least on AMIGA/PC
    either the Amiga Doom or the PC Doom aborts with an "consistency
    failure" as soon as one of the players starts moving around.
    I guess the reason is the FPU which is used on 060 for FixedMul
    and FixedDiv. Because of the higher precision it probably gives
    different results every once and then.


  There are two modes (DoomAttackPrefs -> "Program" or cli argument
  "-mmu" and "-mmu2"). Try them out both (the second one will only
  work if there's no other program using the MMU)


  Use "-wad" to specify the main wad file. This allows you to have
  for example "doom.wad" (from Doom 1) and "doom2.wad" (from Doom 2)
  in the same directory.


  If you are using other ports of Doom, too, then it might be annoying
  to see, that the DoomAttack config file gets "corrupted" every
  time you start one of those other ports. When launching DoomAttack
  from WB, one can add "-config <configfile>" to the tooltypes, but
  when shell, using "-config <configfile>" every time might be too
  complicated. Therefore it's now possible to tell DoomAttack which
  config file to use by setting it's file comment:

    filenote DoomAttack "#DoomAttack.config"

  for example tells DoomAttack to use "DoomAttack.config". You must
  use the "#" char, otherwise DoomAttack ignores the comment. You
  must also tell DoomAttackPrefs the new filename. Actually this
  can only be done with the "CONFIGFILE" tooltype, if you start
  DoomAttackPrefs from Workbench, or with the "CONFIGFILE" CLI
  option if you start DoomAttackPrefs from Shell.

*** FINAL NOTE ***

If you encounter some bugs, let me know. If you are using the 060
version of DoomAttack then have a try with one of the other versions,
too, to see whether the bug is also in the "normal" versions.


Georg Steger: steger at

Contents of game/shoot/DoomAttack.lha
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[generic]                  718    1352  53.1% -lh5- fda0 Apr 12  1998 DA08Beta4/
[generic]               207429  403928  51.4% -lh5- 76e7 May 11  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttack.020
[generic]               207099  403316  51.3% -lh5- 6c05 May 11  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttack.040
[generic]               205769  407036  50.6% -lh5- 21c7 May 11  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttack.060
[generic]                39397   81436  48.4% -lh5- 16e6 May 11  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackPrefs
[generic]                  726    1544  47.0% -lh5- cbde May  2  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/c2p/c2p_020_blitter
[generic]                  486     896  54.2% -lh5- e9ba Feb 19  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/c2p/c2p_020_optimized
[generic]                  603    1440  41.9% -lh5- 7f2f Feb 20  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/c2p/c2p_040
[generic]                  785    5812  13.5% -lh5- 5f10 May  5  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/c2p/c2p_040+
[generic]                  297     404  73.5% -lh5- aa27 May  5  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/c2p/c2p_akiko
[generic]                  280     376  74.5% -lh5- cb4f May  5  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/c2p/c2p_akiko2
[generic]                 2088    4400  47.5% -lh5- e881 Apr 29  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/c2p/c2p_graffiti
[generic]                    6       6 100.0% -lh0- fac2 May 11  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/config/dummy
[generic]                 1076    2164  49.7% -lh5- 7ac7 Feb  6  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DAMusic_Debug.plugin
[generic]                 3908    6212  62.9% -lh5- 8985 Apr 23  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DAMusic_DoomSndLibrary.plugin
[generic]                 7520   16272  46.2% -lh5- 2fb5 Jan  3  1980 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DAMusic_MIDI.plugin
[generic]                 5218    9764  53.4% -lh5- 81aa Mar 24  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DAMusic_P61A.plugin
[generic]                 7293   12144  60.1% -lh5- 6c05 May 14  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DANet_IPX.plugin
[generic]                 1378    2392  57.6% -lh5- 6619 Apr 23  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DANet_Local.plugin
[generic]                 6450   12096  53.3% -lh5- c12f Apr 27  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DANet_Nullmodem.plugin
[generic]                 6515   12212  53.3% -lh5- f75c Apr 27  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DANet_NullmodemPC.plugin
[generic]                 6466   10692  60.5% -lh5- eacb Feb 18  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DANet_TCP.plugin
[generic]                 7681   12596  61.0% -lh5- 2c27 Mar 21  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/plugin/DeHackEd.plugin
[generic]                11378   20736  54.9% -lh5- bc3e Feb 19  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/prefs/DoomSndLibraryPrefs
[generic]                14040   28680  49.0% -lh5- 9e99 Apr 27  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/prefs/NullModemPrefs
[generic]                14580   27724  52.6% -lh5- 6b87 Mar 24  1998 DA08Beta4/data/DoomAttackSupport/prefs/P61APrefs
[generic]                 4887   14352  34.1% -lh5- 877f Feb 19  1998 DA08Beta4/data/libs/doomsound.library
[generic]                 5003   14520  34.5% -lh5- 7155 Apr 12  1998 DA08Beta4/data/libs/doomsound.library.060
[generic]                15060   43972  34.2% -lh5- 4706 Apr 12  1998 DA08Beta4/DoomAttack.Guide
[generic]                 2244    3306  67.9% -lh5- 67d1 Apr 12  1998 DA08Beta4/
[generic]                 8084   20459  39.5% -lh5- 1fd7 May 11  1998 DA08Beta4/Readme
[generic]                 2089    2963  70.5% -lh5- fd9d May 11  1998 DA08Beta4/
[generic]                 1083    2109  51.4% -lh5- ceca May 11  1998
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